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Is THIS Why the Great Satan Doesn't Like Huawei & ZTE? [Copy link] 中文

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No More Spying

As Ed Snowden informed us, the NSA has a mandate for industrial espionage and the Anglo Five Eyes and Echelon spy-rings share the data. Apple has been sued by everyone including its own technology supplier, Samsung, and amerikan firms such as Qualcomm.

But it looks like the Great Satan can no longer thieve technology: According to some observers, even the much-vaunted Silicon Valley has stopped innovating, and now leading major technological breakthroughs are much more likely to come from Asia.
- The US was in a mess before Trump came along
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Yet More Sad Little Bastardry
- because we Asians can't innovate

Washington has already turned to private capital to spur fifth-generation wireless development, federal officials tell Commerce Department’s BIS 2019 forum
- US officials outline urgency of outpacing China in 5G telecoms technology, and how to do it

Well that would be fascism; the confluence of state and corporations. So much for free markets. Remember, these gangsters reneged on their WTO commitments (yet again) to grant China free market status by the end of 2016. They also continue to refuse to comply with a 2014 WTO ruling in China's favour.

The threat China poses to US national security and competitiveness in the telecoms sector dominates the day’s discussion

How can China POSSIBLY affect their so-called "competitiveness"? Presumably, they mean that 5G is so fast that the NSA can't even spy on voice messages because they can be encrypted with 256bit encryption in real-time. After all, the NSA, as Ed Snowden revealed, has a mandate for industrial espionage. I, along with everyone else on the planet has sued Apple for patent violation.

America’s free-enterprise structure will prevail over China, where consumers are held “hostage”, in the race for global dominance of 5G telecommunications technology.

Yes, folks, China refuses to allow her consumers to use the magic/space time-masheen to buy technology from the future. It was with this masheen that Huawei managed to get 18 months ahead of Nokia and Ericsson, the ONLY other contenders on the planet.

“Repeatedly our own US companies have come back … and explained that they were lured into China with promises of accessing a 1.4 billion consumer market only to have technology transfer result in competition in that very same technology area,” said David Stapleton, the US Defence Department’s acting deputy assistant secretary for industrial policy.

And there's that magic/space time-masheen again. How else would China easily beat the amerikan dumbass in supercomputers, 5G (and soon 6G), new energy vehicles, hypersonic missiles, high-speed trains, quantum communications, nuclear fusion, stem-cell cures etc.?

And that's just recent achievements.

Since last year’s edition, Congress passed a law strengthening the ability of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to scrutinise and block foreign direct investment, a move prompted by concern about China’s acquisition of American technology.

So they refuse to accept the "worthless paper" USD, printed out of "thin air" and at "essentially no cost", back, but insist that the "Axis of Evil" do!

“The US government did US$125 billion in [research and development] last year writ large. Right now there’s at least US$300 billion in dry powder sitting on Wall Street that is ready to be deployed rather quickly,” he added.

Wow! That's one expensive brain transplant.

the FBI has said that Beijing is actively subsidising Huawei, which its CEO Ren Zhengfei has denied.[/color

And, in fact, western commentators agree, Huawei has done it all without state aid or state involvement. Unlike Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon (where Bezos is even on a Pentagon committee) and Microkrap, which all are affiliated with the NSA and CIA, Huawei is a co-operative.

A recent report by Agence France-Presse found evidence that Huawei has received 11 billion yuan (US$1.6 billion) in handouts over the past decade, more than half of which came in the form of “unconditional government grants” in recognition of its contributions to hi-tech development in China.

And that's chicken feed in R&D. Huawei is supposed to have revenue of over $200bn.

Other excuses claim amerikan communications companies haven't invested because they refused to share protocols and standards. But that's BS too. Just look at Boeing's ancient 737 which has the engines in the WRONG FREAKIN' PLACE or the Ford krudmobiles with a live rear-axle or ladder-chassis. Just look at how Dennis Muilenburg paid himself a HUGE bonus AFTER the Lion Air crash rather than surrendering himself at a police station and the electric chair.
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More Dirty Tricks
- because they can't compete

It's not just Huawei which is being attacked and  cheated by the amerikan sad, little bastards. Everyone knows the accusations against Huawei are, like "Russiagate", complete BS!

The illegal tariff war initiated by war criminal, The Donald, is typical of these goons & thugs. You couldn't have a more egregious violation of WTO rules than unilaterally imposing tariffs on all of China's exports. The Great Satan also refuses to abide by a 2014 ruling in China's favour and reneged on its commitment to re-classify China as a market-based economy by the end of 2016, despite China's negotiators saying the written commitments clearly stated that this is what should have happened. Instead, the ludicrous surrogate system whereby a third nation's costs are used instead of China's to determine whether products are sold below cost or not, persists. War Criminal, The Donald is notorious for cheating everyone he deals with: "Trump's Art of the Cheat".

The Trump administration promised to accelerate prosecutions of American intellectual property theft when it announced charges last year against a state-owned company at the vanguard of China’s effort to become a major player in global semiconductors.

But 10 months after the U.S. Justice Department unveiled the case amid an escalating trade war, a trial is still long way off for the Chinese company, a Taiwan-based firm and three Taiwanese nationals jointly indicted for stealing secrets from Idaho-based Micron Technology Inc.

In a twist, it’s a defendant, Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co., that’s pushing prosecutors to move to trial in San Francisco so it can prove its innocence. Part of the delay, though, may be because the U.S. Commerce Department has already blocked Fujian Jinhua from competing with Micron.

- U.S. in No Hurry to Prosecute China’s Stolen Chip Secrets Case

Similarly, short-seller, Carson Block, accused Sino-Forest. BEFORE initiating any investigation, the corrupt kanadian goons & thugs suspended trading in Sino-Forest shares. During the Montreal Winter Olympics, the skanky, child-raping old-farts at the jewish-controlled, state-run BBC announced that Kathryn Reuter would be marked down when she interjected herself between the korean speed-skater and China's speed-skater who was favourite to win and then flopped down, knocking both off their feet too. When the korrupt kanadian judges, instead marked down China's athlete, the two skanky, child-raping old-farts simply carried on with the commentary as if nothing untoward or shocking had happened.

At the CES a few years ago an amerikan hoverboard maker accused a chinese company of copying their krapware. After the chinese company's product was removed, the liars retracted their accusation.

These sad, little bastards also imposed head-taxes on Chinese (as well as Koreans and Japanese) entering the lands that they thieved and continue to impose quotas on Asians with Harvard admitting species is an entrance criteria.

The first time the "mail-boat was a day late" they LITERALLY started eating one another. Now they've produced the Boeing 737 MAX flying turd with the engines in the WRONG PLACE.

In "rip-off Britain" too, everyone knows that the Anglo can't compete and will ALWAYS resort to cheating.

Also, when the Great Satan, a nation of illegal immigrants, wants to exploit other nations natural resources, it usually illegally invades. Even when it doesn't it often leaves behind a toxic disaster as they did with Bhopal, the worst in history.

The amerikan sheeple too, go to prison simply by being accused of a crime and being unable to afford the legal fees, so plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit, then enter the Great Satan's slave system disguised as a prison system. 97% of convictions are achieved via the terrorism of plea-bargaining. But a maid raped by a rutting ape is denied a criminal trial, having to sue DSK in a civil trial instead.
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Another Amerikan Moron Spouts Palpably Absurd, Dumbed-Down BS
- it's all about Great Satan wanting to spy on everyone

With the internet, the banksters, goons & thugs can no longer control the narrative. Hence, the likes of Steve Bannon start guttersniping: The Chinese company Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Bannon noted, and it is vying for control of 5G, the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications.
- "People Will Be Shocked" - Bannon On Huawei & The Communist China Threat

Ren Zhengfei was an engineer in the PLA many years ago. Huawei is a co-operative owned by the workers. The latest lame-assed BS is that some employees have been educated at PLA universities in China. Huawei doesn't even receive state funding.

All of that's a far cry from Great Satan corporations and once again they're only describing themselves.

Billy Gates' Microkrap s**tware has an NSA backdoor and under an edict of war criminal, serial, violent rapist and paedophile, Billy Jefferson Clinton, is banned from providing strong encryption to all but the gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Kanada and Amerika. Presumably copies of strong-encryption can be easily transported across the border and Mexico isn't deemed to be acceptable.

Microkrap, Google, IBM, Oracle, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter etc. are ALL affiliated with the CIA (aka Murder Inc.): The result of Bezos's very direct lobbying? The lucrative $10 billion JEDI contract.
. . .
Former Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt - who already sat on the Defense Innovation Board, also lobbied for the JEDI contract after gaining access to a vast swath of US defense systems for the purposes of analyzing possible tech improvements over current systems.
. . .
And what did other tech companies vying for JEDI do? IBM, Microsoft and Oracle banded together to form a coalition opposing JEDI.

- Inside Amazon And Silicon Valley's JEDI Mind Trick On The Pentagon

But the moron openly admits he's lying and the real reason is Great Satan dominance of communications: If we allow this to happen even for a couple more years, Huawei is going to control basically the communications systems of the West, and therefore will be able to control the West.”

Claims that Huawei is subject to China's laws is absurd. Of course it is.
But the accusations don't even make sense because anyone can provide strong-encryption of their own similar to instant messaging apps that are encrypted. So the REAL issue is that the Great Satan wants to spy on everyone but with 5G even voice calls can be encrypted in real-time because of the high speed. We even know that the NSA demanded that Huawei put in backdoors but was turned down!!!!! This is like Harvey Weinstein demanding that Hollywood actresses remove their panties but when they refuse, claims he's afraid they might rape him.

By contrast, Amerikans are already heavily spied upon, not just by the NSA and FBI or the prison-warders who have acquired equipment to hack their mobile phones in violation of the 4th amendment, but also the corporations: Big tech is in the throes of a heady, voyeuristic power ride: Siri is listening to people having sex, Alexa is gathering intel inside the home to target advertising, and the smart television is, in reality, watching you. How Americans have accepted this invasion of privacy is beyond the pale.
. . .
The police department of Gloucester Township has unveiled a new program called 911eye, which allows emergency-dispatch operators to live stream video from emergency callers.

- Trust Us, We Work For The Government

Why isn't Bannon complaining about THIS?
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Apple Falls Further & Further Behind
- because we Asians can't innovate

Apple has always lagged behind Samsung because Apple uses Samsung technology, sometimes it even pays for it without being sued for patent violations.

With Huawei having introduced a three lens camera that allows you to refocus the picture AFTER you've taken it, Apple has only just come out with a krappier copy of Huawei's technology.

Apple has also scrapped it's krappy cordless charging scheme for a copy of Samsung's.

But not only does Apple trail the field in cordless charging and  3 lens cameras it doesn't have any folding screen phone and it doesn't even have a 5G phone!!!!!!!

“So if I buy the new iPhone 11, I won’t be able to use a 5G data plan for the next two to three years, which would be pretty dumb if everyone else is using the latest mobile service.”

Other iPhone users in the world’s largest smartphone market could also be prompted to make a similar decision, dampening the outlook on the mainland for the latest batch of iPhone models unveiled by Apple on Tuesday in the United States.

Apple launched three new models – the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max – all without 5G network support.

- Without 5G support, new iPhones may struggle in China’s cutthroat smartphone market

With no prospect of Apple ever catching up with either Samsung or Huawei, the Amerikan sad, little bastards, no doubt, decided to attack Huawei, figuring they no longer had any market share they could lose in the ensuing trade war.

The illegal wars of aggression in Ukraine and Syria are for the purpose of thieving Russia's share of the gas market too.

In fact, Apple is LAST: The Axon 10 Pro 5G smartphone from ZTE Corp and Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S10 have also been released on the mainland.

Vivo is expected to launch its own 5G handset in Shanghai next week. Beijing-based Xiaomi Corp is also expected to soon release its 5G smartphone in China.

This is the future Elon Musk has to now contemplate with his krappy self-crashing, self-immolating death-pods, where Autopilot is FAR WORSE than a human driver. Like Apple, Musk only imports Panasonic solar panels and Panasonic batteries . . . . . . because we Asians can't innovate.

U Stink Amerika!
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Rabid War Criminal And Terrorist Libels Huawei

The cold-war mentality is stong in this one: In the Wall Street Journal today, financier George Soros, a bitter political enemy of President Trump, demanded to know if Trump will “sell out the US on Huawei” by including the technology issue in an overall trade deal. Soros wrote, “China is a dangerous rival in artificial intelligence and machine learning. But for now it still depends on about 30 U.S. companies to supply Huawei with the core components it needs to compete in the 5G market. As long as Huawei remains on the entity list, it will lack crucial technology and be seriously weakened… However, President Trump may soon undermine his own China policy and cede the advantage to Beijing.”
- Bolton’s exit raises odds of US-China trade deal

War criminal and terrorist, Giorgy Schwartz is behind the riots in Hong Kong, has called president Xi the greatest threat to a "liberal society" and is every bit the worthless parasite that Joshua Wong is. In Poodleville he was so useless, he could only work as a train guard and a peddlar of trinkets. Only because his jewish chums funded his bankstering with jew-confetti printed out of "thin air" and because the worked with war criminal, John Major, to short the Poodle in an attack on the euro, did this crook make any money. Now he funds terrorist cells such as the National Endowment for Democracy, which, with USAID, funded the illegal overthrowing of the Ukraine goverment where snipers shot at both the police and the protesters. This was an attempt to thieve Russia's gas market now that even Mark Carney announces the petrodollar is finished. The only viable alternative is return to the gold standard.

Huawei has long anticipated the violation of its trading rights. Those 30 amerikan companies probably only sell basic components which can be purchased anywhere with a small re-design and Huawei probably only used them as there was no point in re-inventing the wheel: I do not think that the ban on exports of US components to Huawei will slow down its efforts in 5G broadband. With few exceptions, these components are easily sourced elsewhere, and China has had a blank check program to eliminate dependence on US technologies since March 2018, when the US banned sales of handset chips to China’s ZTE.
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More Sad Little Bastardry

Because we Asians can't innovate and NOT, I repeat NOT because they can't compete and are already heading around the u-bend of history!

Bloomberg reported the license would cover chip designs, hardware, and source code.

The catch? As Ren told Friedman, "the U.S. side has to accept us at some level for that to happen."
. . .
Ren's generous-sounding offer should, of course, be rejected out of hand. There are many reasons why we should not import a Trojan Horse made in China. Moreover, America has no interest in helping Huawei become the global standard for equipment.

- Huawei Wants The World's Next Trojan Horse To Be Chinese

A "catch" implies some devious trick. Offering to share technology that Huawei has spent the money to develop, is in no way devious. And getting market access is purely Huawei's LEGAL RIGHT under WTO rules. So Huawei is merely giving-in to the Great Satan tactics of taking-hostage Huawei's legitimate rights.

The claim of a "Trojan horse" implies some nefarious component despite Bloomberg admitting ALL intellectual property would be made available for inspection. But that's double-speak. They're saying allowing Huawei to dominate specification of standards is the "trojan horse". Even if that were true, it's yet again Huawei's legitimate right as the market leader. No one whined about Billy Gates dominating the market with his krappy, bug-ridden, Microkrap s**tware, which even has a Wikipedia page for the NSA back-door.

The Chinese company, founded in 1987, was built on stolen Cisco Systems technology, and from all indications has never stopped stealing. Why should we pay China for technology it criminally took — and is still taking — from us?

And which Verizon has now thieved "back" with rabid Marco Rubio suggesting the Great Satan should simply ignore Huawei's patents rights. YET AGAIN, the lack of a law suit against Huawei for this alleged theft is conspicuous by its absence, unlike Huawei suing Verizon and Samsung suing Apple for patent violations.

There's that magic/space time-masheen to thieve technology in the future from the amerikan illegal-immigrant dumbass, who enslaved Africans for 350 years and started both World Wars to parasite with jew-confetti, such that Huawei holds 40% of all the patents for 5G and is already travelling to the future to thieve 6G technology!! That's why the only other competitors, Ericsson and Nokia are leagues behind Huawei and: ("Donald Trump called former US president Jimmy Carter to discuss fear China is ‘getting way ahead’ of US"). Presumably THEY TOO used a magic/space time-masheen to thieve from the amerikan dumbass in the future and the reason Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia don't thieve from one another is because it would cause a magic/space/time paradox, as would an Amerikan that actually told the truth.

Asians easily outperform the Anglo/Jew/Amerikan in English, Mathematics and Science in the PISA tests. But, hey, we can't innovate! The other day I saw a number 7 bus. But however hard I tried, I couldn't innovate any other number than 7. On the plus-side, I'm not a pathetic sack of excrement.
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