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if girl not very pretty [Copy link] 中文

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then wht`s the way for those ugly girls?

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I thought

that all girls could find themselves a man in China.  What are the stats again?  108 men to every hundred women?  I forget.

Problem is, I quite often see pretty damn ugly guys with attractive girls so.....maybe you can't catch a rich guy.  Money isn't everything though.

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I "deliberately" chose someone who is not pretty! My wife weighs 197 lbs, any pr

Anyone has problem with my wife  who weighs 197 lbs. I dated women over 240 lbs. American women are big and so what. I had dated 90 lb and pretty one too but I found the less attractive are much  less "high maintaining" "less demanding" and "easy going" and "enjoy more intimate moments" That's how I had so much experiences !!!

Next time, try a 200 lb, less attractive woman, she will satisfy you and bring you to heaven !!

I care less about anyone looking at me when we go shopping. there are shops for +14-+24 sizes !! I love big women and they get good personality and attractiveness is nothing, 2 mm skin deep !!!!!

The 240 lbs gf never runs away and will always be there for you !! Just think about it ? Where she is going to go?

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okay no wonder i`m not the choice!!

i`m only 93 pounds ......

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if girl not very pretty

In my opinion,appearence is more important for female than that of male

So ,if girl not very pretty,it's not her fault,then she must improve her sprit

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selrahc wrote

'The 240 lbs gf never runs away and will always be there for you !! Just think about it ? Where she is going to go?'

Of course she never runs away.   She's too freaking fat!  She's probably not physically able to run.

I'm sorry but fat girls do nothing for me, I seriously doubt I'd be able to get aroused with a fattie.  240lb - no chance!  180lb - I very much doubt it. 160lb - possibly.

Whatever floats your boat though.  Some guys like fat girls, that's cool.

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agreed, physical beauty is fairly important

Call us men shallow if you want to, but it's in our genes.  Just like a baby doesn't need to be taught to like sweet candies, we men are instinctually attracted to girls who are physically beautiful.  Of course, beauty standards vary across different cultures, but that's beside the point.

At least to me, a guy, there is a range in which a girl must fall into before I would consider making a move.  Too homely, I wouldn't even consider her for a date.  Too beautiful, I would think that she's out of my league.  This is pretty much the same for all the guys.

Now there are things that would modify that "range".  We all know that alcohol lowers it.  *cough*.  When we are dressed up and feeling good, the range shifts upwards.

If a girl is near the bottom of the range, guys probably won't put up with many flaws.  So she has to have more "inner beauty" to make up for it.  If a girl's near the top, she can get away with a lot more.

Maybe I'm shallow, but it's really just the nature of a man.  Women have their own set of rules.  Evolution has much to do with it.  It's hard to go against your basic instincts, especially when you are young.

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