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I've had enough of china daily BBS [Copy link] 中文

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I have decided that I no longer really like the experience I am having here at BBS CD, so I plan on trying to avoid using it as much as I can, hopefully not ever again. I have become increasingly frustrated with some of the insults I have had to put up with and recently the racism to me, Indians and others in a public forum really broke the camel's back. I have polietly asked that the really offensve terms be removed or modified but it has not been, and the mod has also chosen not to remove it. I will not go into the details of why I find the term to be abhorent, but it disgusts me.

I just don't feel welcome here any more. I am also FED UP with having to justify myself to everyone. And I am SICK and TIRED of all the rumors that people still insist on spreading about me.

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as long as this

forum exists there will be sad, ignorant, peasant-like racists mulling around

just learn to ignore them, or better still laugh at them, look at how often they post - this is their life. it would be a tragedy if it wasn't so funny

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it's sad

it's not good what you're feeling. it's good though that someone finally expressed what many might be thinking. i've spent some time in the forum, mostly reading, rarely writing, and the hostility of many of the members was quite striking.
but on the other side- this is life. we'll alaways meet people like that. some are nice , others resort to insults and personal attacks, cause they can't say anyhting  on the topic. the good thing is we can leave the forum when we like. but i'd like if you stay, i enjoy your postings. and if people ( or creature who are only called "people" ) ( you see, i started insulting's infectious....) , so if some still insult you or spread rumors, you can choose to fight them..or ignore them. as there was a saying " the dogs keep barking but the moon doesn't care " .

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You have 'nt learn to ignore!! Read the good,note the bad ones,&life goes on...

If i tell you my master is an Indian born long ago, you will be happy. I am a chinese. & i know how my master or lord says when he described about castes& Brahmins are not born from the mouth of Brahma but the SAME as us all living beings......form the womb of a woman.
One hv to suffer for ones evils.....

So take the word of the lord who knows NO Racism & life will be calm
though life are filled with anxieties,liars,hatreds,greed,etc..........

Kind regards
P/S :  With freedom of Internet, one cannot stop anyone from writing anything they want. So let the the evils carry their words.....Don't accept.

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Thanks all for the kind replies.

It's very nice and much appreciated.......

I still however feel  will not meet anyone, I've been hurt twice in the two and a half months that I've been here and both times its been painful.

Also, for reasons many wouldn't understand I have a disability that makes it impossible for me to get a girlfriend in the UK, and equally so in China, so I think for those reasons, I won't get to date any nice chinese girls who are truly special, I feel sad about that, but there is nothing i can do.

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Who are you Uberexer? How can you have such a problem after 26 posts?

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Urbexer, This is just an electronic Forum and if you go to Sino-American Forum,

I have a very vast experience in life and I have encountered so much racism in my life and lived more than 9 lives !

  I spent last 30 years listening to patients complaining from headache to marriage problems.

Urbexer, Try to understand my viewpoint as a Chinese living in the worst condition in the South, Mississippi  for the last 30 years in America !

Try to imagine the murder of Blacks, the killing of Black girls in Birmingham, Alabama ! The torture of Chinese in Mississippi ! The FBI arrested the entire family of Chinese-Vietnamese family in prison NOT in CHINA but in America and the oldest grandfather is 76 years old in US Federal prison. The grandson was 32 years old and has gastric cancer and the US Federal Prison don't give a damn.

The break-in of my home by the thugs, took everything from me by Shirley Watkins, Charles Watkins, and other thugs in Forest, Mississippi.

Urbexer, you still lives and breathe. I am blind, deaf, disabled and dying !

Do I have any hope ! I am in pain all the time. I can not even walk without pain and the niggar Black/Indian manager said I faked !!

Try to imagine killing a gay  soldier at Fort Campbell, KY, USA!

The world  is full of racists and you have to understand where I came from and what I have encountered to fight back every day against evil people, the stupid Indian managers harrassing the Chinese workers in America, paying them pennies and fired them. Indians are NO  GOOD !!! They are evil people and harrassed Chinese in America !

This is just an electronic Forum using a keyboard to express my experience.

Wait until you are a Black, Chinese living in Mississippi or the place where I worked with all the Indians/blacks harrassing Chinese everyday:

1. The Indian/Black managers refused to pay my salary despite I worked honestly

2. The Indian/Black Manager Jean Joseph used faked containers over 150 lbs tried to kill me !

3. The Indian/Black managers tried to frame me saying I broke their computer electronic control system which is new !!

4.The Indian/Black managers are racists, bigots !

I rested my case against the racists Indian Managers in North America !

I hope you come to North American, painted your face yellow and then you understand what institutionized discrimination is in America.

America is an evil country and to HELL with  North America !!

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