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English = Colourless Language [Copy link] 中文

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Admit the fact, English is a colourless racist language. Every colour, except for "white", becomes a taboo if they refer to races.
Negro, which literally means black in portugese, becomes a taboo as the word reminds people of abominable slavery.

Yellow, become offensive if people use that to refer to Asians. The West slander the Asian immigrants as "Yellow Perils".

Red Indians are of course another example.

Today, black is becoming another taboo on the trend.

There leaves no word to use out of "racism" which reflects in the pathetic reality there. This is not because people hate colours but there are no compatible cultures, no toterance in the racist English world.

In the Chinese language there're not such discriminatory undertones as Chinese people feel comfortable to refer ourselves as "Huang zhong ren" (literally yellow), etc.

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There's a white supermacist who attacks Chinese perennially, however his own wife and own son of his own blood are bothl Chinese.

He claims himself white and Westerner, "we westerner, we white...", however he wouldn't like to let his own son to adopt his so-called Western nationalty. Yes, the nationality of Westerner's son is Chinese.  Solid actions speak louder than his hollow words.

Yeah, he should ask his own CHINESE son to read his own remarks one day!  
Yeah, when other Western perverts insult his own CHINESE son, what would he say?
I never see a person who keep stabbing a racist knife to his family.

Pervert, sicko.

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This post was edited by MichaelM at 2018-6-9 19:51

Actually, Chinese tell me all of the time that they are 'yellow.' I disagree with them. I've never seen a person who is yellow. I've never seen a person who is black. For that matter, I've never seen a person who is white. The background that you're looking at on this webpage is white. I've never seen anyone, dead or alive, that is that color. 'Yellow perils'? What is that? Never heard that one before. Interesting.
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I love China and Chinese people. I love the ancient culture and enjoy studying its history. However, from what I've seen, there is far more prejudice against people of African descent in China than I ever knew existed. So, be careful with that idea. You've got readers on here who know a lot more about China than you likely realize.

Another thing, let's not talk too much about slavery unless you are willing to look at China's own history on this matter. I think it is best just to leave that subject alone. All of our ancestors are guilty (though you and I never participated in it).

Racism of any kind is born of pure ignorance. Unintelligent people engage in such.

By the way, if English is racist (which is an utterly absurd assertion), I suggest that you write your post in Chinese lest you become complicit. Well, it's too late. You already are.
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First, you don't understand  the cultural connotation of yellow is as well as the division of ethinity.

Second, do you understand what slavery I refer to in the context? This is one race against another. Dozen of American Presidents were slaves owners and they were hailed as greatest presidents in the history of the US.

Third, I am sorry for your comprehension about my post. It is not the language that is the racist, but the people who invent the language to humiliate other people are racist.

If you didn't use colours to insult other people, the racist West would use other  words like chink, occidental to humilate people. The Indian author of White Tiger which is a novel used 'yellow" in English to refer to us Chinese, but I never feel offended.

Fourth, this is Free Talk. Don't try to gag.

What I wrote is to denounce racism here to the world. Why shouldn't  I post in English?

Fifth, what you see is what you would like to see. If you and your friends go to sea, you definitely would describe the same scenery differently. Your world is created and shaped by your own sensories. I'm not sure if you're capable of understanding.

Sixth, let me ask you whether what I am talking about is true? Those taboos in words do exist in English out of racism. Why do you try to refute? If I am talking about a kettle is black, you need to tell me whether the kettle is black or not, rather than trying to divert to the topic and tell us that the pot is black. That's irrelevant as it is another topic. Do you know how to keep on the topic, sir?

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This post was edited by zhihu1 at 2018-6-9 20:28

Of course, English is downright racist and it is not "IF", not "presumption", because those words with colours are offensive as they are stated black and white in most prestigious English dictionaries, i.e. OED.
You would be called racist if you dare to use those English to refer people in English-speaking world.

What's more, except for the taboos of colours against other races, there are tons of English slang aganist other nations, or ethnicity.

Frog  = French

Banana  = Chinese

canuck = French Canadian

bluegum = black

Bog-trotter = Irish

Frewj = Jews

brownie = Indian

chink = Chinese

coon = black people

crow = black people

Dago = spanish people

Dothead = South Asians

I can list the insulting words in English as long as my arm.

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You should ask yourself, why do your own people create numerous tons against other races as well as other nations?
The attempt to shunt  off to the different topic doesn't redeem that English is a racist language in FACT.

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