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A tricky Singaporean slut finally came out of the closet [Copy link] 中文

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To fatty

Goodbye and good riddance to thestud.

Enjoy your death.

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Thestud has a busy, productive life outside CD, andydob, but you don't.

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The Stud has little time outside of CD. He's too busy digging up snippets from past threads to cut'n'paste into his personal attack collages.

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I have read with interest this thread ...

And I'm being impersonated ...

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you are the original nobody.

Who is this 'radford'  the impersonator?

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Don't you have any shame, old farrt?

This forum is not just about you, you know.

Stop trying to give the impression of being a gentleman near death while in fact you have been lying and using obscenities from Day One.

You have told me you were near death six years ago and that it would be a miracle if you could survive two months.

That was six years ago.

In the meantime you have used uncouth language like this one to follow.

The following is a document. It is a fact brought up here for our discussion about fairness surrounding the case of banning thestud because of his language. It is therefore material to our debate and should therefore stay.


This is what LGK said about an innocent girl in this forum (and I will not mention the name in case it infuriates the father of the girl who is a regular here):-



This 'nice girl' has made a mockery of this CD forum.

She is a slut all the way, no doubt about it.

Lau Guan Kim

2004-10-09 09:11”

“When a bitch is on heat, you get a stray dog sniffing her rear.

Watch for some dog contortionist at work!

Convoluted when two animals copulate looking away from one another.

Time to shoo our grandchildren from such scene.

Lau Guan Kim

2004-10-09 09:23”


If thestud can be banned for his language, why not lau guan kim the old farrt who is only here to disrupt?

It's always ME ME ME with this scumbag.

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Pathetic little nut

Now that you have your notoriety certified, get out of our forum.

We were here first, and since you did not want anyone to debate you at AW, why are you here.

I demand you scrammmmmmmmmmmmm right now, old farrt

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