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Why is china provoking the history of korea? -② [Copy link] 中文

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The lying, crusading, and untrustworthy he-dumb, the H of S.H.I.T., LIES again!

One day he-dumb says he LOVES China, and the next day, he retracts, and says he only likes China, instead, he LOVES the evil empire which is called ameriKKKa, and he LOVES the cold-blooded slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent lives in Iraq which is happening as we speak.

One day he-dumb says Tai Wan is part of China, but the next day, he retracts, and pours doubts on that Tai Wan was ever Chinese.

Such is he-dumb, the lying, crusading, arrogant, untrustworthy holier-than-thou who is good for nothing.

He-dumb fools no one but that non-Chinese woman who is the sole purpose of his being in China - he can't hide the sad truth that in his BELOVED ameriKKKa, he can't find someone of his own kind for his mating purpose.

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Why don't you copy Wacko Jackson's skin-bleaching technique and see if you can bleach your over-cooked azZ to be like he-dumb's, the one you love to kiss?

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People's Daily - Ta!wan As Part of China Shall Not Change

China's official news agency Xinhua released a signed article Friday, stressing that Ta!wan's status as part of China shall not change in spite of the recent clamor made by Ta!wan's Annette Lu.

The die-hard independence stance of Annette Lu and her illogical talk have long been held in contempt by the Chinese people, the article said.

Recently, Lu talked once again about the so-called "unsettled Ta!wan status," claiming that it is a fact that the legal international status of Ta!wan has not be settled.

She also negated the authority of the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation, saying that the only effective agreement was the San Francisco Peace Treaty, and that the treaty didn't specify that Ta!wan's sovereignty belongs to China.

Her remarks are in disregard of historic facts, and have exposed her true colors of being ignorant of the history of her own country and splitting the motherland, the article said. The article relates the historic background for the absurd notion of an "unsettled Ta!wan status."

The island of Ta!wan was occupied by Japan in 1895 under an agreement with the Qing Dynasty. In December 1941, the Chinese government proclaimed to the world that all the country's treaties, agreements, and contracts with Japan be abolished immediately.

In December 1943, the Cairo Declaration jointly issued by China, the United States, and Britain stipulated that all the Chinese territories that Japan had stolen from China, including the island of Ta!wan, be returned to China. The 1945 Potsdam Proclamation reiterated that demand.

On October 25, 1945, Ta!wan was returned to China. Ta!wan's status as part of China has not changed since then, the article stressed.

The Cairo Declaration and Potsdam Proclamation are both widely recognized as legally effective documents of international law. And, after the signing of the two documents, the United States and its allies declared its recognition of Chinese sovereignty over Ta!wan on many occasions.

The United States changed its tune only after the Korean War broke out, and tossed out the idea of a so-called "unsettled Ta!wan status," which the Chinese government declared as both illegal and ineffective.

Despite their political differences, the Chinese people on both sides of the Ta!wan Straits all expressed their opposition to the U.S. move, which was also opposed by the then Ta!wan authorities.

However, with the normalization of Sino-U.S. relations, the United States dismissed the so-called unsettled status of Ta!wan, and has since stuck to the principle that there is only one China and Ta!wan part of the Chinese territory.

The article said that at the present crucial juncture in cross- Straits relations, Lu disregarded the historic facts and legal documents, and harped on the same old string about the status of Ta!wan. Her remarks have already met harsh criticism on the island itself.

In addition, Lu also spread fallacies, saying that the stepping down of the formerly ruling Kuomintang means that no relations now exist between Ta!wan and the motherland.

Yet, Lu's laughable remarks will not alter the fact that Ta!wan is part of China, which is also widely recognized by the international community.

The shifting of governments in Ta!wan will not have any impact on the legal status of Ta!wan, the article stressed. It will prove to be only a fond dream that some people hope to promote the independence of Ta!wan by taking advantage of the stepping down of the Kuomintang. The Chinese people will never allow this to happen.

As early as the 1950s, the imperialists attempted to split China through the so-called unsettled status of Ta!wan. They failed miserably. Now that Lu has harped on the same old string, her fate is also destined to doom, the article said.

Since taking office, Lu has spread many fallacies about Ta!wan independence. The Chinese people will not tolerate Lu's provocation, which will surely worsen cross-Straits relations, the article concludes.

By People's Daily Online ---

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people's daily mentions the 1895 handover to japan, but they fail to mention twan had only been a province under the qing government for ten years!  it only became a chinese province in 1885.

that's "time immemorial"?


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crazyazn has been deleted
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That's Funny

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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to "crazyazs"

"As you can see, Many Mainlanders always resort to bad language" --- the bad language is "he dumb"'s mother tongue, some Mainlanders only helped with its most appropriate use, isn't it!!!

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hello CHEAT, LIAR "tsss":

1. you are violating american government One China Policy, unlawfully.
2. tw is called ".... China" by both sides.

the prime FACT is clear, isn't it!

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