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The White Race gave away their heritage and now want to blame China. [Copy link] 中文

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End of the west?

Well perhaps things won't be as they always have been, but last time I checked....

We were sitting on the vast resources needed to keep any economy going? Morality or not, it takes oil to keep industry going...and look!

We have 400 years of it!

If you want to get stupid, we can always shut off the supply of raw materials.

Oh and did I mention most of earths fresh water?

Tongue planted firmly in cheek.


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Rob...I said this many times before...

We'll just pick up the party and move to another place that needs work. It's such a simple concept, but some of these guys don't get it.

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Decline of the West


You predicate your prophesy of doom for the West on some baseless assumptions.

Suffice to say, another Communist - Nikita Kruschev - predicted that the Soviet Union would "bury" the West, in 1963, citing the West's "decadence". And where is the Soviet Union now ?

As for your homophobic rant, I'll not contest this in deference to Dick Cheney's daughter, and the 30 million other gay Americans.

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Fall of the(insert name) empire

The West, is dying! It is a shift in Global power, and it is nothing new. Egypt, which stood for over 2 thousand years, declined and was replaced. Rome, which stood for an equally long time, became racked with decedence and fell. The Mongol empire, rather then remaning the strong, centerlised empire it was, became weak after less then a century of high living. Even China, which was once a strong and powerful nation, truely ahead of the west in many aspects, fell in to dissaray, when the virtue of its emperors, declined. The Brithis, which were next on the list, have also declined. "The Sun will never set on the British Empire", as people in victorian england of the 1800's like to say, little did they know that in less then a century, they would be selling their empire out of a vending machine, in the lobby of the UN. So, it is no suprise that the west, now led by the US should be starting to slip away and decline. The Sun has started to set for the US, as it has done on all those who proceded them.

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The sun never sets...

I thought that 'the sun never sets on the British Empire' was a reference to its geographical rather than its historical extent. In that regard it was accurate.

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I always thought it was "the sun WILL never set", meaning the British empire was to never decline, in which case, they were wrong. All people think that when their nation is on top and doing well, it will last forever, but nothing is forever, diamonds included despite what debeers says

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<<<<<<<<It is the WHITE WEST that have for 50 years given away anything that they had gained by support for everything from Gay Marriage to Wild and Weird Minority Groups.>>>>>>

What specific minority groups are you talking about?

And who is blaming China for the problems of the West?

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