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zhihu1 Post time: 2018-5-26 14:03
Those people have a slavish mentality and fail to think independently, and always look for a master. ...

Telephone sandal?Fair tale? Black tech or black humor?LOL
Whose people are poor? British people are poor?
A tale of two cities is a fiction, as A Journey to the West is.

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zhihu1 Post time: 2018-5-26 12:32

Do you need a master?

First of all, there will be a ruler, period. What kind of a ruler do *you* want? I want an Emperor. It doesn't mean that he will be my master. I mean, he will be my Emperor, who will take care of matters of the country, so people can live freely and prosperously. If he is good, he will be my role model, too. But master? No.

Secondly, people are not created equal. Just look around, I think you can agree with that. People are born with different talents. People are not equal, and should not be compared with one another. How can we say which gift is superior? All gifts are special, all people are special, but they are not equal. It's a mistake to compare people.

If you think you don't have a "master" now (by the way you are using the term) you should think again. ...You have to work from 8 to 5, and you have to pay bills to survive. You can't do what you want. Don't you feel like a slave?

It's a messed up system. I think the world was more free 200 years ago.

Anyway, it doesn't matter what system of government you have. It only matters the personality and character of the ruling person or group of people....So you can have a bad Emperor as well. But I think it's nice that if you have a good ruler, you have someone you can admire. I really admire certain Emperors of Old China. Democracy doesn't work, because the citizens are too busy with their own jobs, they aren't concentrated to the matters of the country. So how can they know what is best, right? They don't have all the information, they haven't done the research. People are delegated specialized jobs. The citizens have their own jobs, too, that they are better at. So people should do what they are good at. I think true Emperors who can do their job well are most fit to rule countries.

If you lived through a time when Chinese civilization was flourishing, you would understand how good a good Emperor can be. And there would be none of this nonsense "do you want a master?" BS.

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All people are born equal, it is a dream rather than a reality, nobody will care about the everyday normal thing if it is not a pain to the heart, so if it is not the sad truth of the human society that people are not born and raised equal that the forefathers of the USA would not have written the simple yet hard to understand words in the declaration.

Some people are so naive, but they are not the representative of the Chinese, so ignore them and go on with our chat.

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hithere Post time: 2018-5-27 17:40
First of all, there will be a ruler, period. What kind of a ruler do *you* want? I want an Emperor ...

Why do you need a role model? Because you're not confident.
I can have one role model, two models, thousands of role models, in other words, I can learn from numerous people, but none of them should override me. I don't need an Emperor at all.

There are never ever no good emperors on Earth. You just fail to understand the nature of humans.

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Here's a story from Yu Li Zi- a book written by Liu Ji who was the most important personage of think tank of the first Emperor of Ming Dynasty of China.

There was a man who made his living for raising monkey, therefore he was named "Mr. Monkey".  Every morning, he assigned the jobs to the monkeys, asking the older monkeys to lead the little monkey to pick up the fruit on the hill, and Mr Monkey would take the 10% of them. If the quantity was too small, Mr. Monkey would beat them badlly. The all monkeys felt miserable, but no one dared to violate the rule of the man.

One day a little monkey asked all the other monkeys, " Are fruit planted by that old chap?"

All the monkeys in a voice, "Nah, they are born in nature."

Little monkey asked again, "Without that old chap, can't we pick the fruit on our own?"

All the other monekey said emphatically, "No! Everyone can pick them."

Little monkey, "Then why should we attach to them, and be enslaved to the greedy man..."

Without waiting the little monkey to finish its word, all the other monkeys understood immediately...Overnight they ran away and the man starved himself to death.

Li Ji commented only people were asleep, so the man liked Mr Monkey could possibly enslave other people; once they were enlightened, the day of Mr Monkey was to ended.

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Thumbing through the history books either China and any other countries, none of kings, emperors, etc. were really devoted to his/her people.
They live(d) in palace(s), while people in sheds.

Chinese poet Bai Juyi in Tang Dynasty aslo denounced, "The alcohol and meat in the authority's homes are stink, while people were freezed to death."

Don't talk about any nonsense to extol the king or any emperor.

You are just ignoramus of (Chinese) histories, and the nature of humans.

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People had to kowtow to emperors, while today you still wanted to kowtow to emperor?
What's wrong with your mentality?

Do you understand what Chinese, even senior officials  proclaimed themselves to emperors? They were "cheng", "nu cai" , etc. which all literally meant "SLAVES".

Of course, even nowadays people are not equal, but the society is always moving forward. "Slavery" are abolished in any countries.

You need to enlightened your mentality, and set free yourself mentality, then become an independent person in the first place.

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