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Does Vladimir Putin Secretly Work for the Western Deep State? [Copy link] 中文

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Here another proof Putin is not part of the the globalist elite new world order agenda. ... llary/#108fbfa093d9

“The power of the U.S. bureaucracy is so real and when they get to Washington, they see how hard it is to effect change," Putin says, citing changes that Obama wanted to make, including closing Guantanamo prison in Cuba.

At one moment, Stone shows Putin a tweet from Hillary. She is comparing him to our favorite villain, Adolf Hitler. It was picked up by The Washington Post to remind Americans just who they are dealing with here. Stone asked him what he thought about that.

“It’s nothing new to us,” he says about Hillary’s comparison. “We are personally acquainted. She(Hilary) is a very dangerous woman. We would never make such comparisons or accusations.”

In Putin's view, so long as Russia promotes a multi-polar world, she will remain a target. So long as Russia stands in the way of regime change in Syria and Iran, Washington will be more foe than friendly. It's a position shared by many progressives, surely more than it is shared by conservatives.

The success rate to date: Afghanistan -- An inoperable tumor. The Taliban is back, and military leaders are calling for more firepower; Iraq -- a wasteland; Libya -- a migrant shipping center to Italy, practically ungovernable; Syria -- ISIS hell hole. Iran -- on deck.

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bushier Post time: 2018-5-17 22:37
Here another proof Putin is not part of the the globalist elite new world order agenda.

https://www ...

I consider action as evidence, not words.  Given that Putin promotes Cultural Marxism in Russia, and allows foreigners to attack Russian interests without retaliation makes be speculate that Putin secretly works for NATO.

But this is awesome.  I am a Westerner myself, so I am glad that Putin is actually our ally.

With Russia now belonging to the West, China is last major nation remaining to conquer.

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emanreus Post time: 2018-5-12 11:38
I find it too convenient that during a Moskwa visit Israeli airstrikes hit Syria.

It appears tha ...

Gentiles are genetically weak. Putin works for Israel.  I am so glad I converted to Joodaism.  They said that I am so genetically great that I deserve to be an honorary Joo.

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Here is proof that Putin works for his own.  Putin does not take orders from globalist elite and Zionist Jews. ... artment-about-soros

In Heated Interview, Putin Says "Ask The State Department About Soros"

The Russian president then brought up George Soros as an example of the double standards being applied to those accused of meddling in foreign affairs.

"There are rumors circulating now that Mr. Soros is planning to make the Euro highly volatile," Putin said quoted by RT.  "Experts are already discussing this. Ask the [US] State Department why he is doing this. The State Department will say that it has nothing to do with them - rather it is Mr. Soros' private affair.

I bet Putin knows who is really behind Soros. It can't be a one-man show or he would have been dead or bankrupted long ago. Spill it all, Putin. The Rothchilds?

Soros is on the US-UK-Israeli-Rothschild side of the globalist endgame where they first dominate the Levant, Russia and the EU. Trump is just a puppet.


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bushier Post time: 2018-6-8 11:09
Here is proof that Putin works for his own.  Putin does not take orders from globalist elite and Zio ...

Putin is the property of God's People, as it should be,

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