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Want to lose weight ? recommand food [Copy link] 中文

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i like your advise

thank you,I like your advise.
but ,i very like  pork,fish,beef,chicken,and so on.

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i suggest:

adding more vegetables and fruits.

that's my diet.

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This made it to the 'recommended post list'?

No thanks, I would rather stick with Chinese food. Beancurd, vegetables, vegetable oil, chicken, seafood, etc. are much healthier and tastier than the stuff on your list. Where did you copy it from?

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Reply to laoxianggg

Thanks for your message.
  About your quesion "where did you copy from?". I can only anwere that
  the article is made by myself after collecting the information.I only wish it  will be useful for someone who need. If you know some thing more ,just share the information with others. I wish everyone will give and receive hints from others. That will make BBS more interesting,is not

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about sweet potato

Please see the following datas.
food name                                             KiloCalories/100g
sweet potato (red cover ,white inner)  104/86g
sweet potato(red inner)                           99/90
potato                                                         76/94
sweet potato chip                                 340/100
potato powder                                      337/100

wheat powder                                     350/100
rice                                                        340~350/100
corn(fresh)                                           106/100
corn powder (yellow)                         341/100

Now you can see that sweet potato(not being processed) has lower calories than wheat , rice and corn.

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Can you eat this stuff day in and day out?

The key to a healthier diet is balance and moderation. You need to have a balance diet, do not over indulge in one category of food. You also need to excercise, again, moderately.

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Age and location is important also

I live in the Mountains, every morning when I get up it is -20C. So now I eat more carbohydrates. I always gain a little weight in the winter and loose it in the summer.

I am 60 now, I eat a hand full of this or that during most of the day and a full meal about 5-6 in the evening. I go to bed about midnight. So basically I only eat one meal a day but spread it out with small amounts of fruit, vegetable or nuts during the day.

I still drink a lot of milk with the fat. I do burn it off. I see the doctor one time a year and nothing changes. I am in good health and keep my weight down.

In hot climates, like Chongqing, I eat about the same way except for much more fruit and light vegetables. Drink a lot more. Less heavy food like potatoe, wheat products, thick vegetables like carrot, turnip and that kind. With that my body wants more protein such as meat and I find that I also have a hunger for any kind of nut, like peanut, cashew and almonds.

I think it is important to pay attention to what our body calls for. We are all different in metabolism, energy and body density. Some people need some vitimins and minerals more than others. I have to suppliment my minerals but not vitamins. What I notice I need most is phosphorus, zinc,  potassium and calcium.

Most women are always low on iron and calcium.

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