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Atrocities committed by aggressors [Adult Only] [Copy link] 中文

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Good post, thestud

I wonder where th pictures are from?  

Looks like oil paintings.

In fact, the pictures are too kind.  They don't show really one millionth of the cruelty.

I don't know what the fuss is all about.

No blood, no rape scenes, no one buried alive, no vivisection, no poison gas, no exposure to the elements (heat and cold), no beheading, no target practice, no mass drowning, no disembowelment.

The pictures look like a masochistic-sadist show with raised arms but no action.

This is one millionth of the severity of what actually happened.

And the one-inch bark wanted to delete them.

Go easy on gtnbia please.

Only HeDan (who is a dedicated nuzhai), tsupasat and the farrt.  Only three please.

I was going very easy on HeDan and tsupasat already, but they gave me no choice.

You see, wchao37 never initiates a fight.

In other words, if tsupasat had not maliciously fabricated non-existent emails purporting to arouse enmity between me and my two other friends in this forum, there would never have been unkind words uttered.  

wchao37 would never have launched the first salvo unless there is great injustice as in the "Mainland women are whores" remark from the subconscious mind of the old farrt.

If attacked, there may or may not be a counterattack.

But if a counter-attack is decided upon, total annihilation is the only aim and possible outcome.

So don't take the chance -- that's my sincere advice.

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Who are the people in these drawings?

Are they from an adult comic?

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thescud, don't you know that cannot be accessed from the Chinese mainland?

The Chinese government deems it to be an unacceptable news source.

By posting a BBC article here, you are going against the wishes of the Chinese government.

You are hanjian.

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It's not westerners coolmax hates, but whitey.  

Every people, race and country have at some time in the past or even present stooped to atrocities as depicted in these pictures.  Whitey is no different.  

But need I remind you all that in the 20 th century, amid some precedent-beating contenders, China and the Chinese are well up there in the league of bad boys.  Top 5 at least.

Of course it's fun to be racist and blame, er, let's say whitey.  Because putting one over on whitey as Chinese kids beg their parents to go to McDonalds is a way to gain some dignity right?

Nice to see wchao37 the de facto leader of these group of reprebates.  Too smart to fall into the trap himself, never the less keeping the troops' spirits up.  

Keep up the good work, remember to send yourself and your kids to English class, and remember the ChinaDaily "pro-china" forumites motto:

When whitey, Japanese or Jews kill people it's much worse than when other people do.

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That's quite a delay

My 3 comments with pictures must still be waiting in the purgatory.

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To AndyDob

Pls don't complain, there are people starving now, can't you hear the cries in Iraq?
How happy you are!

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I find those "pictures" intresting, and I find others reactions commical. So tell me coolmax, did you risk your life to get those things from NK yourself, or did you find it on one of their many goverment web pages?

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