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The fear of China [Copy link] 中文

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Reply: John Mak of Asiawind: Re. The fear of China

I agree John Mak's post pretty much.

I can feel the fear of China from personal contact, internet, and books. It is interesting to see where their fear come from.

I had asked the question to a friend of mine, who is an American and we have many years of friendship so he wouldn't lie to me. He answered me -- of course we have the fear of China! you have the huge population, smart people and work hard. how much resources we can share to support a good life for so many people?

I am not sure how typical this opinion is, I guess this is at least one of the typicals in western countries. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon that many Americans, Canadians, Australians, they look down Chinese very much, but they do afraid of Chinese when they know who the Chinese really are. Th conflict feeling tells me that they have the fear of China/Chinese when they realize the Chinese today is not the Chinese they were taught in their school, but the racism feeling to Chinese is in their deep heart, it will not be eliminated in another few generations. We can certainly see the signs from western countries policy towards China -- work with China (they just have too), and contain China (at least slow China down).

The fear of China from developing countries are another thing. China's neighbour countries have great fear of China because of history. These countries were under China's shadow for thousand years, the history was basically the wars between China's agriculture civilization and nomadic kingdoms. The history cycle in this area, and in any other agriculture/nomad borders, was that all the countries were under China's shadow and control when the "Middle Kingdom" was strong, and they became invading China when China was weak. So the strong/weak -- control/invade cycles is still in the deep hearts of those people in China's neighbour.  

India is quite different. There was no such a cycle in India/China history, but seems India has greatest fear of China. It is unreasonable and hard to understand. Most Chinese don't even know where India is.

Do these Chinese internet bigots cause the fear of China? I would say they are USED by western media to create the fear of China. These bigots are actually showing the weak point of China society -- the majority of a society with overheated head would screw up themselves sooner or later. Fortunately, this bigots are very small percentage of the entire China population, another culture revolution would not happen in China any more.

The Korean who want to "kill Chinese" is probably an isolated case. Koreans do have the fear of China (you can tell from what he said "kill Chinese", it seems to me is singing a song in grave yard), but their greatest fear is Japan. Japan bullied them for thousan years and many times, not China.  

I don't know how to establish a better understanding between nations to reduce the fear. Especially I have no idea how western countries share the limited resources with Chinese in this planet. History could repeat if humanbeing refuse to learn from history. I have noticed some discussion in western countries that if China rise peacefully or rise violently like Germany. The discussions said they are watching China. Well, I think China is watching them too -- if the western countries accept China or refuse China like the time they refused Germany. What I have noticed so far is, the western countries have not make up their mind -- accept or not. So their policies towards China showed up and down, cooperate and contain. This is quite nature when a country as big as China to rise, it will cause fear, exciting, worry, and so on. The bottom line is, be rational, don't be fool.

The fear from China's neighbour developing countries is not that rational, the world is not the world in 100 years ago. Fighting on land would not help you much but leave you in very bad position in global family, so I don't think China would fight for land with her neighbours. National interest is the bottom line, what do you fight for?

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the fear of china

i think ur remarks are exaggerated.u could not deny china just by a few part of bigots u mentioned.if there are such kind of people existed. i think most part of chinese aint like that. so u d better to have a open-minded heart to tolerate anything.

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Another reason to fear China

LGK, you say, "Most importantly, China is not always right, nor is it always wrong. It has to behave itself as a normal country with all its warts and moles in the world community of nations."

"For a safe China, a China that can be loved and respected, there is no room for the China bigots and zealots."

"Indeed, there is no room for Chinese chauvinism."


Bigots, zealots and chauvinists...yes, surely a reason to fear Chinese attitudes burgeoning as China grows in power and stature.  And here's another:

Imagine a nation of some 1.5 billion souls as preoccupied as America is now with having material things.  

In view of the fact that China will increasingly retain for domestic use many of the things she now makes to sell abroad, don't doubt that  you'll  
be increasingly subject to the same social pressures and marketing mechanisms that have made American society so self-centered and mean-spirited.  ("C'mon, people, what's in your wallet?")

Imagine this sickness of the human spirit spreading here abd there by degrees across the face of the Earth like the plague.  Imagine everybody thinking and acting like Americans.

Good reason to fear, I think.

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China, India and Mahathir

I don't think Mahathir needed to be WON over by China. He was never anti-China, or anti-Japan, or anti-any-country-in-the-East. It is the WEST he feels repugnance.

China is doing great economically. But one thing about China is because the Chinese seldom want to or have the capabilities to talk about  ideas and arguments, her strengths can often be misunderstood.

I find China benign, I know this may sound like a lame argument, but compared to the English which attempts to anglosize everything that spins into their orbit, Chinese strive to retain the original. EG. The Italian city ROMA is pronounced ROME in English, whereas in Chinese it remains LOMA (excuse the "R" which is non-existent in Chinese); PARIS is pronounced with an "S" in English, whereas in Chinese it remains PA-LI.

A few days ago I watched a program on India's film industry, and through the interviews, I find the Indians (perhaps due to their Sankrit civilisation etc) closely resembling the Europeans/ the West in the way they think and they argue. They are VERY persuasive. I really look forward to a sit-com called "The KUMARS at no 42" (or something like that) because of their ability to be so Indian and metropolitan. Other good Indian films like "Bend it like Beckham" and "Bride and Prejudice", all these films have a strong world appeal. The Chinese have Joy Luck Club but I doubt many find it interesting. Those Crouching whatever was NEW to the west, but after a while it becomes tired.

I see India emerging as another HUGE economic powerhouse and they are more likely than the Chinese to win the world's hearts in a shorter time because of their persuasiveness and their ability to integrate with the world at large while still maintaing their cultural identity compared to the Chinese who  either feel threatened by others' cultures or love others' culture so much they want to disown theirs.

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re:The fear of China

It is certain that China has become one of the most important countries in the world.We can feel the rapid development of China in economy and society.In my opinion,China will become the leader of Asia in the immediate future.
But,some nations of Asia are worried that a powerful China will become another invader,especially some countries of southeastern Asia.Now,it is a hot spot discussing by the world what role developing Chinese will play in the future.
As far as I am concerned,I think that China will become a powerful and responsible leader of Asia.So,it is unnecessary to worry about the future.
On the other hand,China is a stable force to keep the peace of Asia and even the world in history.Now,the duty of China is to fight against America's invasion with the people all over the world.

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