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A probe into the possible fate of the two kidnapped Chinese engineers [Copy link] 中文

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"This is because in this case the Americans are pulling the strings behind the scenes."

As evidenced by what?  Absolutely nothing.  

"Just ask yourself who's profiting from this seemingly impromptu kidnapping?"

Ah, Sherlock... it must have been the Chinese behind 911 then!  The Chinese are profiting from pitting the West and the Islammic world against each other.  Brilliant work detective.

"Demands from the kidnappers so far are very vague."

No, they want Pakistan to release some their terrorist friends.  

"The fact that they could still threaten to kill the Chinese means that the tribal lands are no safe haven for the Chinese engineers as they were initially made out to be."

Who in their right mind made that out?  Primitive semi-lawless areas of the planet are safe for no-one, as should be obvious to you now.  

"They think they have not done anything bad to the Moslems so why would they be targets of terrorism?"

You're deliberately ignoring the simplest and best explanation:  They saw an opportunity to get their friends out of jail and took it.  

"I think the Americans will make sure that at least one Chinese head be severed in front of a video and blame it on the Islamic militants."

That's right wchao37, the Americans have contacted and arranged this with their sworn enemies in one of the remotest areas of the world in a couple of days.  

Do you blame America for everything?  You stub your toe on the bathtub and it's America's fault?

Innocent Chinese could well end up beheaded and you're trying to blame it on America without a shred of evidence.  

And you have the gall to question Bush's integrity?

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"Give me one example of this clear hungering. If it's clear one example should be easy. No sane individual wishes beheading by knife on anyone."

You've got it.  They are not sane.  Not like you -- the saint, old friend.

Check into the headlines on China in AOL International News the last few days.  They clearly show so much enthusiasm that it is pervasive.  I counted twenty times in one page, about ten times more than if the hostage was an American or a Briton, about how the Chinese hostages were possibly going to be harmed.

How many times you and I have crossed our swords?

We fight fair.  They don't.

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Thank you, Shan Huang

You, Coolmax and guandu and some others are very good writers.  Please contribute more for CD.

I never think about myself when I write.  After my mom passed away, I think only about China.  She is my only love at this time.

I had wanted to promote Sino-American friendship because I like the American people by and large, but not the America under the neocons -- a true onus of hubris, that's what the government represents right now.  And they have done a lot of harm to the American people.  I hope they will change course and not get into a conflict with China.

But that could just be a pipedream too.  To some Americans, the only good Chinese are the dead ones.

If I write about my qualifications, please understand it is never for self-aggrandizement.  I don't need to.  It is only because I want readers to know what kind of experience goes into all this writing.

Believe me.

CD obviously does.

You should too.

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Your initial analysis was very concise and...

generally well written. The people can fight beyond their projected capabilities if they are unafraid to die. Your postulation about USA involvement is very,very unlikely to be correct. Don't let your hate for America cloud your senses wchao.
When you stated that theChinese don't think that they've upset any Muslims, you may be right. DON'T THINK is the key phrase when we discuss this(from a public perspective). The people in power know exactly what they've done concerning Muslim populations in China, and where they stand in the eyes of the extremists. The notion that they are your allies is untrue.
Your ememies enemy is not always your friend.
My 2cents.

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"... headlines on China in AOL International News ... "

"I counted twenty times in one page, about ten times more than if the hostage was an American or a Briton, about how the Chinese hostages were possibly going to be harmed."

A reference count on AOL International News?  You're taking the piss aren't you? This is your "Feverish tension" and "Western media clearly hungering in anticipation of the beheading of at least one Chinese engineer"?

Having just had a look at the frontpages of, and (sorry China firewall for sneaking past) the Chinese hostages are not even mentioned.  Western media clearly doing its usual and ignoring non-westerners.  

If anyone suggested that western hostages beheaded in Iraq were orchestrated by the Chinese, using similar circumstantial arguments that you have, you would rightly ridicule them.

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"Beckham claims he wanted a booking"

Made it onto CNN's front page, but not the Chinese hostage situation.  Same with the BBC.  Pretty sad.

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This is a probe based on analysis of the available information and what's happened to Chinese workers in Afghanistan in the past few months -- harmed by 'insurgents' of suspicious origins.

Remember what I said:


You ask: what could possibly be the reasons for the Americans in allowing this kind of terrorist activity (due to paucity of hard evidence proof now as to who is profiting from all these murders of Chinese workers can only be analytical in nature) to be directed unashamedly and purposely upon the Chinese workers outside China?

To create a schism between Islamic peoples and the Chinese for one; to create the momentum for Islamic insurgency inside China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region a second; to stop China from engaging in profitable commercial activities which might be in conflict with American overseas interests a third; to make the bad situation in Iraq more palatable to the home audience by involving the peaceful Chinese (quote “even the Chinese are having it happen to them”), convincing them that what’s happening to American hostages and occupation troops are not unique and is not dependent on their military actions and wrongful and immoral conduct in the war a fourth …I can go on but you get the point.


You asked me to give you one example.  That's what I did.  I can give you many more.  You don't have access to as many sources as I do.

But a conservative source such as AOL, which classifies Taiwan as a 'country' in its news classifcations, should tell you a thing or two.

I am not surprised that you don't feel the feverish tention surrounding this case -- you are not Chinese and you have been hypnotized by your own narcissitic image of a faultless neocon government.

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