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I've had enough of china daily BBS [Copy link] 中文

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Now I know you better & it's a pity you are doing the opposite........

I take yr words are true as what i read about you, i fill full of pity for you.
I cld decipher you as person like a friend who drank liquor to punish this body when he found he had cancer.
Being a chinese but in strange American lands can be tough & it's the environment that's created you. So so sorry to read about you but to be a suicide bomber does n't bring you closer to heaven. More so to hell as the sutras does tell lies. So calm down,think carefully & decide that the best times are with yr family.

Kind regards&take care......

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dreads has been deleted
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Forum of (semi) free expression

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Dreads, Bravo !! CHINA DAILY is one of the few e-version of a newspaper that all

Are you aware 99.9% of all the letters to the editors to NEW York Times, Washington Post are axed !!

99.99 of all letters to the Editors in all westerners newspapers from Sunday London's Times to every newspapers in North America and Europe including France are axed and have absolutely no chance to be published in the newspapers column.

Each day only a few chosen one from 7 to 12 letters/postings were published.

Talk about FREE PRESS, freedom of expression, HUMAN RIGHTS, the West has a long way to go and to learn from CHINA !!

TO HELL WITH U.K., Urbexer, I can say anything I want.

This is protected by the Consitution of United States and the second one is the "Right to bear Arms".

Urbexwer, welcome to America, the Land of Slaves, the Home of the Cowards and no freedom of expression !!

So welcome to the real "LAND of the FREE, the HOME OF THE BRAVE"----the MODERN CHINA !!

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I love here but no fonding of bad words,personal or racial attacks.

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never mind

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Damn you urbexer!

After reading your 1st post, I spent a lot time of writing a post in which I attacked you mercilessly.

Then just before I was about to post, I read your 2nd post.  

Well, I’m not one to kick a man when he is down.  That wouldn’t be sporting of me.

All I can say is cheer up, at least you’re not a “racist”.  

But remember, it is your ethnic heritage to keep a stiff upper lip.

Well, just remember, no matter what I may post in the future, I wish you luck in your search for a special woman.

(I may still post in what I have written after an edit)

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hey! whitie devil

<<<And what do the chinese think of me. Well I work with at least 24 chinese engineers from Tsinghu University. To be honest, I can stand up to any of them. And I assure you, I get their respect. And I get the respect of any chinese that is aware of how hard it is to get into that university.>>>

I'm sorry, but are you the one who teaches Zimbabwean dance in Tsingua University? You get their respect for your techniques?

<<<And lets you and I enter a Shanghai bar together and see who walks out with the hottest woman.>>>
I'm sorry, but did you look at a power socket today?

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