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The possibility of an end to the Truce signed between UN Forces (US) and North Korea maybe on the making with a Peace Accord in its place. This will signify and possibility give Kim a fast track to the world and open its economy for that expansion. The South will applaud it so does Japan too. The once heightened tension arena in the 38 parallel will change on that much note as it bring in a more subdue atmosphere to the region.

Replacing that Truce Pact to a Peace Accord will be Kim most sincere gesture and a notion that Trump will find it hard to turn it down. That very first step will bring much skeptics to its knee and a very important for Kim message he is sending to US. Kim has to make an unpresidented decision that moves the world in that order that clearly and significantly display a more peace loving gesture.

Doing that will show the world that he is willing to adopt a new posture and engage the world and as a matter of fact this has been the dream of all Koreans either in the south as well as those oversea. Peace at last on the Peninsular after 6-70 years after will bring joy to both North and South. As for the unification part, the first move will make it easier for the second to take place and even the third on denuclearlisation.

Chosing which and what step to move first will be in the hands of the Koreans to decide and the most important of all is Peace at last and never will be another drop of Korean's blood spill on the Korean soil ever again, period.

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The deal is signed and North Korea will have a new start.

It is time for Pyongyang to move forward and achieve a better profile for the country. To many it happened at a sudden but it has been 70 years behind the time. Kim is right to have chosen this path and hopefully the reoccurrence like what happen when his father do that in 1985 and 2005 will not repeat itself in his watch.

The deal bring much more than what North Korea will benefit but also to South Korea and Japan including China. It bring north Asia to one of a better security and peaceful zone as any conflict there will bring a blunt effect to the theatre surrounding neighbors in terms of trade, tension and burden it will brings.

There are many skeptics from US lawmakers that the deal is a selloff for America as much of the requirements are not clearly specified. It is easy for the critics to pinpoint each and every details but they should ask themselves, which President of United States has ever come so close to what Trump has did and get Kim to sign it off into a deal. Which President, Republican or Democrats has achieve so much as Trump did.

Remember, this summit was called off in the last minutes when those lawmakers start to gave advises to Trump as what it should be done in accordance to legislations. For that purposes the last two attempts ended in failures twice all because of bad advises from their then lawmakers and legislatures. Had Trump listen to John Bolton his National Security Advisor, this will never had happens and the end result same result as before and North Korea will be ever more terrifying than before as they have totally nothing to lose and whatever they do will affect the northern continent and spreading toward the south eventually. The most crucial point is that Trump is willing to take that one step forward to a one to one meet before that actual summit and hear from Kim as what will make it comfortable for him to move forward. At the juncture Trump can adjust the momentums to his comfort zones to move ahead together with Trump and that works well. One of Kim main concern is North Korea security and management and Trump settle it with it included into the deal as US will provide that security arrangement and umbrella over them.

With the main hurdle settle and done, Kim will find it impossible not to accept it as he is only 34 years old and has a long ways to go. Seeing that achievement will be within his era and bring a new beginning for the hermit state to one of a develop country which is even greater than the one once ruled by his grandfather and father. He is right to have make that moves not just for himself but also to South Korea and when unification take place the dream of all Koreans in the peninsular will be one in total.

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What is at hand now is a precious peace opportunity that the War Hawks in US and Japan and the Military Industrial Complex in US want to torpedo and sink. To these people, human lives had never ever mattered and better still more to be killed while they rake in Blood Profits. At least Trump chose a different path. Bravo!

Whatever had happened, had already happened whether in US or in Korea. Going forward is what people at hand can do and it should be done in such a way that least human lives are being bombed and shot, less military exercises to damage the environment etc. Most vital is how to zerorise those humans who are geared for Blood Profits with no regard for humanity. If North Koreans are changing for the better then why not?

Many Blood Profit Hawks will want turmoil. Its really up to both the North and South Koreans to zerorise these Blood Profit Hawks. China and Russia should lend the Koreans a hand. Of course Japan should too but if it chooses to side the Blood Profit Hawks, then Japan's place in history will diminish even further. To give Japan a chance, they should not be marginalised in the building of a North East Asian economic sphere. Give them some precious roles that can confisticated if they are found to support the Blood Profit Hawks whether in US or in Japan. Japan needs to learn peace - it still hasn't.

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What is at hand now is a precious peace opportunity that the War Hawks in US and Japan and the Milit ...

Trump has achieved what no other US President has done, by going against the US neocons in the Deep State and their War Hawk allies in the US Military-Industrial Complex. Trump’s decision to cancel US military “war games” with South Korea and his promise to withdraw US troops from the Korean Peninsula has caught the Blood Profits Capitalists by surprise. That means Trump wants peace for the Korean People, North and South, to be led by Kim and Moon.

Trump at his finest hour. He is the greatest!

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