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Can Japan stand up to US request to contain China? [Copy link] 中文

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I can't think of a nation more insecure than the U.S. and a leader more lawless than the current one in the White House.

When the U.S. surrenders after the "Coming China Wars" envisioned by the sleep-walking Peter Navarro, we'll need to remind ourselves that their paper promises and their real actions will be two very different things.

Just remember that a thousand treaties were signed between the Native Americans and the WASPs, and none of them ever survived the test of time.

It might seem odd but true that the Native Americans were in fact more 'civilized' than the WASPs since they always kept their end of the treaty settlements, and that their demise was partly due to the fact that they were too trusting and never imagined that the religious Christians could be so godless in action when they reneged on their treaty promises.

The butchers then even had the temerity to lay claim to higher moral grounds and started to talk endlessly about high-sounding principles of "human rights" and "fair play" while chasing the shadow of the Great Satan.

So you can expect that having tasted success in the extermination campaigns, The WASPs will repeat those behaviors because history has taught them that so long as they retain their military edge over others, it is practicable for them to shred treaties at will without angering their God because it isn't their intention to use them as long-term instruments for peace in the first place, and so for us the obvious lesson is that treaties signed with such a people are totally worthless.

The Chinese government should support Huawei 100% by guaranteeing the value of its stocks regardless of any commercial risks because it has become a national symbol of resistance and there is no turning back.

Who says the Chinese government cannot interfere in commerce, now that Washington is conducting a government-sponsored, co-ordinated attack on Huawei?  

It is in fact high time for the Beijing government to fully mobilize governmental resources and galvanize private support for China's flagship telecommunications company.

All foreign companies that co-operate with the U.S. in sanctioning Huawei should be put on notice that they will lose their market shares in China FOREVER in the future.

We can do so simply by driving American businesses out of Chinese markets by making it morally repugnant for 1.4 billion Chinese customers to buy American products from McDonalds to American movies.

Chinese consumers aren't as dependent on U.S. goods as Americans are on Chinese products.

Like I said, I fervently wish for the day that China is called the Big Bully by the Americans for a change.  

That label will then reflect a sea change in our bilateral relationship -- a change that can be likened to switching the telecommunications platform from 2G to 5G.

You can't be kekeqiqi with a faithless barbarian.

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Liononthehunt Post time: 2019-5-28 00:10
That country is known for being astute, it may not be in its interests to see China languish economi ...

I won't call them astute, Lion.  I call that "cunning."

Her so-called dependence is not reflected by the current U.S. inability to get more mileage out of the trade talks -- they are still stuck at the level of the agricultural subsidies.

So it would seem to me that they do have a choice -- they can't have the cake and eat it too by showing willingness to join China in she BRI initiative on the one hand, using her land-bridge communications networks to connect to the European markets, while simultaneously joining the U.S. in sanctioning China.

The only thing that can adversely affect China's rejuvenation is extreme material opulence and lack of awareness of the country's problems.  

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Blind faith in American higher institutions of learning as reflected in the $US6.5 million scandal is a tumor that awaits excision -- an issue that I'll explain in the future.

If the leaders of the Chinese nation can't control their own instinctive desires to send their Ah So So kids to such institutions, what kind of example are they setting for the rest of the nation?

That's why Deng Xiaoping occupies such a special place in our hearts.

At a time when he could send his second son Deng Zhifang to any school in the world by simply having his secretary make a phone call, he let his son go through the application process entirely on his own, culminating in his being accepted into a second-tier university -- Rochester University in Rochester, New York State.  

After graduation he worked as an ordinary citizen without any scandals whatsoever.

To the rest of us, that kind of behavior was truly exemplary and admirable.

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cestmoi Post time: 2019-5-28 10:14
I have said this b/4 and I will say it again. Prepare for the worse case scenario, which is Trump  ...

re: "SWIFT"

  Russia are now using China International Payments System (CIPS). The CIPS is China’s SWIFT equivalent, and it will help the two countries increase the efficiency of operations between them. ... inese-alternatives/

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cestmoi Post time: 2019-5-28 10:14
I have said this b/4 and I will say it again. Prepare for the worse case scenario, which is Trump  ...

There is an alternative to ARM, which is the open source RISC V architecture. China has two collaborative groups working on this. They need to be coordinated and funded with a view to replacing ARM throughout Chinese industry.

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China should go to Isaiah .Thank Jesus I know

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Japan has already climbed on board its US Uncle's "theme of plays" against China and to contain China for a very long time since after WW2. In return, several Chinese islets across the vast South China Sea were granted administration right to the Japs by the USA and which were allowed to be snatched from China, enacted and annexed, unlawfully and lawlessly ( though the issues are yet to be settled ) .  

Japan openly or secretly conducted warring sea exercises in Guam recently with the USA, Australia and S Korea. What is the aim behind it ?  DPRK could not have threatened them so badly !  It is allowed to purchase up to 105 Made-in-US F35s and which are able to operate on Jap's sea carrier-to-be. Again, the USA is conveniently walking away from its WW2 treaty banning Jap's military re-inventions for war participation ( simply, the US needs more Japs to die and be destroyed as a fronting pawn for it ). The USA urged Japan to buy up all its cow ( no matter very old or young ones; and whether or not infested with EBOLA cow diseases since more than 7 states of cows in the USA had suffered EBOLA infestations ), and Japan agreed to it.

Make sure that the beefs exported from Japan do NOT get into Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao or diverted thru 3rd countries ( like FedEx did ) into mainland China.  

By the way, it is hoped that DPRK will NOT be foolish to be sucked in by US Trump's "big fat carrots and sticks" dirty casino game plays.  

Yes, correctly quoted, all those treaties signed up by those parties, the USA and Japan, are only as good ( "horrible" is the word ) as those signed between the Whites and Red Indians of America which were being obliterated by the the White Conquerors. What laws and orders do they obey?

Now, the USA is eyeing anxiously to fan more troubles for China by playing a very vicious card game of China's sovereignty over the Taiwan province ( similar framework of their past sins against humanity ). What are these US Human Rights bull...shits we are all hearing all these years ?

Now, Huawei and other Chinese technological giants are being banned from conducting commercial businesses in the USA and among all its companies; besides, using coercive forces to threaten its allies to join up in its "contain China themes ". What peace role is the US playing ?

With Trump's selected anti-China hardcore fellows ( examples - R Lighthizer, K Langone, S Bannon, etc,....)  battling against his eardrums, this trade and tech war is going to last a long time to settle, if ever it settles, unless and until they dismount from those fear-mongering phobias.  

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