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Is THIS Why the Great Satan Doesn't Like Huawei & ZTE?   [Copy link] 中文

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Medical Expert?

Here's more on why the Anglo/Jew gangsters are getting so upset about 5G and why your 4G is so slow!!!

He explains how he is a tower climber that installs the equipment that allows telecommunications to function.
. . .
He explains how 5G is going to broadcast in gigahertz, not megahertz, which is 15000 times stronger than what we are receiving now.

- 5G Technician Reveals The Damage He Believes 5G Will Cause

Well, that's BS! Higher frequencies do not automatically mean higher power and certainly not exactly 15,000 times more.

She says: “Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period.”

Is this a joke? Are they suggesting AM radio, FM radio, TV signals, the cosmos and the Sun etc. have all been causing us harm? But why, then, single-out 5G?

We ALREADY KNOW, the Great Satan and its mini-me don't like 5G because it provides SECURE COMMUNICATIONS.

We also ALREADY KNOW that the likes of the Guardian and the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense have spooks planted and that in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika the press are even more controlled by the spooks.

Remember, the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense LIED about the speed of 4G and 5G: Mobile download speeds

4G (LTE)
5G (theoretical)

- BT's mobile unit wades into 5G battle against Three

My 4G claims 450mbps as a theoretical maximum. But I get a krappy 3.2mbps or less than 140th of that. 5G is a theoretical 50Gbps.

And when Poodleville says it can cope with the "shoddy" security of Huawei's products, what these lying scumbags mean is they can block ISPs and telecoms companies from using strong encryption. It also means you have HEAVILY RESTRICTED speeds on 4G.

So, if you buy a 5G phone (or modem) and suddenly find the data transfer rates are JUST AS SLOW as 4G there's going to be all manner of uproar!!!!!
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It also means you have HEAVILY RESTRICTED speeds on 4G.

So, if you buy a 5G phone (or modem) and suddenly find the data transfer rates are JUST AS SLOW as 4G there's going to be all manner of uproar!!!!!

Tested my 4G on a speed website. It returned 6.95mbs which is still less than 2% of the theoretical 450mbps that my PC claims the connection can achieve.

When downloading, I notice it always hits a ceiling at the same maximum rate, so it's not due to conditions such as a poor signal.
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The Admission
- Huawei STILL smelling like roses

They claim Asians can't innovate. But Ed Snowden revealed that the NSA even has a mandate for "industrial espionage".

This is like the claim that Japan's products were "jap crap" before the entire poodle krapmobile industry imploded. As the former Yob Gear moron admitted, the difference was that on a cold Winter's morning, japanese cars would start whereas Poodleville's krapmobiles wouldn't. The movie, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", says it all!

The Anglo will copy the internal combustion engine that Germany invented but not understand how it works. So, they'll tinker with it until it "sort of" works and then claim "Job done!" One article in Autocar claimed suspension design was "a black art". It's not, it's a science but it's not rocket science.

That's why the amerikan dumbass produced rockets that simply blew up on the launch pad until Werner Von Braun taught them how. These clowns, who LITERALLY started eating one another the "first time the mail-boat was a day late", spent HUGE sums to build rockets that they didn't even understand, yet THOUGHT they did. Then they invented the adage "It's not rocket science" to make it sound more difficult than it is.

America’s intelligence community spends nearly $80 billion a year, including $57 billion for the National Intelligence Program and $20 billion for the Military Intelligence Program. Signals intelligence (SIGINT), mainly electronic eavesdropping, takes up the lion’s share of the budget. Among other things the National Security Agency recorded more than half a billion calls and text messages of Americans in 2017. In response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Security Agency admitted — for the second time — that it improperly eavesdropped on Americans.
- US-China tech war and the US intelligence community

Well duh! And by "improperly", he means ILLEGALLY. Poodleville's GCHQ, which Ed Snowden claimed was even worse, with an "anything goes attitude" admits it's been illegally violating everyone's privacy for decades.

Logically, there should be no complaint that Huawei's 5G has a back door because even if it did, you could still add your own protocol layer using 256bit encryption even for speech in real-time and which no one can hack without a quantum computer.

The latest is claims that Huawei employees have connections to the PLA. But it's PLA universities etc. It's not like Jeff Bezos's position on a freakin' Pentagon committee and Huawei is not affiliated with any spooks like Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter ALL are affiliated with the CIA. No back door has been found in Huawei equipment unlike the NSA backdoor in Microkrap's s**tware which even had its own Wikipedia page last I looked. And it was Huawei's offices which were illegally hacked by the NSA.

It has also already been confirmed that the "Deep State" blackmails everyone including the Great Satan's goons & thugs.

The fact that the United States has attempted to suppress Huawei’s market leadership in the absence of any American competitor in this field is one of the oddest occurrences in the history of US foreign policy.
. . .
As matters stand, America’s efforts to stop Huawei have become an embarrassment.

It's not as though they DIDN'T :

start both World Wars to impose jew-confetti on the World,
are history's worst debtor and defaulter,
impose a white-supremacist apartheid edukashun system, and
cheat wholesale at the Olympics

but they did, apparently, invent sliced bread.
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Anglo/Jew Gangsters Are Braying As They Descend Further Into TOTAL LAWLESSNESS

These illegal immigrant, mongrel barbarians have just thieved Ukraine's gold, Libya's gold, Venezuela's gold and Iran's oil off the coast of Gibraltar which the Anglos ALSO thieved. Anglo/jew criminality can only be described as "contiguous". The only reason the Great Satan and its poodle performed so well in the "Corruption Perception Index" is because they're so corrupt that they rigged that too.

. . . but they know their species are already travelling around the u-bend of history, because all these worthless parasites can do is plunder. With the end of the petrodollar funny-money the only possibility is a return to gold as commodity money and they're the most bankrupt and insolvent species in history.

The gangsterism couldn't be clearer. With persistent delusions of standing atop the World, the anglo/jew gangsters have always imposed the infamous "unequal treaties": The Treaty of Wanghia, signed on July 3, 1844 at the Kun Iam temple in Macau, granted Americans the principle of extraterritoriality, which meant impunity from local Chinese laws. For crimes committed in the five special treaty ports, Americans would be tried not by Chinese law, but by an American consul.
Ironically, or not, the consul in Guangzhou at the time was also senior partner at the largest American opium-smuggling firm. Thus, law enforcement was lax and trade in illegal goods continued unabated. This special status lasted 100 years until 1943.

- Hong Kong’s fear over the extradition law is neither unique nor new.

Neither has the Anglo ever honoured ANY treaty. Here's the usual Anglo/jew hypocrisy: Hong Kong today is being shaken by debate over a bill that would allow criminals to be extradited and tried in mainland China, Americans included. It has brought millions onto the streets, elicited threats from US and UK politicians and brought 2047 into sharper relief. Opposition to the proposed revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance is based on the view that China’s legal system is not transparent, not to be trusted, and that such a law would open the door to exploitation for politically motivated actors.

One imagines the sort of exploitation levied on China itself in the heyday of “foreign devils” with gunboats. Business leaders, especially those with concerns about their practices in China, are particularly anxious. While concern is justified, perspective is also necessary. Just last month, American prosecutors charging Meng Wanzhou of Huawei with bank fraud and sanctions violations refused to share evidence with her defence or the public.

This is why president Putin describes the prosecution of Maria Butina as an outrage. The Anglo/Jew gangsters are not fit to govern themselves yet want to rule the World. Everyone on the planet with the possible exception of the poodle state and the illegitimate state of New Izrael probably goes to bed thanking their god(s) for Russia and China.

If these vermin refuse to reveal their accusations, then they should release Meng. It's similar to the treatment of Julian Assange where they only revealed their latest trumped up charges after he was seized from the ecuadorian embassy.

The puerile demands of the Hong Kong astro-turf protesters, including demands to drop the term "riot" just before they rioted anew, invading the parliament building plus unfurling the Anglo flag of infestation, is tantamount to a ransom note from anglo/jew terrorists. This is why, when bankster, Bernie Madoff, was forced to admit he had been running a HUGE Ponzi scheme, the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense, issued a propaganda article claiming Jews were fine, upstanding citizens of the community.

Human intelligence will always overcome anglo/jew barbarity. The Anglo/Jew and their progeny will pay the price for centuries to come until  they go the way of the Dodo.
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More Unicorns Jumping Over Rainbows

“Huawei is a true threat. It could be a Trojan horse,” the third-ranking member in the Senate Republican leadership said.
- Could Huawei be using Trojan circuits to help Beijing spy on US?

At best that's a retard who has no idea how electronic circuitry operates. At worst, it's a lying scumbag trying to justify the Great Satan Deep State's continuing violation of everyone's privacy.

The concept of "Trojan circuitry", suggests hidden circuitry. But as one article has already pointed out, anyone can apply 256 bit encryption to any communications and with 5G on voice in real-time too. Only the Great Satan, under war criminal, serial, violent rapist and paedophile, Billy Jefferson Clinton, has banned anything above 128 bit encryption, except for the gangster-run, thieved prison states of Kanada and Amerika.

Never mind too, that Huawei has set up a technology centre in Poodleville where all the hardware and software  can be inspected as much as is feasible, or as the article admits, that it was the NSA which was intercepting Cisco and Juniper routers and installing bugs before re-applying factory seals.

Despite its warnings, some of the US’ traditional allies such as Britain and Germany have said they have found no evidence that Huawei’s devices contain Trojan circuits, also known as hardware Trojans – modifications of integrated circuits in computer chips that can give third parties access to data.

But then we also know the NSA demanded Huawei install a back door and was turned down!

Last year, a Bloomberg report alleged that China added a Trojan component to a Supermicro server board that has been used by Western tech giants such as Amazon and Apple.

In the report, Bloomberg cited 17 unidentified sources that it claimed worked for the companies and the US government. Apple, however, said there was “no truth” to the story; Amazon, too, denied the claims.

Such a hack was “technically plausible”, according to Dr Markus Kuhn, an award-winning computer scientist studying hardware security at the University of Cambridge in Britain.

And that tells you all you need to know about the vermin at Cambridge where stewdents also complain they're being taught quackonomics rather than economics. The component, the size of a grain of rice and which would commandeer a CPU is NOT plausible. That's probably why the liar qualifies his lie with the term "technically". It's not impossible but it would be so advanced a piece of hardware it would have to involve time-travel and would therefore be pointless as China would be so advanced she may as well use her magic/space mind-reading machine. Alternatively, a software hack would be far less obvious. The rice-sized Trojan would be VERY conspicuous, having lots of wires reaching all over the place. That's why Bloomberg then hired some Mossad cyber-terrorists to claim that Supermicro ports had a bug, which was more plausible, but also unfounded.
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gork Post time: 2019-7-12 23:51
More Unicorns Jumping Over Rainbows

“Huawei is a true threat. It could be a Trojan horse,” the th ...

re: “Huawei is a true threat. It could be a Trojan horse,

  Uncle Sam is using Huawei as a smokescreen...
            On top of it, they realize now that Huawei did dump them, don't want no more deal with them.   

      The ONE our uncle is dead scared off is Dà-Jiāng Innovations, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), meaning a drone from Shenzhen...
    The US Air Force plans to buy DJI quadcopter UAVs
    The service likely plans to use these aircraft for counter-UAV investigation and experiments because DJI dominates the consumer UAV market...
The US Air Force (USAF) is planning to award China's DJI a firm-fixed-price contract to acquire a variety of the company's consumer unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), according to a notice posted on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website.
The service plans to acquire six Phantom 4 aircraft, five Phantom 4 Pro models, and six DJI Mavic Pros - all quadcopter aircraft. The UAVs are for the 11th Security Forces Squadron at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

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And Now It's A Prison State

max. Kiester: "So, now, your dad was part of the Minneapolis 17 and as a kid you were part of a . . .you were spied on and surveilled by the FBI and other authorities. So you've had a taste of what people are now experiencing here in 2019; this kind of over-reach by the state into everyone's personal life through the surveillance/industrial complex. But I mean, I mean you were . . . you know what it's like. So tell people what it's like."

Dr. Michael Hudson: "Well, it wasn't just me. When I went to high skool, the teechers, especially the social science teechers, would turn in regular reports to the FBI saying what we said in klass and what our ideas were. The FBI would often come to my house, always two of them, always with crew haircuts, I could always tell who they were and they'd want to ask my father where his loyalty would lie in case of a war with Russia or China. I'd go out of the house and there'd be FBI men across the street with cameras, taking pictures of us coming to the house, just for their files they said. When I began to study music, there was a store that sold russian records and I wanted to get russian piano music and whenever I would go there, as I was going out to the elevator, somebody would be walking by winding, literally winding their camera and going into the office next door. The fact is, in the McCarthy period everybody was spied upon. My phones were tapped and I just expected that they knew everything that was going on. But imagine my disappointment when I read the FBI files and I found that half the information by the informants was completely wrong! They'd get the people wrong, the dates wrong, me confused with other people. It was very nice for me to be able to remember, oh yes I know that person in high skool and I know that person. It's like the diary I never kept; the FBI file. But the fact is that in the past they had to rely on informers that were sort of like the Graham Green character, Our Man in Havana, who'd make it up and at least now, thank Heavens, they get to tap your phone and read your email and they know what you actually said. So I'm sure that the quality of surveillance has gone way up and the current young people when they get older can get their files and they'll get a much more accurate picture of what their childhood was like when I was young."

Back then it was just a police-state. Now it's a prison-state where they not only give you a prison pat-down at the airports but they spy on all your data.
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