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Would you accept Swedish broadcaster's apology? [Copy link] 中文

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Ok, let me see if I've got this straight ...

Swedish broadcaster makes a satire video and includes a poster of somebody taking a dump.
A few people get offended and blindly state that a nation is offended.
Broadcaster apologizes and assures that it will never happen again.
O/P asks if people are going to accept the apology.

Have I got that about right?

Now ... in order for there to be a poster of someone taking a dump, odds are that it would have actually happened at one time or another. It is quite common, in some cities in China, to see piles of human excrement on the streets. Mostly, however, they are left there by homeless people, or young children. I have even seen parents supporting their toddlers as they leave a parcel on the pavement, and not even bother to remove the offending mass. It is as if some of these people have never heard of the word "diaper".

Back to the video. Satire is just that ... Satire. A humorous attempt to make light of a situation. Some think it is funny ... others don't and take offense to it. Oh well. You can't please everybody.

The broadcaster has realized he was in error. He assured the people that it would never happened again, and he has pulled all videos and references to. As far as I'm concerned (not that that means anything to a great deal of the posters here), the matter should be closed. But alas, it is not. Somebody feels that the apology isn't "sincere" enough. You know what? Too bad. The company apologized, and did everything they could to remove the offending video. Move along. The issue has been dealt with. Get on with your life.
Stupid people are like Glowsticks. You want to snap them in half and shake the crap out of them until they see the light.
I love sarcasm. It's like punching someone in the head ... only with words

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Sweden is fantastic !
Round Up is good for developing the mind

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emanreus Post time: 2018-9-29 20:56
re:  "Does this mean there is a lack of toilets in Stockholm? "

  Also, the train station is one  ...

It is hard to imagine anyone wanting to take a dump in public unless there is no getting around it for medical reasons.

But then that's a universal problem and I am sure there are many unseen cases of public defecaton

To target a specific race or people (those using chopsticks as depicted in the ugly drawing) is the issue here, and not the act itself.

There is also a urological problem called overactive bladder (Urinary frequency + urinary urgency + urinary incontinence (you just can't hold it no matter how hard you try) and it usually occurs in older patients.

And currently there is a drug called mirabegron which can control these symptoms but is rather expensive.

Taking a dump is something else, and in all my travels in China, I have never seen a person defecating in public.

In India there is such a thing reputedly due to lack of acceptable public toilets and thugs await women who get up in the middle of the night to do her thing and that's when a lot of rapes occurred.

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i dont trust the swedes. theyre a racist country. look at how theyve done the muslims

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another reason i dont like sweden is- all the inperialists praise it

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WENGEWANG Post time: 2018-9-30 08:46
another reason i dont like sweden is- all the inperialists praise it

re: " all the inperialists praise it"

  and that in my opinion is the most troubling issue.
    Matter of fact; it's very serious indeed...

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huaqiao Post time: 2018-9-29 17:33
Since the braodcaster have apologised, China should show magnanimity and let bygones be bygones. Thi ...

Not until the director of  Sweden's  public broadcaster Sveriges Television SVT company has resigned from his post.
  Such childish leadership can't be welcomed by Swedish people, including some 60,000 Ethnic Chinese residing in the Country.
  I don't count Chinese tourist since they can decide to give the Country a miss in their future travel...

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