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How can you get used to that Pet as your family members [Copy link] 中文

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Quoted------Thanks for the Post, i m touched, I m afraid we share the same root

smiling sis,
My 'hukou' is also in the hometown,well, but in the city actually thanks to the 'talents market' .(人才市场). i pay 7-800RMB per year to keep my 'hukou' there...and I'm going to get my 'hukou' back and registered in my island end of this year. I never think it would be a problem on finding bf or marriage. maybe it is the reason well i didn't think of it. :-)
u know what, my friends or colleagues here also tried to arrange 'blind dates' for me.They also amazed why I was alone...LOL. that's another story though...

Anyway, i believe the 'hukou' will be abolished as China is developing so quickly, 'hukou' will not be the main or only mean to control the labor flow...

I was talking to my Mom, she doesn't agree me getting my 'hukou' registered in hometown because it's a rural island...and i told her there is an advantage to get it settle down in hometown, 'coz according to the 'Land Law' (土地法),i probably will have a small piece of LAND that i can grow plants, veggies, etc...Not Bad. not joking, i'm serious. u see those 'former' peasants/fishermen, they all laid off and live a better life with the income from their leasing house/apartments....

Smiling, if those guys still thinking the hukou is a problem, don't take them. they are not worth of your love...Sorry, but may i know where are you now? it seems in east China, at least in the cities i was in or am in now, the Hukou isn't that cruicial...hmm,

Good girl, keep smiling...don't be afraid of falling in love. love the wrong person, it's OK, but don't marry to the wrong person,that's important...remember, always love yourself and love people around you.

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Quoted to get general public interested in it

Saved stray cats need adoption in Beijing

Saved stray cats waiting for homes/adoption, if u are a cat lover, long planning for adopting a cat,stable income/responsible, no young kid in home, will bring cat together when leave China,call scarlett at : 66796620, 13651333473,,

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No one I knows has a separate room for their pet

Some people, who make their dogs stay outside, give them a little dog house so they can get out of the rain.  But it's not a "room" really -- just a little hut just big enough for the dog to lie down.

In my house we have 2 cats which kill any rats stupid enough to venture inside.  One is a sleek, black Japanese bobtail cat named Bagheera.  (there's just as many of this type of cat -- with no tail -- in China -- so should probably be called Chinese bobtail or Asian bobtail).  The other is a fluffy white Turkish angora cat with no name (we sometimes call him "Bai Mao" -- "white cat"  which is the name of a toilet bowl cleaner here in China)  The two are so cute when they curl up to sleep together -- they look like Yin/Yan.

My husband also has two birds in the back garden, and a huge aquarium full of fish.

would recommend putting your stray cats notice in the Beijing section of these forums.

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Thanks for your consicence of raising a Pet.


In China, you will see more nuclear family after the implementation of One Child Policy.and With further openmined,some couple would remain childless in their marriage for their enjoyable of Couple's Honeymood every day.

Raising a pet in such family would be a great cheer for them to make their home atomphere great rather than being a Gohst' haunted house.

But when Family went out for travelling, Who will gonna to take care of their pet.

and If you trying to move or migrated into another land, will you find it hard to take your pet alongside with you through the strict Customs inpection.  If you dog failed to pass without enough(suficient) certified paper referring to it, will you carry on your steps and leaving your bog in the Custom office..

and Will you quit your Big plan of Moving home?  

No doubt, You won't?

hehe, Now With the counsicence of raiing decent dogs, there are dicrimation of pets,it seems there are some fad urging the people to raise something for fun when they visiting the small market...

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About Animal One time more?

Do you think we should insist on protesting  ENDANGERED ANIMAL.

Do you think We can  raise National Class-One animal on the extincted list ourselves and then send them to the wild world after a progressive training program.

Is THAT  quiet differenct treatment between a Zoo Anaimal and wild animal.

How could they be grouped into dictinct group but with like charaters.

and How about peacock raising,and precious animal raising industry.

I knnow that Individual can breed peacok and then use it for the attraction of tourist  or cook them  in the restaurant served as a Speical dishes.

and Yeah  THE NUMBER OF ENDANGERED LIVING IN THE WILD WOULD BE SHRINKING,BUT  i  don't worry that I can't see panda or tiger,but what we concern that, ARE they wild,and continue to play an important role in the chain of balance of nature.

Will you eat Tiger if it is said that it help maintain your healthy condition even when you are old,and cure kinda disease

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best quoted----

Foreigner passport holders who marry Chinese can have as many children as they want; this would ALSO include a Chinese man who went overseas, got a foreign passport, then came back to China and married a Chinese woman...they would be able to have as many children as they want.

So its not an issue of nationality (Chinese vs. foreigner); it is a simple issue of legalities. The Chinese gov't can tell Chinese couples how many children they can have; they cannot tell foreigners how many children they have. HOWEVER, it is expected that those children will have a foreign nationality -- if someone with a foreign passport has a child with a Chinese national, and they try to get Chinese citizenship for that child, they will not be able to get Chinese nationality for multiple children. Basically, the Chinese gov't expects that foreign/Chinese couples who have children will also LEAVE China some day, so it doesn't really affect population very much.

In regards to minorities, I hear some Han Chinese complain about how "unfair" it is that minorities are allowed to have more children. First, minorities are NOT legally supposed to be allowed to have an unlimited number of children; they are just allowed MORE children than Han Chinese are (usually 2 or 3).

Second, there is no concern whatsoever about Han Chinese "disappearing" because of a one-child policy. Even WITH a one-child policy, the population of Han Chinese is STILL increasing. But many minority groups ARE disappearing; and personally, I think that it is very important to do everything possible to help them preserve their cultures, including allowing them to have more than one child.

Third, even for Han Chinese, there are exceptions to the one-child policy. Parents who divorce and re-marry may be allowed to have another child. And if two people who are both from one-child families get married, they are allowed to have two children.

Do I LIKE the one-child policy? No. It seems draconian and overbearing for a government to dictate how many children anyone can have.

BUT -- China's population is already massively huge, and STILL increasing. Probably 90% of China's worst problems are related directly to the size of the population (ie. if the population was smaller, the problems would be much smaller also). So the plain fact is, draconian and overbearing measures are NECESSARY for the time being. My god, China is ALREADY overpopulated; without such rules to control population growth, the problems would very rapidly get much worse.

One suggestion for Chinese readers -- you think that having only one child is not fair? You think that it is not healthy for a child to grow up without brothers or sisters? You love children, and want to have more than one?

Then there is a VERY simple solution -- ADOPT some children. The Chinese gov't has NO LIMITS on how many children you can adopt. And there are MILLIONS of Chinese children who have no home, no parents, no hope.

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Training Eagle to help hunting is custom of Minority group in China---oh, wond

Catch a wild Eagle,  is legal thing to for Chinese.

But  Chinese relax the regulation to allow This Minority to catch Eagle and train them for hunting as a Custom in a long history.

Oh , Eagle.........

are good at to catch  Fox  and wild Rabbish, and saw as a treasure for the Minority leader to give

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