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US-China Relations Entering a Period of Turbulence in 2018 [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2018-1-18 20:14
Another poster who does not know that Adolf Hitler died 72 years ago... And what, pray, did the  ...

i bet you don't know that japan was also part of Nazi

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The US is in the middle of a political and cultural crisis. It will be less stable and reliable for 3 more years (at least). China (and others like Germany, Japan and India) must be all-the-more moderate and responsible for a time. China can provide stability best by disarming the DPRK in agreement with ROK. This would enable ROK to end its military alliance with USA. Korea should be a demilitarized peninsula under Chinese protection (like Mexico and Canada are under US protection. China and ROK should be exploring this option. (DPRK has no legitimate government at this time. China must impose one mutually-acceptable to China and ROK).
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sfphoto Post time: 2018-1-17 13:40
China should ignore the USA because it is a washed-up, bankrupt and obsolete Empire.

Round Up is good for developing the mind

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Is American empire warn out and bankrupt ?  Are you deluded ?

[[ Yeah, US military Arsenal is vast and covert. Considering the SR-71 technology was developed in the 50’s may give you all an idea of what US are truly capable of... ]]

Is China and Russia capable of defending against fastest spy plane in the world,  SR-71 and the latest SR-72 ?

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bushier Post time: 2018-1-24 10:04
Is American empire warn out and bankrupt ?  Are you deluded ?

[[ Yeah, US military Arsenal is vast  ...

It’s like this: let’s say you’re an aging US serviceman suffering from heart disease, diabetes and high-blood pressure caused by a lifetime of taking drugs, eating junk food and drinking alcohol. You have financial problems paying the alimony for your divorced wife who goes around sleeping with homeless black guys. And you find out that your daughter has run away to become a crack-addicted street whore while your son has turned into an HIV-addicted gay porn star.

What do you do?

You fly to Asia and go to your old haunts — Saigon, Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Guam — because the Asian women there remind you of the good ‘ole days as a virile young US Navy man fresh out of Annapolis, ready to conquer Asia and the world. You want to get it up. You take tons of Viagra. You try a couple of Filipinas, one Korean and one Russian. But times have changed. Asia has changed. And so has the world. You get no respect from the locals. Even the Asian girls laugh at you. You lose your cool. You hate this place. You are done with ... life.

Your only hope is for your US Social Security checks to cover your bills in a senior retirement home back in the States where you will fade away watching reruns of old wartime movies. That’s all you have: memories of your glory days long consigned to the dustbin of history.

As General Douglas MacArthur once said: “Old soldiers never die. They just fade away.”

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Why would Kissinger and his master the globalist elite from the city of london  want to bankrupt America  and cause the disintegration of America, which will lead to multi polar world and also lead to more unsafe world ?

Or put it in another way, why would the globalist elite want to move their wealth to China and leave America empire that is dying ?

Who are the one that set America empire to disintegration ?  Isn't it the coming end of America empire is the result of Kissinger and the globalist elite who want to screw the 200 million white middle class America by sending millions of good pay factory jobs to China and other part of Asia using globalisation scam ?

Do you think the US military commander with nuclear button in their hands , who see the coming disintegration of America empire will take this lying down and surrender without a fight ?  If you white christian American army generals will give up their status quo easily without a fight ? If you believe so, then you do not know how Deep State in America operate ? Some of them operate indepedently of the globalist elite and have their own selfish interest too.

Please go and study how the America DEEP STATE work before you come the such erroneous conclusion while having a good cup of Starbucks with your China mistress. :)

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