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US needs to stop strangling Huawei and its advanced 5G [Copy link] 中文

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emanreus Post time: 2019-5-28 11:04
re: "I think some of us should change the orientation of our thought pattern in this matter."

I won't call the Japanese sycophancy towards the Americans 'astute.'  I'd call that "cunning."

Her so-called dependence on Uncle Sam is not evidenced by the current U.S. inability to get more mileage out of the trade talks -- they are still stuck at the level of the agricultural subsidies.

So it would seem to me that they do have a choice -- they can't have the cake and eat it too by showing willingness to join China in she BRI initiative on the one hand, using her land-bridge communications networks to connect to the European markets, while simultaneously joining the U.S. in sanctioning China.

The only thing that can adversely affect China's rejuvenation is extreme material opulence and lack of awareness of the country's problems.  

Amongst such problems is Chinese parents' false sense of achievement in sending their Ah So So kids to study in international schools at home and elite American colleges abroad.

The current blind faith in American higher institutions of learning as reflected in the $US6.5 million scandal is a tumor that awaits excision -- an issue that I'll explain in the future.

If the leaders of the Chinese nation can't control their own instinctive desires to send their Ah So So kids to such institutions, what kind of example are they setting for the rest of the nation?

That's why Deng Xiaoping occupies such a special place in our hearts.

At a time when he could send his second son Deng Zhifang to any school in the world by simply having his secretary make a phone call, he let his son go through the application process entirely on his own, culminating in his being accepted into a second-tier university -- Rochester University in Rochester, New York State.  

After graduation he worked as an ordinary citizen without any scandals whatsoever.

To the rest of us, that kind of behavior was truly exemplary and admirable.

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-5-28 11:40
Excellent observation, dirkbruere.

Thank you.

re:" What we see happening is the USA forcing China to become technologically independent. Painful for the Chinese in the short term and extremely painful for the West in the long."

  We should never forget what uncle Sam did to Panasonic some 3 decades ago...

The Japs are a rather crawling nation once it comes to their boss called uncle Sam...

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emanreus Post time: 2019-5-28 15:07
re:" What we see happening is the USA forcing China to become technologically independent. Painful ...

Three decades ago the Japanese were alone as the only Asian nation with appreciable technological prowess to counter-balance the tech-savvy Americans in several areas -- like household appliances and front-wheel-drive autos.  

As a defeated nation solely dependent on the Americans for military support, the Japanese couldn't resist the latter's bullying tactics and had to sign the Plaza Accord in 1985, resulting in their lackluster economy for the next thirty years.

Ironically, Japan's sworn enemy China now has the financial clout to do the Japanese some good in her new trading talks with the U.S.  

The same team which negotiated the Plaza Accord in 1985 hasn't been able to repeat the same feat during the current round of trading talks with the Japanese.

Ask yourself why that is the case and what's the big difference this time.

Obviously China's rapidly-growing strength and her resistance stance set a good example and provided indirect support for Japan.

In short, China's rise serves Japan well and acts as a bulwark against America's unilateral demands in the trade talks.

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