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A nation bickering about smoking while Iraq burns [Copy link] 中文

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Oh Shan, how can you say that!

These atrocities didn't exist before the war?  Have you so quickly forgotten????????

(explanation in post below -- this one got deleted and then reinserted here after I posted the one below, so it ended up being redundant -- except that I edited the post below and now the moderators are taking another look at it, but it will turn up eventually, I think)

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The only difference in this WAR is Kevin Sites of NBC had the satellite imaging


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Kstanb, Welcome to this Forum!

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Ms. Karenb,

I do appreciate The Honorable Karenb in this Forum because she is a Southerner and men always show  the utmost respect to all the ladies from the South !

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A comment on kstanb's comment on "A thought on karenb's comment 3)"

AS a record,

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So, another new handle?? Just remind me of the new handle of "geoffxxx" on my “Report: US marine kills wounded Iraqis” thread. People should go to check out what geoffxxx said on that thread. My goodness. But welcome anyway.

["First of all newspapers are trying to sell their paper, that is not all of America. USA is not America. We are United States of America. 50 states (countries), united with one Fedural goverment
Next you stated 49% voted against Bush, sorry, that is wrong, but a close thought of the small amount of people who voted here. Many people that can vote, do not vote.”] --- kstanb

So this became a newspaper commercial issue rather than a nation-wide response to war and human lives? At least the author said it was a response to smoking, I thought. And the extremely high turn-out of voting rate in this election doesn't count I guess, and all those who didn't vote stand for Bush?

[”What you say did not happen befor the war? Killing of civilians? As when Sadams army would go kill kurds? Or other ethnics or trouble spots he delt with.

Why do you think the USA had to fly and inforce Iracs from being killed by Iracs since the end of the 1992 war? We care.”] --- kstanb

I think it’s better ask Karenb to explain what she/he put there is about the recent insurgents or about things happened before the war. If it’s about before the war, then what karenb said was irrelevant in relating to “insurgents”, so doesn't make much sense to bring it up here.

[”Could anyone wonder why we care?

We as a nation are looked at from other nations (their veiw) as war mongers. I think that is very sad. Wrong too. But we all think what we will.”] ----kstanb

It is very very SAD to see US troops have to kill 100,000 civilians and destroy a country to bring “freedom” and “democracy” to other nations, I know China won’t allow it, Russia won’t allow it and no nation would allow it. The international law doesn’t allow it.

The rest of your post is your statement, free to express.
Since Karenb’s 2nd post above didn’t appear when I posted here earlier (the above content), so it’s necessary for me to add this part (a day later) to emphasize the words “Fallujah insurgents” that Karen was talking about. Here is her/his original words on comment 3):

[“3) What icon should appropriately represent the Fallujah insurgents? The guy who saws heads off on video? Or the one who shoots an innocent woman who gave 30 years of her life to helping Iraqis? Or maybe the one who disemboweld a woman and cut her arms off? Or maybe the one who bombed those children in the center of Bagdad?”] -- Karenb

Can we see that s/he was asking about “what icon should be appropriately represent the Fallujaj insurgents?” This is her/his own words, and this’s boundary condition I set when I said those terrible things didn’t exist before this current Iraq War, an illegal war.

And I think we should focus on the article and the original question I raised in my first post in our discussions without being side tracked.

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Kstanb, What the fuck you know about America! I was the senior US Army Officer a

I know you  have problem.
China will to  if China  does any harm to any west coast cities.
I wrote long post and it disapeared. this place maybe waist of time.
History tells story of America, when USA gets hurt, so do others.
I also know  we care about others.
And that face was simply face of man doing  his best to stay alive.
No need to assume!

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