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chairman has been deleted
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Cytheria - Chinese woman and Chinese Patriot.

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chairman, please don't, that was past ! Cytheria, please be silent.

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Hi there goofy!

Having another wonderful day? Lalalala

Bring back Blackie! Blackie was bred to chase automobiles and bark at tires!

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Reply: chairman, please don't, that was past ! Cytheria, please be silent.

Shan Huang,

You are the typical Chinese gentleman, shrewd, moderate,  tolerant, we Chinese women are so proud of you. You are so generous even with that abject, timided, narrowminded breed such as tpj, whose private whimper has been mistakenly published on a public place, and has no shame to ask the authority to tear if off. I would say that any men with integrity can not see this happens. But a selfish coward doesn't mind, for him any waste only if it is produced by him showing on a public place would be his glory.

I'll respect your wish and keep silent from now on, I only write to show my appreciation to you and chairman -- chairman, you are forever eloquent ! Thanks so much for your defence,I really don't have enough expression to say my appreciation for you.

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Dear Deferential Chairman

I recall a forumite/forummer (think it was karenb) who came to defend your deferential status as Chairman in this forum.  Ah, I see what she means.

“Whampoa is being insulted for the same reason and so is the The Stud and others.

Shan Huang, I am sorry and I will give you an apology for the foul and evil attacks on your person by the Jackals and the China Haters.

Feel free to leave the mess to wchao37 and chairman, as we are battle bred for these devils and China Haters.”

Dear Chairman,

When I was young, my parents introduced me to Chinese folklore. From them, I learned of brave heroes and heroines who would sacrifice his/her life for China and her people.  The little that I have read about Chinese history, I do know that such heroes and heroines exist in real life (but rare).

Today, you make me feel like my heroes have come alive.  Okay, forget about this sentimental part.  (chuckle!)

Nonetheless, I said before, “I completely agree with you (and Thestud).”  Status quo.

Let me come straight to the point and make it simple.

Thank you Chairman for your offer to protect me from attacks and insults.  I am okay, I am fine and I am perfectly alright.  I assure you.

To think that I will ever back off or yield to these evil, devilish white bigots (whatever you call them),         NO WAY!!!!!!

Insults, threats and vilifications do not hurt.  

What hurts are truths and reasons.

In case you do not know this, I have been banished in CD forum before.  So, in a way, I have a record.


(Hey, hey, I am Chinese)  Cheers!

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Shan Huang, my post above was addressed to you. Did you read it?

Some  feeback is due.

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wchao, I did read your post.

Thanks for supporting me. I will be fine. I won't pick up the fight. Don't worry.

There are so many things happened in the last few days. I think people see things clearer now, learned a lot...

Although I still can't let everyone calm down, but I am sure people will behave better next time around.

Our Chinese wisdom once again told me:

沉默是金, Chen Muo Shi Jin.

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