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Tariffs on China: Economics out, politics in! [Copy link] 中文

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America dropped bombs again. America is slapping another round of tariffs, this time on 200 billion US dollars of Chinese goods – that's half of what Americans buy from China in a year.

What is going on?

To fully understand a situation, one must put themselves in the shoes of others. On the surface, this is about trade deficit. But even President Donald Trump's former chief economic adviser Gary Cohen admitted this is a non-issue. Almost all sane economists agree.

First, the deficit number is overblown and secondly, deficit is not a bad thing for the US. It helps keep prices low and return the money to America as investment. Nothing is further from the truth than calling China a "piggy bank".

There is another story behind this: Reciprocity. The Chinese call it mutually benefits, but it does not mean measure-for-measure equality. America complains about limited market access to China. Yes, China should be more open – and it is opening up more. But zoom out a little bit and you'll see thousands of American businesses making money in China.

No one put a gun to their head. They come, they see and they win. If China is a thief's house or a robber's den, why is it then that Apple, GM, Starbucks, Tesla among many others are expanding their businesses here? Even Google and Facebook are knocking at the door, loud and clear.

But when you come in, you respect the rules of the house. You may have issues with the specifics, but don't even try to own the rules. As Tim Cook says, we believe in engaging with governments even when we disagree.

It can be worse!

So I got confused. I don't know what Mr. Trump wants and I am not sure he does either. But I know right now in America, anger sells and catharsis feels good. But America has become a political animal who refuses to think.

Trade war will open Pandora's box. Yes global trade has left many behind, and they are angry. But trade wars will cause more casualties, and the world will be a place of confusion and pain.

Don't waste a good crisis

But let us not waste a good crisis. The world has seen the bad and it should be ready for the worse. One thousand years ago a Chinese poet who shared similar optimism with Cervantes said, "The brave are not frightened when confronted, the sane are not angered when challenged".

Today China is making its most ambitious social and economic experiment in history: Reforming itself and opening its arms to others. The world is a large place and China will be "in it to win it." It needs to be a better player and it will be. So, even when your partner loses their cool, it makes more sense that you don't.


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You hit it right on his big wig -- note that I said wig, not head.

Minoxidil didn't work for him for his balding head, so he uses a wig.

That also enables him to exaggerate the size of whatever he has under his wig.

That's what I call the Umbrella Effect.

Good job, mate!

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As you are saying here, America has lost its confidence.

Even Hollywood is becoming almost muted in its customary braggadocios.

We used to see Hollywood films like "The Ugly American" at a time you didn't have to be politically correct or when the country wasn't afraid to poke a joke at itself.

Now they are becoming very sensitive and acting extremely hostile to even minor challenges from smaller powers -- like slapping 50% tariffs on Turkey for imprisoning that pastor.

I think this is because they had literally gotten away with murder in their genocidal wars against the Native Americans who physically and genetically resembled East Asians, and such success encouraged them to expand that mode of behavior around the world especially at a time when an East Asian power like China is coming to the fore.

The psychological component is very pertinent and important in this fight.

That's why when our FM stood on that UN podium explaining to the world that China has no intention to pick a fight with America and doesn't want to be the Number One Player, it's not going over well to the world's audience.

I mean you can say that in private to the real-estate man but whether China wants to be Number One is not up to her to decide.

After all, there is such a thing called Megatrend and there is nothing wrong with having the courage to achieve its laudable goal of doing more to help the destitutely poor and landlocked nations to fend for themselves.

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Please re-upload your previous post.

It was deleted by error.

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A Yankee Hitler is born and alive with a much smaller brain substance:

1.  He is afraid to be left behind by China's advancement and progresses so swiftly that he has to bark and bark like a pariah dog.

2.  He has revoked Chinese investments and virtually banned ZTE and HUAWEI from doing businesses in the USA by citing national security while stopping China's 5G investments. He also tricked Australia into it by banning China's 5G participation; politically so naive among Aussie political “components reacting in acidic elements” !

3.  He wishes and demands to stop China's developments from becoming more independent as a nation with high quality accomplishments by 2025.

The above are the most insensible and irrational jealousy of the West, especially the USA. He does NOT give a damn hook to his own depressed farmers, labor forces and automobile industries while pretending to care by barking loudly and madly. He wants wars and conflicts at all times in other soils or foreign soils; and for that reason, he signed on USD$trillion and USD$835 billion more added to manufacture warring gears of all sorts. His nominees in the White House are mostly ex-CIA chaps clouted with really dirty bloods in their hands, hearts and heads : almost mindlessness souls.

China will wear the economic squeezes and military sanctions well and good for as long as "it and they" want to battle on. China's educated population is maturing and expanding very rapidly while domestic consumption is ticking up too. A lower GDP at 5.00 and above are fantastic growth figures of a huge nation like China which translate to be more quality conscious with greater activities of local productions in agriculture, high technologies, etc....etc...etc , armed by its high population of capable folks !

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1.   Form the North Asia Economic Zone consisting of Russia, China, DPRK, S Korea and Japan. This group will do very well without the USA. Energy supplies ( LNG, Oil, .... ) are abundant in Russia to feed all these industrialized nations. Foods and agricultural produces can be harvested in DPRK as well as Russia. Trade in non-USD !

2.   BRI expands into Central Asia and Europe by land and air. This route of developments will probably never end due to its humongous swathe of land and combined populations. Statistics of these data of diversities can be found in websites.

3.   BRI expands into ASEAN, INDIA, PAKISTAN, SRI LANKA, all other southern part of Asian nations, AFRICA and the Arab nations by lands, seas and air are enormous opportunities for growths and trades endlessly beautiful.

4.   BRICS offers magical good deeds to pursue wider trades and growths other than in joint national defence cooperation.

The list can go on; whereas, the listed clusters of meaningful market players conceptually is more than sufficient to counter  the perceived roles of "unilateral protectionism". If any party can overtake the USA in any way, it is conceptually a damn good news because the lousy international policeman loses its job. Thus, the world places become more harmonious and prosperous.

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