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why not admit it's personal?

you guys have an intense personal hatred of mr lau, not a terrible disagreement with his political philosophy.  why can't you admit it?  lgk doesn't like american policy at all and believes things i totally disagree with, but this doesn't keep me from respecting him as a person.  

it's kind of silly to see everyone posting what someone else wrote as proof they do or do not love china.  you don't see other people doing that for other countries.  

you guys use "love for china" as a personal attack tool.  anyone who you dislike, you say, "they don't love china."  or that they hate china, or whatever.  it's pretty silly, actually.  


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Reply: What is this, Peter_h?


Do you know how people look at you when you attack LGK so much and show us nothing but personal hatred?

If you quit your silly personal attack to LGK, you would be one of the best posters in this forum.

Nobody would count how many of your posts above LGK's, it is quite childish. Different person has different perference to choose what he want to read. There is no competition here, get a life.

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Can you comment on LGK's vicious, unprovoked attack on Shan Huang and his calling EVERYONE in the pro-China camp "monkeys"?

Remember, you are a Chinese yourself.  You are no neutral drifter mezza pacifica!!

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Lau Guan Kim
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  Lo and behold, Shan Huang takes over the leadership of the China bigots
wchao37 will not like it, and may go into a fit and jealous rage!

It now is apparent this Shan Huang is directing a campaign against those Westerners and detractors of China. What he fails to see is that we know from his sanctimonious whining where he stood, and that is against TPJ and taking the sides of chairman.

I saw the hypocrisy and sectarian nature of his admonition of China Daily by drawing his attention that he should also come down hard on at least one person in that China bigot camp who disrupts thread and uses abusive language in a fit of jealousy. That Shan Huang saw fit to take umbrage on China Daily on an editorial issue and blithely ignored the wrong-doing of his gin gang lot of China bigots, speaks volume on his 'impartial' and 'moral indignation'.

Now the China bigot monkeys are out on leashes with the new master grinding the organ. What happened to the old master wchao37? This is going to be fun, as Shan Huang will outdo wchao37.

You see, wchao37, er Dr Quack Chao if you wish, brooks no competition and will be nasty and abusive in an epileptic fit.

O God, spare us the diatribe of this satanic lot of monkeys on hot bricks. Thy humble servant beseech Thee to smite the evil of their doing and deliver us from the calamity of their bigotry.

As for Shan Huang?

He thinks he is taking over the leadership of the China bigots.

Oh, oh, his seat is gonna be hot.

Lau Guan Kim

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tsupasat, nothing personal, we are not showing off others' private messages

Unlike you, stealing other members' private messages and showing off around without even realizing how low you sinked yourself in, here all presented are FACTS. If you don't have facts, you better find one, then join in the discussions.

We know your loyalty to CIA, ts.

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It's political, not personal

Banana Lau always jumped on the first chance to attack China and Chinese. There must be a deeper reason for his love-hate feeling toward China. Ultimately, he is not to be trusted.

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Reply: It's political, not personal

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