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I was right about Amy Schumer [Copy link] 中文

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Three years ago I posted a thread on China Daily Forum titled ' I hate Amy Schumer ' and I was saying how she is an ugly and unfunny comedian that the CIA was forcing on us and that it was a waste of the CIAs money because she won't last as a celebrity. Here is some of it  -
So the latest nobody-nothing that the CIA wants us to know about is some unfunny American female comedian called Amy Schumer. Amy Schumer must have signed a CIA contract recently because she is in the news every single day he last couple of months. The CIA desperately wants you to like this Amy Schumer woman for some reason.

So the CIA must have finally finally worked out that people hate Sarah Silverman. Nobody ever liked her and she was a celebrity that the CIA manufactured. Another disgusting CIA female comedian was comedian was Chelsea Handler and nobody liked her either. So now we get this Amy Schumer woman forced on us. And I wonder where the CIA finds these people and why so much money is being spent on them. Amy Schumer is not funny. She is ugly. I do not want to see news stories about her every single day in the so-called 'news'. She will be as unsuccessful as Silverman and Handler and last for even less time. Nobody cares about this Amy Schumer woman no matter how hard the CIA works to make it seem like people do.

And if Amy Schumer is the best the CIA can throw at us then they are in a lot of trouble. They are getting desperate now. Amy Schumer?

So with Amy Schumers latest box office flop I am proven to be correct. Pretty much everyone hates Amy Schumer -

Leftist comedienne Amy Schumer has officially earned the unenviable Hollywood moniker "box office poison." After a string of failures, her latest star-vehicle, "I Feel Pretty," bombed hard this past weekend, coming in at third place with just $16.2 million for the weekend.

While the film performed slightly above original projections ($15 million), the ticket sales break just a little over half of its $32 million budget. Of that $16.2 million, half the sales go to the movie theater, which means Schumer's body-image comedy brought in just a little over $8 million this weekend. Add the costs of marketing and distribution on top of that and the movie is dead in the water.

- Daily Wire

I was right. Amy Schumer is a fat ugly unfunny CIA pig and everyone hates her.

I also wrote a thread ages ago on this site titled ' Do people like Jennifer Lawrence ' and I was saying that no people don't like Jennifer Lawrence. I was right about that too. Most people hate Jennifer Lawrence. Here is something I wrote about Jennifer Lawrence on a site called Rant Rampage three years ago -

I hate how she is such a disgusting pig. "I $%$% in sinks" - "watch me stick 50 marshmallows in my mouth" - "Im friends with Amy Shumer" ..... Shut the $%$% up you pig $%$%! The dirty slut says that people are $ex offenders for looking at her so-called 'hacked' naked photos that mainstream media wouldnt stop advertizing and wanted everyone and dog to know about ( I didnt look at them ) and then the $%$% flashes her $%$s on runways like with her sideboob dresses. If she is so worried about people looking at her breasts - then put them away you dirty $%$%.

I honestly hope that the slut chokes on Amy Shumers fat $%$%.

$%$% you Jennifer Lawrence you disgusting pig $%$%. CIA minion. Choke on Amy Shumers fat $%$%. You $%$%. And shut the $%$% up.


So. People want to say that the reason we hate these two disgusting pigs is because of their liberalism and while I do agree that this is a factor I think that the main reason we hate these two pigs is because they both act like disgusting pigs. The CIA got it in their heads that the low female masses are all disgusting pigs and they thought that if they made disgusting pigs out of their manufactured CIA female celebrities then the low female pig masses would be able to identify with them and like them. Amy Schumer looks like a fat pig but what I am talking about is acting like a pig not looking like one and both of these two put on a ridiculous pig act to try to please the female pig masses but it hasn't worked. A female CIA celebrity acting like a disgusting pig does not make them likeable - Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are proof.

So do you think the CIA will stop telling their female celebrities to act like disgusting pigs now? Will we get some female celebrities that act like ladies now? God I hope so because disgusting pigs like Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence disgusts me. I don't care how hot Jennifer Lawrence is - when stuffs 50 marshmallows in her mouth and talks about urinating in sinks it is a turn off. Do you agree?

And do you think the CIA should listen to me? Wouldn't listening to me save the CIA a lot of time, money and energy?

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So which female comedian do you like, Ann Coulter?
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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dhtax Post time: 2018-5-30 17:21

TYesi said she wouldn't last and was a waste of money. Right.

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