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Boeing faces mounting pressure as more countries ground Boeing 737 Max   [Copy link] 中文

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gork Post time: 2019-3-25 17:37
And look!

THIS bigot tries to blame indian software for a dangerously unstable amerikan krudmobil ...

Singapore Airlines Grounds Boeing 787-10 Aircraft Due To Engine Problems

   Despite containing new Trent 1000 TEN engines, it is believed that they are already showing signs of wear. Singapore Airlines has eight 787s, with an average age of just 1.1 years.

This is not the first time that the Boeing 787-10 has been the centre of engine troubles. The Trent 1000 engine has been experiencing accelerated wear, leading to aircraft being grounded and costly repairs. The grounding of the plane has been particularly expensive for some carriers...

Last year Norwegian was forced to lease HiFlys A380 for New York flights which it could not serve with its 787s. Additionally, British Airways is currently still using Air Belgium’s A340 for flights between London and Newark in place of the 787. Virgin Atlantic also has a 787 grounded in London awaiting new engines.

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Sorry, My Bad!
- unbelievably stooopid clowns

STILL no jail-time for Dennis Muilenburg And STILL they're lying and trying to peddle this dangerous, unstable pile of krap! STILL they're implying (but not stating) that a sensor failed despite CONTRADICTING THEMSELVES and STILL claiming a software change will fix it.

“It’s our responsibility to eliminate this risk. We own it and we know how to do it,” Muilenburg said in a statement Thursday addressing preliminary findings about last month’s Ethiopia Air crash, killing all 157 people aboard.
- Boeing CEO apologizes for crashes, says fix is a few weeks away

WTF is this, a beta-test? This goes way beyond criminal negligence, straight across manslaughter and is bordering on murder and this f***ing clown thinks it's OK to simply say, sorry, my bad!?!?!?

Elon Musk did the same with his krappy "auto-pilot" and has just been lambasted by experts again, because he is again over-hyping this pile of excrement. This cowboy released this krapware using customers as beta-testers and is sending software updates over the air.

We already know they lied to the FAA about the degree of trim which was 2.5° and not the 0.6° they claimed. We already know they didn't tell pilots about the MCAS because they didn't want pilots to know how dangerous this pile of krap was. We already know the reason they rushed out this pile of krap; Airbus' A320 was a more fuel-efficient plane and would have taken the whole market the same way Huawei is doing with the communications sector and which these gangster-scum are trying to smear: Boeing says safety is the company's top priority, and it continues to work with the FAA and investigators as the company develops potential solutions to the problems with the 737 Max.
- Boeing boasted about streamlined approval for the 737 Max. Now it's cleaning up the mess

And we know it's PROFIT first, second and last with safety not even figuring: “They’re critical, and cost almost nothing for the airlines to install,” Bjorn Fehrm, an analyst at the aviation consultancy Leeham, told the newspaper. “Boeing charges for them because it can. But they’re vital for safety.”
- Doomed Boeing planes lacked two optional safety features – report

Like the Mayor in the movie, Jaws, they refused to ground these lethal piles of krap even after both the Lion Air and Ethiopian crash, until it became obvious they had to but not before they performed the daft stunt of having Elaine Choi travel on one of these death-traps (probably taking off on a VERY long runway).

THERE IS NO SOFTWARE FIX. THE PLANE IS A PILE OF KRAP AND ALL HAVE TO BE RECALLED AND FREAKIN' SCRAPPED! Everyone will buy the A320 anyway even if it DOES have a longer waiting list.
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Additional software problem detected in Boeing 737 Max flight control system
   Boeing confirmed to The Washington Post that it had found a second software problem that the Federal Aviation Administration has ordered fixed — separate from the anti-stall system that is under investigation in the two crashes and is involved in the worldwide grounding of the aircraft.

Boeing to cut production on troubled 737 Max jets by 20%.

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The Lies Continue
- electric-chair for Muilenberg

Boeing continues to deny the 737 MAX is fundamentally flawed. Instead it tries to blame s**tware and sensors: Several hours after Ethopian investigators found that the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 was not the result of pilot error (hence, it was the result of Boeing error), and demanded a full review of the Boeing 737 Max flight control system, just after 3pm, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg took to social media where in what passed as an attempt at a a "heartfelt" apology, the CEO of the most important, for the Dow Jones, company said that Boeing was "sorry for the lives lost" and essentially admitted that it was the company's software that was responsible for the crashes, saying that "with the release of the preliminary report of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302accident investigation, it's apparent that in both flight the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, known as MCAS, activated in response to erroneous angle of attack information."
- "We Own It": Boeing Admits Its Software Was Behind 737 Max Crashes, Says "Sorry For Lives Lost"

Get that?

The verbiage is double-speak. The erroneous information is ambiguous. It could mean the sensor failed, but it could also mean that the sensore was working as it was designed to but that the design was erroneous.

Muilenberg should get the electric-chair because we know :

it wasn't "error" it was corruption and Boeing rushed the approval to compete with the Airbus A320,

they knew the krudmobile was dangerous because they installed MCAS,

they lied to the FAA about the MCAS trim being only 0.6° rather than 2.5° because this would have alerted the FAA to how dangerous it was,

they didn't warn anyone about MCAS because it would have alerted everyone to how dangerous this krudmobile was,

they tried to alter the s**tware even after the Lion Air crash in October but were too late for the Ethiopian Airlines crash,

the still refused to ground these dangerous krudmobiles after everyone else had, and

they're STILL lying to try and save this deadly pile of excrement by getting the s**tware to disable MCAS, when all should be recalled and scrapped.

Its most advanced planes, for instance, have three flight computers that function independently, with each computer containing three different processors manufactured by different companies. So even some of the people who have worked on Boeing’s new 737 MAX airplane were baffled to learn that the company had designed an automated safety system that abandoned the principles of component redundancy, ultimately entrusting the automated decision-making to just one sensor — a type of sensor that was known to fail.
. . .
“A single point of failure is an absolute no-no,” said one former Boeing engineer who worked on the MAX, who requested anonymity to speak frankly about the program in an interview with The Seattle Times.
. . .
The logic behind this is so overwhelming it’s hard to see how anyone but a sociopathic accountant can even ponder ditching it.
. . .
[..] Boeing had been exploring the construction of an all-new airplane earlier this decade. But after American Airlines began discussing orders for a new plane from Airbus in 2011, Boeing abruptly changed course, settling on the faster alternative of modifying its popular 737 into a new MAX model.

- Ilargi Meijer: Boeing's Problem Is Not Software

As usual, the heavily-rigged amerikan markets have failed to punish Boeing just as they fail to send Muilenberg (or Elon Musk or Gangster Motors executives) to the electric-chair: None of that however mattered to algos, or markets, and Boeing closed sharply higher, clearly eager to put Boeing's recent deadly accident in the rearview mirror. And why not: after all the company has now apologized for risking human lives just to boost its bottom line and all is forgiven.
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As I said, no one will ever fly in a Boeing again until they recall all the dangerously unstable 737 MAX krudmobiles and give Dennis Muilenburg the electric chair:

"ZERO new orders for Boeing’s troubled 737 MAX after global groundings"
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A Plane That's Afraid Of Heights

In Poodleville, it's been a long-standing joke that the trains running late are often blamed on the wrong type of leaves on the track.

Here's Boeing blaming the airport locations for the lethality of the Boeing 737 MAX which had to have the krappy MCAS installed due its lethal krappiness: Before last month’s crash of a flight that began in Ethiopia, Boeing Co. said in a legal document that large, upgraded 737s “cannot be used at what are referred to as ‘high/hot’ airports."
- Boeing Has Called 737 Max 8 ‘Not Suitable’ for Certain Airports

So what are they supposed to do, land at the airport and then send the krudmobile back in the post?
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gork Post time: 2019-4-13 21:05
A Plane That's Afraid Of Heights

In Poodleville, it's been a long-standing joke that the trains run ...

re:   So what are they supposed to do

  Nothing is more simple as that...

    Don't fly them...
with an operating Speed of 350 cliks in China, the fasted in the world I rather take them... ... g-kong-to-guangzhou

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