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Who is the real threat under the $717 billion military budget? [Copy link] 中文

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The US Defense Department has issued its annual report on Chinese military developments in the past year.

The document, called Report on Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China, was issued to Congress.

Both China’s Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry expressed their strong objections to the report, which has played up “China’s military threat and lack of transparency" and distorted the country’s strategic intentions.

Who is the real threat?

According to Zhang Junshe, senior captain and vice president of the China Naval Research Institute, the US has neither the position nor reason to accuse China of beefing up its military power.

“For decades, the US has had the strongest military power in the world and has maintained the largest defense budget,” said Zhang.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump signed a defense bill that authorizes a top-line budget of 717 billion US dollars, claiming,“We are going to strengthen our military like never ever before and that’s what we did.”

The colossal number in the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act is even more than the total defense spending of the large countries behind it, including China, India, Russia.

Zhang has also pointed out that the aims for China and the US in strengthening their military power is different.

“China is trying to strengthen its capabilities to better safeguard its sovereignty, security and territorial integrity. It is true if someone looks into the modern history of China between 1840-1949, when China was invaded by foreign countries, including Japan from the sea. Therefore, we want to build up our defense capabilities,” said Zhang.

However, the intention of the US is to seek absolute security over other countries while maintaining their powerful force. Their huge investments in new generations of weapons and armory somehow reflect that, according to Zhang.

An excuse for his own?

A US think tank published a report that has expressed pessimism about the US’ military capability. The report is considered a backup for supporting Trump's bolstering of the military expenditure, says Zhang.

“The US policy maker, US military and US think tanks for a long time have had a bad tradition of looking for and creating enemies as an excuse for the US to spend much more money to strengthen its military power,” said Zhang.

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The U.S is playing with fire using banknotes as firewood! We should invite more American soldiers to watch the real video about the battle on that Pacific island where they sacrificed thousands of lives that was equal to the Japanese side!
If you launch a war, you are digging tomb for yourself!
Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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SEARU Post time: 2018-8-19 20:43
The U.S is playing with fire using banknotes as firewood! We should invite more American soldiers to ...

And saved your @rse in process.

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The US has used its military might to "force" their capitalist agenda on the world.
"Soulless" corporations inflict their will on other countries, raping indigenous natural resources and population for profit.

There is NO reason America needs to dictate to the world the rules.
Who is the enemy?
If America stands down its military, who would invade?
Canada or Mexico?
These vast monies should be used to make a better life....
starting with their own!
Then improving others (with no strings attached)

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The United States and China must resolve their conflicts peacefully to spare us all a war and needless military expenses. Both countries need to be more reasonable. What a waste this is! Though I'm very fond of the USA, I do think it is making mistakes. However, despite the tragedy of Trump, I don't label the USA as the only bad example.
What's on your mind...

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Ted180 Post time: 2018-8-21 09:49
The United States and China must resolve their conflicts peacefully to spare us all a war and needle ...

Bearing down on both sides is the same as bearing down on no one.

China did not start the Trade War.  The Republicans under the real-estate man did.

The money scraped from all other needy quarters such as social welfare has been collected to build this army -- although most of it (600 Billion) is used for payroll and procurement purposes -- to house, feed, indoctrinate and train the military personnel and buy weapons, while the rest is for actual combat costs.

It is a paid job to be a soldier, with many fringe benefits.  Many of them are white farm boys or minority youths who do not have the necessary credentials to do anything else.  So 717 Billion is not a big chunk of money if you look at the situation from that perspective -- hardly sufficient to fight an unjust war mainly using white farmers and colored youths for saving the skin of WASPs and Jews in Wall Street.

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Both sides?  Think again.

My discussion is awaiting clearance in another post.

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