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To the Chinese - Shan Huang, Wchao37, The Stud, to name a few... [Copy link] 中文

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Chairman wrote:

"So sorry you see chairman that way joe, maybe after a few hits over the head from the Jackals and the China Haters, you may see chairman in a more uniformed light."

I am so glad that you have identified that the "Jackals" and the "China Haters" are two different groups.

Agreed Darrel, Jackals are not China Haters.

Thank you.

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The world politics is not as simple as you described. You do need to understand more to appreciate a whole spectrum of politics and ideas Chairman represents. Chairmanism should not only allowed but also discussed and understood in a free forum.

I don't know who you "agree" on your title, if it's crazyan, that would be laughable. Check out his/her history of posting you will know. My response to him/her was that I felt stupid talking to him/her. Still is.

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crazyazn has been deleted
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My earlier post

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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It takes a Chinese to understand chairmanism

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it takes a chinese to understand chairmanism?

chairmanism = defend china whether she is right or wrong.

HELLO!!??  anybody home??


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You've been here 5 minutes and you have already shown youself to be a reasonable sort. I kind of thought we can get along. Don't group me with all other westerners. I am me. I agree or disagree as I see fit. Likewise, I urge you to look at whom you are aligning with. You just said that you, stud and chairman are trying to NOT get into it with US. There is no US. Look at your 'friends' and the spiteful things they say on personal matters once they can't out manoeuvre an adversary on a theological or political issue. "Slut, pig,  vermin, devil they shout to anyone that disagrees with them,and the list goes on...
Like the old Johnny Cash song says, "Don't bring your guns to town".
At least don't stroll with walking targets.

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You do need to put things into its context, and pay a little attention to the emotional leve of chairman and TPJ when I siad "we". Do as you wish if you can't appreciat what I have tried to do. By the way, I am not afraid to say "we", yes, we are all Chinese, and there are things that you may never understand.

I don't care you are in a group or not, it's what you said put where you belong to. Here is something I want to say -- name calling is not just chairman and thestud, there are others, it's both ways, or multiple ways.

ts and tekvicious, to understand chairman and thestud, I now just let you know one thing that I haven't wanted to say in hoping you will figure out somehow youselves for your own benefit -- there is NO need to talk about right or wrong to those who have NO respect to China.

Now I will say it takes a Chinese to help you understand...

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