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CNN: Study puts Iraqi toll at 100,000 [Copy link] 中文

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...still not getting you, tsupasat. No doubt I am dimmer than usual this evening.

My reading of the report was that there has been a significant increase in mortality rates in Iraq, as an indirect result of US action in Iraq. In a nutshell, more Iraqis are dying now than before US forces went in.

Though of course, this is not to suggest that 100,000 Iraqis have been directly killed by US or insurgent forces. Rather, it is a reflection of the human toll of a weakened infrastructure, in addition to the causalties of war.

Such is the horror of modern warfare: innocent non-combatants are the ones who suffer most. All would do well to keep that in mind, be they those who favour the current intervention in Iraq, or others who would like to see other "interventions" in certain disputed islands...

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tsunpussy, the two-bit crusader, worships the rear of my dog called Jesus Chris

It won't matter to his thick skull, or how little grey matter that is in there,  that 100,000 innocent Iraqis died because of the oil greed of his equally  racist, crusading compatriots. His first reaction is to defend the unspeakable, undefendable crime against humanity -- the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq!!

Such is tsunpussy, and that is exactly what he intends to do to the Chinese people. He lies and spams on this CD board daily because he wants China one day to be like the Iraq of today, and he wants Chinese to be slaughtered in thousands like the Iraqis!

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The Stud

Please let me ask one question....

"What The Hell Was That?"

Are you intending to ADD something to this thread? If so, can I ask what? Other than your own bitter, misguided, misplaced xenophobia? At least tsupasat had the integrity to post an intelligent, probing post, which I was happy to respond to. Your own contribution would be best condensed to a three-word phrase and then scrawled on a shit-house wall.

I hope you don't find a three-word summation to be too great a challenge...

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"One death is a tragedy.....

......And a million is a statistic"
This was rather coldly said by a man who should know, Stalin.
100,000, that seemes rather high. I dont think that realistical the invasion could be directly responsiable for "that' many. This is exclusively civilan death, so that number seemes rather high. Now clearly neither nation involved would want to otu right admit to wrong doing, but there are other elements on the ground, surley some one know what is going on.
Now, mind you, the iraqis are now using civilan soliders to fight a war of resistance. That is gonna highten the number of civilian death, by 2 factors, one being inncoents in the cross fier, and the other being the US-UK forces dont know who is a Civi and who is a combatant.
This tactic is rather deplorable, and is highly irresponsiable. While i understand the iraqis need to strike back, they are needlseely endangering the lives of their fellow country men. While most would porbaly be agast at seeing me trying to place blame on the Iraqi, surely, realisticaly, they do share in SOME of the responsiblity for the number of deaths. Also a number of reports indicate that the majority of insurgents in Iraq are forigen fighters, which would explain why they would resort to such tactics. Clearly the enemy for the most part is osme one who cares nothing for the iraqi people, and will strike at the US by what ever menas nessicary, even if it means killing innocent Iraqi civilians. Perhapse the US should forous some more attnetion on the Forigen nations these fighter are comming from. I dont mean militaryliy, but perhapse diplomaticaly, and surely there are some CIA assets that could be used to curb this.

The whole war is a out right tragedy, however in a larger sense, all wars are, and there are no true winners.  I have seen first hand what war causes, and the horrible effects, we have come so far as a people, and we have learned nothing.

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Doesn't look like we will ever catch up to over 500,000 that Saddam killed.

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