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Top legislature spokesperson slams US lawmakers' wrong comments on HK [Copy link] 中文

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BEIJING -- A spokesperson of a special committee of China's top legislature on Saturday condemned certain US lawmakers on their wrong comments related to Hong Kong.

You Wenze, spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress, said recent illegal activities in Hong Kong, especially extreme violence, are serious violations of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, the basic law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the laws on China's national flag and the national emblem, as well as relevant laws and regulations of the HKSAR.

Those activities, which also openly challenged the bottom line of "one country, two systems" principle, blatantly violated the rule of law and order in Hong Kong and severely threatened the safety of Hong Kong residents' lives and property, must be punished in accordance with the law, he said.

However, certain US lawmakers are portraying the violent crimes as a struggle for human rights and freedom, distorting Hong Kong police's strict law enforcement and efforts in fighting crimes and safeguarding social order as violent repression, threatening to push through a so-called Hong Kong human rights and democracy act in the US Congress.

Their remarks constituted a gross violation of the spirit of the rule of law, a blatant double standard and a gross interference in China's internal affairs, You said.

Impunity of illegal activities would undermine the authority of law, and could destroy the rule of law, You said, noting that the rule of law must be relied on in safeguarding Hong Kong's social order and stability.

Hong Kong belongs to China, You stressed, noting that Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs.

Maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong is the strong will of all Chinese people including 7.5 million Hong Kong residents, which will by no means be shaken by the very small group of violent protesters or altered by any interference of foreign forces, You said.

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Most US citizens are not aware that their own president Donald Trump has committed harm to them. Some of them are children of farmers who are taking up second job. It is just real nonsense that US is doing by covering their own evil deeds and smearing others.

Trump himself is digging his own grave but pretends that he has full political immunity and could charge those who will impeach him.

Great job by US communication media!

Till and when US find themselves loosing everything, then they will cry for their intelligence that proved them so!

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Hong Kongers like Joshua Wong, Dennise Ho and their supporters are those who failed in their lives.

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U.S. should stop its interventions in the internal matters of other countries. Nations around the world are free to practice and implement their own decisions within their borders.

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US government instigates government of other countries to destroy their own countries.
US FEB printed on its currency bills, 'IN GOD WE TRUST' must be their guide!

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This post was edited by sulagu at 2019-10-24 18:04

Once  more, and again,  US mouth pieces are using human rights and democray to make trouble in HK . As they have been doing for a century to undermine all nations they don't like.  But their speaking just have 99% broken records.  The recent thing is Trump's presidency was won by a minority, broke the promise of majority rule of their own democracy preaching.   As early as President Carter's time, he warned US democray was  in danger because many US voters refused led to go to ballot box to vote.  For decades, the yearly turning out rate of voters was less than 60%. And the voting results were arround 50 to 50 line, so 60% less votes left only 30% less to so called winners, like Trump  and most presidents before him.  US has been ruled by minority granted presidents, that is the rule of people US barking to other countries.

There are many and many  cases to prove the fakeness of US Demo and rights propaganda.   
As China has been winning in the economy fornt,  it is time to launch whole scale offensive to US faked Democracy attack to socialism.     It'll not only benefit China only, but the whole world,including US own people.

CD,as an internationalized media of long tradition, has the guts and bones to contibute in this line.  Hope to see more your  achievements.  

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Share the greatest laughter with all of you!
Joshua Wong, Dennis Ho and their supporters went to US to seek assistance.
Little did they know that Hong Kong is ranked third for freedom of speech and liberty of human being, while US is the seventeenth on the list of countries.
Probably, Wong, Ho and their supporters are trying to impress US without knowledge that US is well below Hong Kong for that matter!
Wong, Ho and their supporters are REAL CRACKED POTS!

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