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Is THIS Why the Great Satan Doesn't Like Huawei & ZTE? [Copy link] 中文

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Another Reason

Upturning the apple-cart of your competition is gangsterism 101.

Households in Poodleville are being inundated with flyers to subscribe to broadband at around £20 per month. This is because, once the infrastructure is in place, the only cost incurred for each new subscriber is the cost of the electricity to send data over the internet; negligible. So, for each additional subscriber, its not only almost pure profit but an extortionate profit for essentially diddly-squat.

This is how Carlos Slim became one of the planet's richest.

But 5G, which Huawei conducted the first phone-call under in Mar18 (because we Asians can't innovate), has lower infrastructure costs. You don't have to dig up roads.

Poodleville's BT, the former state-monopoly, has also failed to invest. Instead, as a nation of spivs that have spent the last five centuries plundering the World, BT's Openreach subsidiary developed G.Fast, which was, gee, really slow. To preserve copper connections, this krappy technology was supposed to be ONLY HALF the speed of fibre-optics. But in practice it only managed a third of the speed. With this daft mind-set, which their own propaganda rags complained about, the poodle state will always be trailing behind and G.Fast was obsolete even before conception and has already been blown out of the water by 5G before it could be rolled out! But hey, they sure can innovate! LOL!

ALSO because we Asians can't innovate:

"Chinese engineers, policymakers already working on 6G push"

and :

"Huawei launches advanced 7-nanometre smartphone chip ahead of Apple, Samsung".  7-nm is state-of-the-art. Well, it's BOUND to be ahead of Apple because Apple uses Samsung technology and sometimes even pays for it without Samsung suing for patent violation.

This is why war criminal, The Donald, is so upset about "Made in China 2025" and also why the Great Satan has been at war for 200 of the last 240 years and its mini-me poodle for every year since 1914, with the sole exceptionn of 1968; victims of crime usually put up a fight.
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. . . And Here's The Freakin' Confirmation!

They don't even try to hide it!!

The real issue is that nothing has changed since a 2014 report from The Register that Huawei categorically refuses to install NSA backdoors into their hardware to allow unfettered intelligence access to the data that crosses their networks.

However, documents disclosed by Edward Snowden this year suggest Huawei may be more sinned against than sinner. The US National Security Agency’s ‘Tailored Access Operations’ unit broke into Huawei’s corporate servers, and by 2010 was reading corporate email and examining the source code used in Huawei’s products.

“We currently have good access and so much data that we don’t know what to do with it,” boasted one NSA briefing. The slides also disclose the NSA intended to plant its own backdoors in Huawei firmware.

- 5G, Huawei, and Us - America Hates Competition

Remember, Billy Gates' Microkrap s**tware has an NSA backdoor. The last I looked, the back-door had it's own Wikipedia page too.

So a "Victoria Nuland" to the amerikan sheeple and their Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches. Perhaps the amerikan sheeple will find their pictures and video being sold by the NSA on the internet as porn to balance the Great Satan's trade deficit.
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Trumped Up Charges From A Terrorist/Gangster Thieved-State

And these are AMERIKAN articles: The Wall Street Journal reported late Wednesday that the US Department of Justice is pursuing a “criminal investigation” against Huawei for the alleged theft of a T-mobile robotic device called “Tappy,” used for testing smartphones. T-mobile had sued Huawei for $500 million in a Seattle civil court, and last year a jury awarded the American plaintiff just $4.8 million.

Although details are scarce, it appears that the US government has decided to turn this decidedly minor civil matter into a criminal case. If that’s the worst that the United States of America can do, worries about trade war should continue to fade.

- You will struggle to find Black Swans here


Case involves years-old allegations made by T-Mobile
. . .
In 2014, US telecommunication service provider T-Mobile filed a suit against Huawei for unlawful theft of trade secrets and was eventually awarded US$4.8 million in a jury trial.
. . .
Huawei contended in a filing that, despite admitted wrongdoing on the part of employees, the actions did not constitute trade theft because the technology, a robotic device dubbed “tappy,” was no secret. Videos of the device were available on YouTube and technical specifications were published in patents, according to Huawei.

- US opened criminal probe of Huawei for trade secret theft: report

A $4.8m fine is small even by the standards of the fines imposed on Wall St. banksters. Even Navinder Sarao and Kim Dotcom were shaken down for far more! So even the amerikan kourts were merely throwing a sop to T-Mobile for a clearly malicious law suit, similar to Apple suing Samsung for "look and feel" after Samsung sued Apple for patent violations and where Poodleville's judge threw out the case citing Samsung's superior Galaxy phone wasn't "cool enough" to be a copy.

Yet, because the Great Satan has ZERO JURISDICTION over an accusation of financial fraud and also NO CASE WHATSOEVER, they've dug up a five-year old and malicious case, which has already been settled, and merged it with their lame accusations. Even the, now sacked, kanadian ambassador admitted the "extra-territoriality" of the Great Satan's latest unrestrained and undisguised act of criminality. Even amerikan articles are referring to the Great Satan's criminality too.

The anglo/zionist gangsters are in the Guinness Book of Records for being the most pathetic species on the planet.
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Medal of honor

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With the NSA having been exposed by Ed Snowden as having a mandate for industrial espionage and also having been exposed of illegally haacking Huawei's headquarters as well as demanding that Huawei install a backdoor but having been turned down, Apple appears to be no longer thieving Samsung technology.

Now Tim Cook has announced that Apple will now only be a financial engineering gangster corporation with a krappy Apple credit card. UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE KRAPPINESS.

Is it any wonder they started eating one another "the first time the mail-boat was a day late" and started both World Wars in order to impose "jew confetti" on the World?
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The Undisguised Gangsterism Continues

It's the Great Satan which sends spy-planes to China's air space and it was in China that spies from the auztralian mining corporations were arrested trying to steal sensitive commercial information, so the Great Satan adopts the scurrilous anglo motto: "admit nothing; deny everything; counter-accuse" and arrest chinese Amerikans who :

sold items on eBay,
gave a lecture in China that had been given in public many times before, and
shared EUROPEAN cryogenic technology with China in the joint sino-european sat-nav project that the Great Satan vowed to sabotage and then did (c.f. the current daft claims of "forced technology transfers").

But as Ed Snowden revealed, the NSA has a mandate for industrial espionage and were intercepting Cisco routers, planting bugs and then re-applying the factory seals. Apple too, has been sued by Samsung for patent violation even as Samsung is Apple's technology supplier, Dragon Brothers came out with their P88 a year before Apple's knock-off iPad and even amerikan Qualcomm is now suing Apple. Google, where they "do no evil" published thousands of books without bothering to get permission from the authors, figuring no doubt, that it would be too much hassle for most authors to sue them.

Now comes arguably the juiciest piece of the puzzle. Petrobras was supposed to pay $853 million to the U.S. Department of Justice for not going to trial for crimes it was being accused of in America. But then a dodgydeal was struck according to which the fine will be transferred to a Brazilian fund as long as Petrobras commits to relay confidential information about its businesses to the United States government.
- Escobar: Empire Of Chaos In Hybrid War Overdrive

Wouldn't that be an act of treason?

President Donald Trump restored access after ZTE paid a $1 billion fine and agreed to replace its executive team and install U.S.-chosen compliance officers.
- Huawei announces 5G smartphone based on own technology

Those "compliance officers" are, of course, spies.
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China Should Fine Standard Chartered Too!

I've already called my lawyers to claim my fine from Standard Chartered.

The London-based bank, which previously drew scrutiny for allegedly scheming with the Iranian government to launder $250 billion, said it accepts full responsibility for the new batch of violations and for the internal lapses that allowed the illegal transactions to go unchecked.
. . .
Under the agreement announced Tuesday, Standard Chartered will pay $947 million in penalties to U.S. authorities and 102 million pounds ($133 million) to the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority. Of that, about $427 million will go to agencies in New York state.

Standard Chartered to pay $1.1B for violating Iran sanctions
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