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White Wolf [Copy link] 中文

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White Wolf

By Jack Beijing

I. Visiting Uncle Beijing

Tiring of the dazzling bright lights, last weekend I decided to pay a visit to my uncle who lives in the rural. He told me a story of a white wolf, but  would like to keep himself in low profile, and asked me not to recounter it under his real name, so I coin "Jack Beijing" as his moniker.

"Wolfgang is the name of the protagonist of the story, who is a wolf with white fur and green eyes. He is decrepit and old. He is nostalgistic and pathetic", said Uncle Beijing.

"Why did you call him Wolfgang, but not any Chinese name?" I said, "how mouthful the name is!"

"Well, I prefer granting a Chinese name-Da Bai to him, but he professed to be dissatified. Obviously he is not with Chinese breed." replied Uncle Beijing, "Maybe he is from Africa, or Europe, but nobody knows how he set his paws on Zhongguo."

"How did you get to know him?" asked I.

"He fell into a trap, severely got hurt, and seemed very hungry" Uncle Beijing said, "I was hesitated, and not sure if I should have saved him."

"Uncle Beijing, don't you forget "Mr. Dongguo and Wolf"?" exclaimed I. In that Chinese fable, Mr Dongguo was a tender-hearted gentleman, and saved a wolf from a hunter, but the wolf attacked him as soon as the hunter left away.

"You bet, I did", Uncle Beijing said with a glittering of bitter regret in his eyes, "out of stupid compassion like Mr. Dongguo, I've saved his life, cured him, provided him food and shed in my farm, but he exactly bit the hand that fed him.

(To be continued)

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II. Wolfgang

"Me, Wolfgang, is supercilious. I'm proud of myself, my white fur, my green eyes, my race of being WHITE wolf, unlike the meek stupid dogs. We WHITE wolves are dignified, superior, aggressive, intelligent. We wolves are... We wolves are...",  if anyone tries to talk to Wolfgang, this is the way mostly Wolfgang would introduce himself in the first place.

"What? What's my real name? Where am I exactly from? I ain't gonna tell ya all." Wolfgang murmured to himself, "How could I air my dirty laundry in public. Oops, what a Freudian slip, I, I mean my secrets. It is not dirty, even if it is dirty, my Chinese wife - Cathay would WHITE-WASH THEM for me." Cathay is a Chinese dog raised by Uncle Beijing in his farm.

"Hmmm, Wolfgang! I like my name my Chinese patron Beijing gave me. The Western name is up to snuff. I am not with any Chinese blood". Wolfgang was thinking to himself.

"I hate here, bad air, evil people, execrable food, stupid dogs..." whenever Wolfgang thought of this, he couldn't help going out of his shed and trotted to the hill howling to the moon above all night long as nobody could possibly understand him, even his Chinese wife and son. How lonely he was!

"Why do I have to live in this backwater of farm? There's nothing worth living here at all, at all!", protested Wolfgang.

Wolfgang must have forgotten that he has been disowned by his own pack of wolves. This was he was ashamed of mentioning to other people about his miserable past. Anyhow, it didn't matter Wolfgang pledged its allegiance to his own race-wolves.

The rest of his life was so boring, and only pleasure was to tell everyone ad nausealy how he hated the place he stayed, the people who ever and continued helpping him, without exception, including his own patron Uncle Beijing...

(To be continued)

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III Wolfgang's Wife and Son

As I mentioned previously Wolfgang had married to a full-blooded native Chinese dog whose name is Cathay. It's a good-looking native Chinese dog with yellow fur, soon it gave birth to a baby, who is a healthy puppy with yellow fur and with green eyes.

"Wolfgang, what surname shall we give our baby?" asked Cathay.

"Hmmm, Cathay Jr." Wolfgang racked his brain and made up his mind after comtemplation.

"Cathay Jr? Why? Cathay literally means China which you abhor! ", asked Cathay with perplexity, "Why don't you give it your honourable surname so that our son might one day go back to the dignified Wolf Family of yours you are so proud of?"

"Errrrr" articulate Wolfgang suddenly felt tongue-tied.

"Look, I'm unable to go back to my pack, my family has disowned me. I don't have any house there", Wolfgang had to own up to Chinese wife who had been left to complete ingorance about her husband's background.

(to be continued)

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IV Reaping what He sowed

Wolfgang felt upset again and he threw his ethnocentric tantrum towards his neighbours, "You lowlife, show a litte respect to me Wolfgang, who is a superior white wolf. We Wolves look down upon you dogs..." blah, blah...

"You wolves... You wolves... where are you wolves? " scoffed a dog, "Your wife Cathay is a native Chinese dog, your son is a Chinese puppy too with yellow fur just like us."

"Right on, you're getting older day by day, and your son is a dog but not a wolf at all, at least that's what is stated on his birth paper", another dog agreed.

"The sole Chinese son of yours is the extenstion of your life. Why do you keep insulting your own son? You are merely making a fool of your own self all the time. Pathetic, pathological boke you're! " chimed in another one.

"He wishes misfortune was visited upon our farm, us, Mr. Beijing who kindly adopts him. How ungrateful he is!" another angry voice said.

What a rude awaking! Wolfgang looked in the mirror with his green eyes that were growing cloudy, "a white but senile himself", and he casted his sight upon his son who is with yellow fur.

"My son is not a wolf, not a wolf, not a wolf", a voice from wolfgang's heart sounded again and again growing louder and louder as if he had just realised the fact for all the years he has been attacking his patron Mr. Beijing who saved him and gave him a family, bashing his farm neighbours other dogs, and he was satisfified, and proud of what he did. Wolfgang refused to accept the fact- he has been virtually attacking his own family, insulting his wife, hurt his own son, barraging his extension of hiw own life pathologically.

The evening fell again, he ran up to the hill intelligibly howling to the moon and then plunged to his death.


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P.S. Disclaimer
I'm just a narrator on the basis of the story that Uncle Beijing told me. Any resemblance to actual events or locales orpersons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes, and there would be a thousand Wolfgangs in a thousand readers' eyes too. Maybe you would find some Wolfgang just lived our community (winks), and don't say it loud and raise the dead, or Wolfgang would likely raise hell again. May him rest in peace!

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