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What is Gap between Chinese Elder men and Western Elder men? [Copy link] 中文

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First. I should Say Aging is a natural progress of life?

It is very interesting that  Why  Women should marry the man one youger than Her,however the Man died early leave women be lonely.

Do you find it is easy to recreate a family after fall of one

What can keep you happy if you are too old to work.

Do you still beleive never too old to learn... Are you going to learn new skill and apply it to new job...

But Seems Not much Company want to hire Old people unless you own the company.

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Would you like to be a Millionair only if you have 20 years older than now you a

Yeah,  elder people can enjoy an peaceful retiring life.

  they can pick up some Old hobby to sing and dance around the Park.

What if the city with no park,let alone the Mountian and Forest.

Currentling i watched an program called  Star avenue Meng xiang zhong guo or Xing guang da dao.....

they are many ordinory people here to demonstrate their divertment  and talents of creating folk art.

One group of  Four  ,fat  men aged 54 on average...became the Week Winner after competing well in five round.

I saw them many times sing together in the Jiang San Park, any way the three time totally i have been to the park, i saw them twice prasticing their chorus...

and You find it very interesting They singing Russia revolutionary song with great ethusiat.......

wow. so lucky i saw them who might become a super group,rising star...

sorry to call elder ,a rising star

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There is a major difference and I tell you the Chinese culture of respect to eld

There are major difference between the Chinese Elder men and Western Elder men.

  I have to write a book on this.

  But Chinese tends to honor their parents and keep the family intact despite one of the parent died early. I took very good care of my Mom despite my father died 10 years earlier. But in China, the medical care system  may not be as advanced as the Western medical care system. This can be taken care of by good health and the quality of life surrounded by joyous grandchildren and children.

Many Western Elderly men faced divorce, separation, alcoholism, and suicide is actually quite high in the elderly. Also Western Elders faced heart diseases, strokes and cancer (lung, prostate, GI, especially colon cancer) and some live in very poor conditions due to no medical insurance.

I am a  strong advocate of staying away from too much fried Chinese food, especially deep fried food. The Elderly Chinese tend to develop stomach, liver and esophagus cancer and Chinese elderly women developed much more severe osteoporsis than Western elderly women.

Western elderly women suffered much more from breast cancer which starts to set in around mid- to late 40's (fourty years old) and one in 9 of Western women has breast cancer.

The breast cancer rate among Chinese women is relatively low when compared with their couterparts.

  There is a few years difference according to the World Health Organization in which American/Western Elderly men lived slightly longer than the Eastern Elderly men.

   May be but I never believe the statistics. Individual counts!!!!. Those who take care themselves, eat right, exercise, a good balance diet and a good mental health will make you live beyond 110 years old and a good sex life !!!.

    I have to be honest with you that I hate so many Chinese Elderly men continued to smoke and the cases of lung cases actually start much earlier around mid-40's ( Smoking kills !!!!!!!!!) And the incidence of lung cancer in CHINA is rising sharply !!

I let others to contribute and point out other difference !

Elderly men means elderly men and women because "man" in some cases can mean both sexes. I do NOT want to spend to much time to define the definition of "man" or "Elderly men" !

  Because there is no such medical term to identify what do you mean by Elderly?

1. 65 years old
2. 70 years old
3. 75 years old...............etc

So let's not argue the definition of elderly men and concentrate on improving the health problems facing our Chinese Elderly men !!

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I had read some adult product from you, an experienced man treasurely here

I felt amazing to Read your comment on different stuffs,especially about some social problem..........

Love could never be called a problem........

But it is interesting that there  are  culture-Snobbery, Fashion-snobbery, Love -Snobbery.

and i also saw some admirer for you here hoping He can live a life like you with a perfect wife.

I think  all things dropped seems very tasty for adult here. It become a dire incite them to be a man of bravery surrounded by Girls.

Yeah if you marry and can live longer, you could taste your wife from being a girl to an elder,of 20,of 30.of 40.... What a wonderful thing you appreciate a woemn like that way.

However, if you get tired of Western Girl you can taste Asian girls.......

Why not...   Why you say, Responsibilities to be family men is godlike thing........I don't think so....Life is to make everyone live more independently rather than rely on

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I read a report in CD that A Female writer wrote down her experience traveling a

for interest of different style of men into a book.

The book was publized successfully at first edition,but then was banned by China related organisation.

and In literature world, some famous write sometimes have trouble with censorship tp publise there works which was considered the porn.

in this world, you really find it difficult to care  some minority's interest........Professional Prostitue........drug trafficing

do you think you keep people from the report of those bad things can help .

Very interesting that,    If a man is single, while a women is single too, they are free to do anything in their interest.

How can you bother them and put then into prison claiming the behavior pollute China moral for making sex togehter.

here is a law term  about  False Imprisonment......  that is say, you  drive people  fall into your trap as theey show intention to commit something bad..

and  Also  Why it is legal to Trade ATHLETE

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CHINA has the best anti-pornography law and Japan has the worst !! Pro Athletics

CHINA has the best record of anti-pornography law and does not allow any western or home grown pornography at all. Case closed.

Because Chinese society, unlike America , living together in a very crowded condition with 1.3 billion people and we must have strict law and order, internal security and poronography and publication of pornography is unacceptable.

I, "kanyuek" states the lifestyle I lived is decadent, I show the Chinese what dirty American money can buy ! A nice wife, sex, cars, beautiful women and more..........

It is a trade-off to tell it all about American Human Rights Violations for some of my real life experience, I got more and more,  ....................only if you know................
....................make your pants burning hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is a trade off. I am the mouth piece for American Human Rights violations and all the dirty secrets of American in the military, law enforcement, murders and rape in U.S. Federal prisons, so publicating some real life experience of me is a trade-off !!

It shows the side of American decadent life-style. I never really live in CHINA except get in and out to sign couple pieces of papers (I don't consider I actually live in CHINA if I went to Hong Kong, called the taxi, stayed in the hotel (five star) and signed a few legal document and left !)

I think I stayed in the airport as much time as I stayed in HK !!

My experience DID not happen in CHINA but United States and showed how "loose" the American women are !

But having sex with five women drunk in "American Animal House" Party is true now and was true 30 years ago !!

But I did NOT tell you the whole story, I was pissed off because as a faternity brother, five guys having sex with a loose woman in the university. I was the "LAST ONE" to get the pussy. Racial Discrimination !!!!!!!!!!  They are  discriminated against a CHINAMAN to get white woman's pussy ! Why four white guys went first and I am the last one to fuck her !!! Tell me why  !

It was O.K. ! I had FUN !!!!

Pro athletics are pigs especially the Blacks who made U.S. $9 million dollars for a 6 or more years deal and claimed injury for six months and sit out for 14 weeks every year.

You get no choice but to trade him, lose the $9 million dollars, NO, but get four Detroit Pistons. Money is a barter system which we trade things everyday.

If you makes U.S. $60-$90.00/hour as a doctor, then getting some fine women is no problem. I never paid, they flocked to me, even grandmother. But I cared less and go out of town in low profile and enjoy my privacy in good friends house and enjoy the privacy !!

YOU MUST LEARN FROM THE MASTER, BE HUMBLE, BE NICE, AND HAVING FRIENDS FOR LIFE HELP YOU SO MUCH TO GET NICE FINE BABES even at 50's (even you are 50 years old, more experienced, learn how to deal with women).

I can smell them 10 feet away and know who they are. The real young one, some of them are good and means no harm, just for fun !! So it is something to write about your life experience and look back and continue to have good sex until 99 years old.

One of my patient had sex even he is 92 years old and just got married to a fine 78 years old woman. It is a myth that Elderly Chinese or Western men can NOT have sex.

In Europe they actually had professional prostitute to come to the Elderly European Men home to have sex once a month. I recommend once every two week because if the man even at 70 years old, they can still have sex and Europe is slightly more open than America ( an understatement !!)  and much more open than CHINA

(By all means I respect CHINA's cultural value, they just do it  behind the doors !!!)

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Wrong! They just passed the law in my country in which you can work beyond 65 y/

Most socialist countries in Europe allow their citizens to work beyond 65 only if you can still perform the job.

NOT all, even Canada just passed the law, I believed two weeks ago, in some Provinces, NOT all, that you are allowed to work beyond 65 years old.

In United States, the law does NOT protect you if you reach 65 years old, you can work but then the U.S. Government will cut your Medicare benefits. I don't remember exactly but if you work less than first U.S. $9,000.00 in a year, you may NOT be penalized. (the tax law changed every year and I can't keep up with the tax code in the States !!!!)

  But nowaday, more and more Elderly Chinese and Western men work even after retirement because of the dramatic decreae in income unless you got millions saved up !!!

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