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Leading feminist Germaine Greer is making headline right now because she has said that about 200 hours of community service should be a good enough punishment for rape. She says that it is utter nonsense that almost every rape victim is claimed to have PTSD because most rapes cause no actual injury and they are just bad loving. Germaine says that to put rape victims in the same category as army men that have seen their friends blown up in some middle eastern war is outrageous and she thinks that most rape victims do not have PTSD at all. Germaine says that rape victims have not been destroyed just annoyed. Rape is not really such a big deal according to Germaine and yeah - that a good enough punishment for rape is about 200 hours of community service.

Now I don't fully agree with what Germaine Greer is saying because if I got raped in the anus I would think that 200 hours of community service for the rapist would be somewhat of a light punishment but then again not all rapes are the same and some are worse while others probably should not be described as being rape at all. For example - if I went out and got very drunk and got with a guy and woke up in his bed with a sore anus then in my opinion that would be my own fault and what happened to me should not be considered to be rape at all. But if I was walking to my car in a dark carpark and some big guy came up behind me and beat me and then raped my anus then of course this should be considered to be a rape. Right?

This so called 'date rape' nonsense is something that has come about in my lifetime. When I was a teenager in the early 90s there was no such thing as so called date rape. Pretty much all of the loving that my teenage friends and I had with teenage girls was while we were all drunk at parties. Would a girl get really drunk and sometimes endul with a guy that they wouldn't give lovin to if they were sober? Sure but that was their own fault. And of course sometimes one of my friends would get very drunk and have loving with a fatty and then my friends and I would make fun of them. This wasn't date rape.

See to begin with so-called date rape was only if a guy spiked a girls drink or gave her a pill or something to make her drowsy and then had lovin with her. But now it is claimed that a female can't give consent while she is under the influence of alcohol at all so if you get with a female that has had one alcoholic drink then you have date raped her. That is utterly ridiculous. If a person drinks alcohol then we must hold them responsible for what they do while they are drunk right? If not then drink driving would not be against the law.

So a large percentage of these so-called rapes these days are actually just drunk chicks getting with someone and then regretting it the next day so they then claim to have been raped. So in cases like these I would say that 200 hours of community service is too much of a punishment because the guy that got with a drunk chick while he was probably also drunk is not a rapist at all and he should not be punished at all. Right.

It happened to me once. When I was 16 I went to a pub in Sydney with a friend to watch some strippers. It was pretty cool because this stripper picked me out of the audience and took me on stage and got me on my knees and danced all over me and stuff. I was the only guy that went on stage with the strippers. Anyway after the strippers my friend and I played pool and got really drunk and later in the night I was talking to these two older chicks and one was hot and the other one was fat and ugly. They had joints and I smoked some pot with them outside. Anyway the next thing I know I'm in an alley behind this pub kissing the fat ugly one. I don't think we had any loving because I ended up violently vomiting in that back alley before getting in a taxi and going back to my friends place but I often don't remember everything I do when I am very drunk so who knows? Maybe I did have some loving with this fat ugly older chick. Now I was only 16 years old and I was drugged and then ended up with a fat ugly chick I wouldn't touch with a stick while sober but I do not consider what happened to be a date rape because I made the choice to get drunk and I live with the consequences - and so should everyone else. Right. If I was slipped a date rape drug by this fat ugly older chick then that would be different but I smoked her joint willingly. Whatever I did with that fat ugly older chick in that alley behind that pub was my own fault.

And assault is assault. Rape generally doesn't cause any physical injury it is the assault that occurs during the violent rapes for the most part that causes significant injury so shouldn't we separate the assault from the actual rape? So maybe Germaine Greer is onto something with what she is saying. Its not as though rape isn't a big deal but in the case of a so-called date rape where there has been no physical injury and no actual force used then what is the big deal anyway? Unless someone has been slipped a date rape drug should we stop calling every regrettable one night stand while drunk a date rape? Shouldn't we end this idea that a female that gets drunk is not responsible for her actions while she is drunk? I say female because feminists that push this nonsense couldn't care less if it is a make that gets so-called date raped like what happened to me when I was 16 in that back alley after watching strippers in that pub. They only care if the person that got date raped was a female! Thy act as though no guy ever got drunk and accidentally got with a fatty.

So what do you think about this feminist idea that 200 hours of community service is good enough punishment for rape? And do you agree with me that not all rapes are the same and that most so-called date rapes are in fact not rape at all?

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