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Boeing should realize safety is not empty talk [Copy link] 中文

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The petty mentality of these Americans was reflected best when China was the first to announce that she was grounding all 8-MAX planes -- Boeing executives mumbled and frowned upon the Chinese decision as a political move, notwithstanding the fact that by so-doing China was sustaining huge operating losses herself.

All that the Americans could think of was the Dollar Sign, and not the lives of foreign passengers aboard those planes.

Someone had told me that according to the Bible, the U.S. wasn't even an existent country at the end of our era, let alone a chest-thumping gorilla calling itself a leader.

Aren't we all beginning to understand why?

So it might be useful for us to reiiterate the comparison I made earlier about Uncle Sam being the grouchy old man being left alone sitting on a broken wheelchair in a dark toilet counting his nickels and pennies.

This oldster is so used to the idea of calling the shots and killing the Indians point blank that he doesn't realize that times have changed and he himself is now the target, and he needs to respect other people around him and stop being such a nuisance.

His self-aggrandizing behavior has landed him in the unenviable position of having to beg the nurse for a dry diaper.

So that's how the entire rotten edifice is falling apart in the U.S.

The OMEN is written all over those seniors' faces when they cry MAGA MAGA MAGA in their wheelchairs begging for dry diapers.

And what they are facing this time are not the old wizened faces of the Native Americans they thought they had mercilessly vanquished after reaping the benefits that those kind native peoples had given them with such generosity during their hour of need on Thanksgiving Day.

It would be the new generation of Native Americans across the Pacific carrying the same genes but far-surpassing technologies this time around.

No wonder they are wetting their pants and asking for more adult diapers.

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    With regards its 737 Max 8, Boeing has been derelict on both counts - technical and moral.

I can't agree with you more, Mark!

Remember three years ago back in 2016 how the Americans sued Volkswagen for billions of dollars in the criminal and the civil courts for the latter's use of 'defeat software' to defraud the public on smog detection?

That piece of software was able to falsify emission data so that it would appear as if the smog-tested car was environmentally safe when it actually wasn't.

It took a whistle-blower and a new piece of portable emission system in West Virginia to finally confirm that the measurements did not nearly match up with what was shown in lab tests.

Since the Americans were, as usual, very harsh on other peoples but never on themselves (like in this case Boeing hasn't even apologized even after Trump himself had ordered the MAX-8s to be grounded), they sued Volkswagen until it bled to the tune of US$22 billion including criminal and civil fines just for violations in the U.S. and not including fines and penalties levied by other nations.

Since they knew they occupied the moral high ground the Americans were adamantly asserting that the Nazi-originated car (Hitler had started the company in 1937 as his pet project -- Volkswagen meant People's Car in German) -- was doomed and the German leaders were morally bankrupt, that this was something no American company would ever do.

Now look at what Boeing -- America's flagship company -- is doing to defraud the global community.

If the evidence gathered from France does attest to its culpability, Boeing is looking at much heavier penalties -- China would be able to sue Uncle Sam in both the criminal and civil courts for the loss of the eight precious lives and revenue to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars -- much more than America was suing VW for the smog scandal.  

And this time Uncle Sam will have to pay up fast, or else people will compare the two cases and crucify Uncle Sam on the German flag in front of the Volkswagen Company.

They evolved its design from their 1967 model to avoid costs of a complete redesign, testing and certification. Because of that, they had to mount the new and larger engines further out on the wings otherwise the engines will touch the ground. Doing so however created aerodynamic instability which could lead to a stall. However, rather than redesigning the wings which would have added costs, they instead made the decision to install a very invasive software to automatically detect a stall. Then to save even more money, they decided the software would rely on data from only two sensors instead of three to determine the pitch of the aircraft; when the sensors fail, a safe pitch could not be determined. Despite so, to save even more money, they decided not to include all the new software functions in the manuals which would have required additional pilot training.

Yes, I learned about that one.  The more damning aspect of the whole incident was that the loss of lives wouldn't have happened had the Americans held themselves to the same high moral standards that they had asked others to do.

Totally shameless these criminal  B A S T A R D S   !

Tears came to my eyes when I learned about the eight Chinese passengers on the Ethiopian flight -- all of them young and precious souls worth ten times the value of the life of the real-estate man.

It was totally predictable.

Now what will the Boeing board and Lighthizer, Navarro, Kudlow, Ross etc be saying at the deal table?

It is not just software upgrade that the plane needs, or else it would have been done a long time ago.  

They need to re-design the floor plan of the mid-size Boeing jets to accommodate the new space-occupying HARDWARE.  That's what.

And Navarro will burn in hell -- that much is predictable.  The guy had never been to China before the trade talks, and yet wrote a series of emotive anti-China books in a despicable attempt to incite and steer the two countries towards war.

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The FAA outsourced certification to Boeing, so the obvious happens, Boeing certified their Max8 aircraft safe and their passengers pay with their lives!!

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