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Is THIS Why the Great Satan Doesn't Like Huawei & ZTE? [Copy link] 中文

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No More Spying

As Ed Snowden informed us, the NSA has a mandate for industrial espionage and the Anglo Five Eyes and Echelon spy-rings share the data. Apple has been sued by everyone including its own technology supplier, Samsung, and amerikan firms such as Qualcomm.

But it looks like the Great Satan can no longer thieve technology: According to some observers, even the much-vaunted Silicon Valley has stopped innovating, and now leading major technological breakthroughs are much more likely to come from Asia.
- The US was in a mess before Trump came along
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Yet More Sad Little Bastardry
- because we Asians can't innovate

Washington has already turned to private capital to spur fifth-generation wireless development, federal officials tell Commerce Department’s BIS 2019 forum
- US officials outline urgency of outpacing China in 5G telecoms technology, and how to do it

Well that would be fascism; the confluence of state and corporations. So much for free markets. Remember, these gangsters reneged on their WTO commitments (yet again) to grant China free market status by the end of 2016. They also continue to refuse to comply with a 2014 WTO ruling in China's favour.

The threat China poses to US national security and competitiveness in the telecoms sector dominates the day’s discussion

How can China POSSIBLY affect their so-called "competitiveness"? Presumably, they mean that 5G is so fast that the NSA can't even spy on voice messages because they can be encrypted with 256bit encryption in real-time. After all, the NSA, as Ed Snowden revealed, has a mandate for industrial espionage. I, along with everyone else on the planet has sued Apple for patent violation.

America’s free-enterprise structure will prevail over China, where consumers are held “hostage”, in the race for global dominance of 5G telecommunications technology.

Yes, folks, China refuses to allow her consumers to use the magic/space time-masheen to buy technology from the future. It was with this masheen that Huawei managed to get 18 months ahead of Nokia and Ericsson, the ONLY other contenders on the planet.

“Repeatedly our own US companies have come back … and explained that they were lured into China with promises of accessing a 1.4 billion consumer market only to have technology transfer result in competition in that very same technology area,” said David Stapleton, the US Defence Department’s acting deputy assistant secretary for industrial policy.

And there's that magic/space time-masheen again. How else would China easily beat the amerikan dumbass in supercomputers, 5G (and soon 6G), new energy vehicles, hypersonic missiles, high-speed trains, quantum communications, nuclear fusion, stem-cell cures etc.?

And that's just recent achievements.

Since last year’s edition, Congress passed a law strengthening the ability of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to scrutinise and block foreign direct investment, a move prompted by concern about China’s acquisition of American technology.

So they refuse to accept the "worthless paper" USD, printed out of "thin air" and at "essentially no cost", back, but insist that the "Axis of Evil" do!

“The US government did US$125 billion in [research and development] last year writ large. Right now there’s at least US$300 billion in dry powder sitting on Wall Street that is ready to be deployed rather quickly,” he added.

Wow! That's one expensive brain transplant.

the FBI has said that Beijing is actively subsidising Huawei, which its CEO Ren Zhengfei has denied.[/color

And, in fact, western commentators agree, Huawei has done it all without state aid or state involvement. Unlike Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon (where Bezos is even on a Pentagon committee) and Microkrap, which all are affiliated with the NSA and CIA, Huawei is a co-operative.

A recent report by Agence France-Presse found evidence that Huawei has received 11 billion yuan (US$1.6 billion) in handouts over the past decade, more than half of which came in the form of “unconditional government grants” in recognition of its contributions to hi-tech development in China.

And that's chicken feed in R&D. Huawei is supposed to have revenue of over $200bn.

Other excuses claim amerikan communications companies haven't invested because they refused to share protocols and standards. But that's BS too. Just look at Boeing's ancient 737 which has the engines in the WRONG FREAKIN' PLACE or the Ford krudmobiles with a live rear-axle or ladder-chassis. Just look at how Dennis Muilenburg paid himself a HUGE bonus AFTER the Lion Air crash rather than surrendering himself at a police station and the electric chair.
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