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Media's image of Chinese masculinity as a function of implied sexuality [Copy link] 中文

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Hum ho...tekvicious...or may I call you tekkie for short

That's right, I did all that so you'd come out and be my assistant coach in the class, right?

So tell me you're moved to tears by such considerate and painstaking solicitation on my part....

Forgive me, I don't give napkins to men.

Believe what you will -- anything that suits your fancy.  This is the Free Talk channel.....calling earth...calling earth.....

The big S word?'ve got to shift into low gears once in a while for balance in life......nothing whatsoever to do with Security.

That S word I've got it locked away a long time ago and then threw the keys away.

Koizumi, Bush, Chen......these are serious mental cases.

Why would anyone want to make an enemy out of the Chinese instead of coming here and watch our incomparably pretty women catwalking on Nanjing Road?

And for Chen...for him to be born Chinese and yet refuse to acknowledge he is one of us is like Clinton refusing to admit he is a smart fellow.

Talking to any of these retro-studs for one day will drive any normally sane person crazy.

So switching to talk about belly buttons of super models is just fine here.

No nepotism or corruption involved -- not by any stretch of your imagination.

So join us, Tekkie...... tell us what kind of straws you use to sip cognac from one of those belly buttons.

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Did I hear my name taken in vain???

Gee -- I was out watching the volleyball match, and came in to find THIS thread!

And this gem:

"A Chinese man with a smooth hand is a much better lover than his Western counterpart because he knows when to be gentle and when to ride roughshod like a cowboy in an in-and-out fast food joint."

Priceless mixed metaphors, there, dear chap.

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I'll take a Daquiri and a little straw hat, thanks.

And when I drink, I go large. So make her stand on her head and give me a long straw.

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I surmise....

.....invoking the name of a lady once in a while to give credence where credence is due is the privilege of all wannabe chevaliers since the time of Tiny Tim.

Enter the lady....

...and exit Tiny Tim....

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Vintage Daquiri and leaky straw HATS?

...and I thought I had heard all expensive concoctions on the rocks!

Now I know why you were able to drive home safely after emptying a whole bottle of cognac.

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Thestud should grab that Seneca here to be spanked

Where is that nymphomaniac?

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Foreign apes

Have I missed my opportunity to contribute to the conversation about body hair?

In my country also some people used to believe that foreigners were a species of ape. During the Napoleonic wars (late 1700s, early 1800s) a the pet monkey belonging to a French man-o-war was washed up on the beach at Hartlepool. Because it was wearing seamans clothes and refused to answer any questions they decided it was a French spy and hanged it. It was known thereafter by the name of H'angus and became the town emblem and football teams mascot. During the last mayoral raace the successful candidate conducted his entire campaign dressed as a monkey.

And beautiful women?

What foreigner hasn't found many Chinese and Japanese girls extremely attractive? It is, I read, good scientifically for the genetic health of the human race that people from diverse ancestral lines should inter-breed together (local customs permitting, of course.)

August Darnell advises us, however, to 'never make a pretty woman your wife' because in decadent societies like the USA you will always be anxious about her cheating on you. His advice is to find a wife that really loves you and knows how to cook.

Stop being so superficial you 'cattle merchants'; one day I hope you learn that there is nothing more truly beautiful than happiness.

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