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US abuses legal procedure to stifle Huawei   [Copy link] 中文

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As we are muddling through the trade talks with Trump declaring his 'great respect' for our leader, we are witnessing the eerie spectacle of a pauper nation like Spain closing the accounts of thousands of Chinese nationals under the pretext of preventing or punishing money-laundering.

This is happening while Huawei is being pounded almost daily by the likes of Mike Pence and Pompei while Meng -- Huawei's CFO -- is still under house arrest in Vancouver. Add this to the fact that Trump has been gloating over the progress of the trade talks while declaring his everlasting respect for our leader, and the aggregate display of total disrespect is worrisome to say the least.

Why go to a country like Spain for either business or study in the first place?

It's a place whose only 'glory' is the gold stolen from the Americas mostly in the 16th century, and then got slapped around by the Brits after the 1588 Spanish Armada war with England.

It still owes China a lot of money -- I remember Premier Li Ke-qiang visited Madrid in the early 2010s and offering them loans when they were in a financial crisis.

I also remember there was a riot in which poor and destitute Spaniards burned warehouses where shoes imported from China were temporarily stored.

At one time not too long ago Spain nearly followed the steps of Greece and went bankrupt.

And now they have the temerity to close the accounts of thousands of Chinese nationals whose daily lives depend on the hard-earned money in those accounts?

It's time for the Spaniards to repay the huge loans borrowed from Premier Li and unfreeze the accounts of the Chinese nationals, or else we'll call on the spirits of Queen Elizabeth 1 and Walter Raleigh to return and deal them a fatal blow again.

What exactly was the igniting cause that they dared to do this to us in the first place? -- I've never heard of such treatment of bank account holders anywhere -- not even during the financial downturn of 2008, except on suspicion of gross criminal misconduct like massive money laundering.

So this is what happens to you when you appear weak as a nation.

We can go to the back of the Moon without too many problems, and we have DF 21 or DF 26 which can wipe out American aircraft carriers, and yet our overseas nationals are mistreated and molested openly on the pretext of punishing money launderers by European pauper nations.

If money can be 'laundered' by thousands of Chinese nationals including students, then it is no longer money laundering but misunderstanding of the banking policies of the Spanish government.

Would any Spaniard dare to do this to the Americans or the Russians?

You can answer that question yourself.

Trump's insincere behavior is like that of a scoundrel who goes up to a man and repeatedly declare his great respect for him while simultaneously plotting to steal his wife from him.

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-2-20 16:40
That's why I am truly worried whenever Trump says the talks are going VERY well and he keeps calli ...

re: I'll bet you he and his criminal syndicate have studied the psychographics of every world leader and know exactly what to say

  Indeed they have, Masters of the Universe they are after ex Great Britain ...

     However, as in every Dynasty, students become the Masters and inherent the wisdom from history...

  Of course, a never ending cycle it is, but within our fast changing world, the results are written on the wall...
After all, my longevity is contributed to look ahead and believe in your Country...

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The first concrete demand should be a dramatic reduction in cybertheft. Xi once promised President Barack Obama that China would stop stealing U.S. industrial secrets in cyber smash-and-grab jobs, but the National Counterintelligence and Security Center reported recently that China “continues to use cyber espionage to support its strategic development goals.” Trump should insist that this must stop.

Second, China must stop forcing transfer of U.S. technology. Many U.S. companies are compelled to establish joint ventures with Chinese-owned companies, which are designed so that China can gain technological know-how. A senior Chinese official recently admitted as much, stating: “China’s offer to the world has been straightforward: Foreign companies are allowed to access China’s markets, but they need to contribute something in return: their technology.” But that’s precisely wrong. Under the deal China signed with the WTO, foreign companies get access to Chinese markets in exchange for China’s firms enjoying access to other nations’ markets — not their technology. Trump should insist that China immediately abandon forced joint-venture and technology-transfer requirements.

Third, China needs to slash subsidies. As researchers have documented, China has long propped up its own industries with government allowances to a far greater extent than most industrialized nations, including hundreds of billions of dollars from its Made in China 2025 plan. That needs to end.

Finally, China limits access to its markets in a wide array of sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, cloud computing and other information-technology industries, and entertainment. These and other markets need to be opened up expeditiously.
This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the trade issues that need to be resolved, but these are the most important, and must be part of any final negotiated settlement to lift U.S.-imposed tariffs. Moreover, because progress is measurable in all four areas, they should be evaluated every six months to see whether China is living up to its end of the bargain. If it is, then the Trump administration can rescind the tariffs. If not, the White House should make clear it will continue to apply pressure.

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emanreus Post time: 2019-2-20 03:47
re;  our competitor has 5 eyes or 7 eyes

  in this case; only 3 eyes are left.

Well if you want to sell your crap on the international scene this is how it is done.

No monopoly for china.
Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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Boston101 Post time: 2019-2-20 21:27

Fake news.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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Saul Post time: 2019-2-20 23:12
Well if you want to sell your crap on the international scene this is how it is done.

No monopoly ...

Huawei's stuff is jolly good, and it stands to beat its competitors to a frazzle.  

So the west panics, as simple as that.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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