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An 11-year-old Chinese kid could soon be the world’s tallest teenager [Copy link] 中文

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Xiaoyu is playing games with his classmate after class. /Photo via Chengdu Business Daily

(From CGTN)Measuring 2.06 meters, an 11-year-old Chinese student in Leshan City, southwest China’s Sichuan Province has found mass attention online for his height.

Nicknamed Xiaoyu, the sixth-grader is already known for his unusually tall stature by classmates.

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Xiaoyu's father measures his height at home. /Photo via Chengdu Business Daily

Due to his towering height, Xiaoyu  doesn't fit in any of the school's standard-sized desks and chairs and instead, has a specially designed desk and chair to fit his gigantic body.

Outside of his towering height, Xiaoyu is just like any other normal student – he studies, plays games with his classmates and is attentive during class.

Worried about Xiaoyu’s height, his parents have taken him to the local hospital several times for health tests. Initially, the doctor suspected that Xiaoyu might have gigantism. However, his test have all come back normal and he is simply tall.

Xiaoyu seems to owe his extraordinary height to his family’s genes. According to Xiaoyu’s grandmother, Xiaoyu’s parents measure over 1.9 meters and 1.8 meters respectively. And his grandparents were also enormous, who were at the height of 1.9 meters and 1.75 meters respectively.

However, his height hasn't always been an advantage – especially as a young child. When he was in kindergarten, he used to cover the tag identifying him as a kindergartner, because others assumed he was much older because of his height.

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Xiaoyu talked about the teasing he's gone through due to his towering height. /Photo via Chengdu Business Daily

When he entered primary school, he was always troubled with hitting his head to the door frame or the edge of the wall when he went downstairs.

But what bothered him most was the never-ending attention from others. After the age of eight, Xiaoyu began to feel uncomfortable about the attention he received from strangers on the street. He was once called as a giant at the age of 10 by his schoolmate and he was so sad that he locked himself in his room for the whole day.

However, with the comfort and understanding of his parents, teachers and classmates, Xiaoyu no longer feels embarrassed about his height and has started to accept himself. When asked whether he'd be okay with getting taller, his response is conflicted: “I’m struggling with the idea. I do hope that I can keep growing and break the Guinness Record. But it won’t be convenient for me to go outside if I grow higher since I would always hit my head.”

According to the Guinness World Records consulting company in Beijing, the current record for the world’s tallest male teenager was 215.9 centimeters. The company said that Xiaoyu is potentially the tallest primary school student in the world and they could only confirm the result when his legal guardian submits an application.

“Xiaoyu is only 11 years old and he had already reached the height of 2.06 meters. Considering that he is still growing, we don’t know how high he will be when he is at 18,” said Xiaoyu’s grandmother. She said that the family would like to apply for the Guinness World Records for Xiaoyu if he is willing.

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He must just use his height advantage.
Work on speed and ball control, basketball needs long players.
Human lives mean little when those in the WEST see a bigger gain through war

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1626548377 Post time: 2018-6-28 16:40
He must just use his height advantage.
Work on speed and ball control, basketball needs long player ...

  Being a tall man doesn't mean he  will be able to play hoops well. China already has a few tall basketball players who are much taller than their Asian competitors. To Chinese fans' chagrin, these tall Chinese players act like gauche  muppets on the court just like fey Chinese footballers.

  The only thing these tall Chinese basketball players are good at is their ability to find beautiful Chinese wives or even manage to wangle a date with a Chinese girl in a hotel room after they get married.  That's what Sun Yue did.

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A Chinese woman has been told that she is unable to graduate as a teacher - because she is too short.

The woman, identified only as Ms Li, failed to qualify as she was under 150cm (4ft 9in) tall, according to the official Shaanxi News Online.

Height restrictions still exist for people seeking teaching qualifications in many Chinese provinces.

Social media users have reacted angrily to the news - saying the rules are discriminatory.

Many also say the case highlights wider problems in China's education system, with too much attention paid to things like height and not enough to other indicators.

Ms Li is an English-language major studying in her final year at Shaanxi Normal University, having first enrolled in 2014.

However, it took until May this year, shortly before graduation, for her to be told she would not be able to qualify as a teacher.

In northern Shaanxi province, men must be over 155cm and women must be over 150cm in order to receive their full teaching qualifications. Those wanting to teach at nursery are able to apply for special accreditation if they are five centimetres shorter.

Ms Li, at 140cm, or 4ft 6in, did not qualify for either.

"In four years, no one has noticed that the teacher qualification certificate has a height limit," she told Shaanxi News. "My dreams of becoming a teacher have been shattered."

The university has not responded to the criticism, but Shaanxi is not the only province with restrictions. Many regions across the country have similar rules, arguing they are in the students' interest because teachers need to be tall enough to reach blackboards.

But they have been heavily criticised in recent months. As a result, the Sichuan, Jiangxi and Guangxi regions in China have lifted their restrictions. - and now Shaanxi is in social media users' crosshairs.

'Not a beauty contest'
Thousands on the popular Sina Weibo microblog are sympathising with Ms Li's situation and are criticising the country's height restrictions for teachers, with many saying "morality" and "talent" should be valued over seemingly trivial requirements.

"It should be clearly stated in the college entrance examination medical, rather than allowing students to work hard for many years," one user wrote.

"Being limited by your height in having the ability to educate people and spread knowledge - the education department should review this," another added.
"Teachers should be chosen based on their ability and quality; it's not a beauty contest," another added.

Others said that the rule was effectively "discrimination" against shorter people, and people with dwarfism.

"No one is born wanting to be a dwarf," one user says. "Do they not have rights as human beings?"

The case also has reignited concerns about the ways in which China selects teachers, questioning why height is so important in the face of an apparent lack of screening process for people working with children.

These concerns had initially been fuelled by a number of cases in the last six months, starting in November 2017, when there was nationwide protest after video footage surfaced showing toddlers being mistreated at a Shanghai day-care centre.
Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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wow he is big

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