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Why the obsession with natural birth?   [Copy link] 中文

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JFenix Post time: 2017-9-7 20:43
That is the saddest thing I have ever heard.

If you don't have dominion over your own body - you  ...

I think patient can always over ride family demands. I don't think women are deprived of such rights in China or anywhere in the world

Its just the mentality needs to be changed..

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ceciliazhang Post time: 2017-9-7 15:12
This is why misunderstanding arises. People believe natural delivery is better for babies.

its true natural delivery is better for babies and mother.

The initial struggle by child during delivery helps develop some immunity for child.  I am no doctor so this is just what I heard. I may be wrong.

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symondsez Post time: 2017-9-8 13:57
I would not like to debate on such issue where death of a  mother and innocent child is involved.  ...

It was YOU who started this debate by calling for the mother to be charged!

People who commit suicide do so out of desperation; in this case her family's refusal to accept her plea for C section, and the unbearable pain she was going through forced her to take her life!
It's easy to sit back in your armchair and fire shots at this poor woman who had gone through so much pain; she was seen in the video crouching in extreme pain.  So sorry for her!

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JFenix Post time: 2017-9-8 00:25
I agree except for one thing - a c-section is major surgery.  That should be something done if its ...
f its determined as  necessary by the doctor.

I get what you mean, but don't necessarily agree. In countries where costs of pregnancy, delivery, and aftercare (or any medical treatment for that matter) is fully covered by state (from tax revenues), I agree - no individual should decide such risky procedures without doctor's support.

However, in countries/hospitals where the state does not sponsor medical treatments, and the customer pays it all from their own pocket, then I believe in self-determination of individuals to choose treatmets however risky. But they must then be prepared to also cover the failures - if not themselves, then through insurances.

I'm not sure how much state sponsors of baby deliveries in China - we paid about 10K for ours this spring, and from what I have learned, that is quite cheap. In many hospitals the doctors have a tendency to push for C-section because it is more expensive and better profit for them.

Therefore I tend to think (again, not sure), that in China delivery costs are mainly covered by the families themselves, and as such whatever treatment they want and are prepare to pay for, should be provided.

Same way that most cosmetic surgeries are medically unnecessary and every year (globally) many people die from complications arising from them, and many more resort to public healthcare to fix related issues.

So I think that in China if a woman wants C-section and is ready to pay for it, then she should get it regardless of risks. Of course this is just my personal opinion.

That said, my wife just mentioned that in China, towards the end of pregnancy, the state considers woman too unstable to make major decisions, and that is why she loses authority to decide about things like C-section. That's why it was the husband's decision in that case.

So to revisit my original comment on this thread, I think in this case the state is to blame for devising such law.

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symondsez Post time: 2017-9-8 14:01
its true natural delivery is better for babies and mother.

The initial struggle by child during d ...
during delivery helps develop some immunity for child.

That struggle can sometimes be too much. In this case the doctors clearly pointed out that the baby has quite big head, and the head is the most difficult to thing to push through.

The most common complication that arises in these situatiuons, is that pushing the baby's head out takes so long that the baby remains without oxygen too long and suffers permanent brain damage.

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This cold blooded family should be punished by God and he hopefully makes them all jump out from a window one by one to eliminate this bad DNA from this planet.
Twentyfive percent out of nothing is still nothing!

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seneca Post time: 2017-9-8 11:44
That is a minority view, the belief dear to Westerners. It isn't what the Chinese or anyone else ...
should be the woman's choice alone

I guess you were replying to me, although it didn't show on my alerts.

Anyway, yes maybe it is a minority believe, but so have many other things been - starting from our monkey ancestors coming down from trees and starting to walk on two legs.

China: a child is a national property

I wouldn't go quite that far in criticizing Chinese system in this aspect. I limit it the fact that every invididual, and the state itself, is supposed to serve the party, regardless of what the party does or does not do - not the other way. I don't call it ownership, just expectations.

family is the woman's nursing staff if she has to stay in the hospital due to complications. You know, I hope, the situation in Chinese hospitals, yes?

We had a baby in China this spring (without any assistance from either family by the way), and while we didn't go to a public hospital (nor an expensive foreign owned private hospital), I have visited such and know what the situation there is like. That's what the state can afford as public service. It's not a priority for China's leaders at the moment to change that, and I'm not sure if the general public would even want to change that. Maybe it is a cultural thing, or a trust issue.

For sure a cultural thing is that woman having a baby is not considered a natural thing here. It is treated as sickness, which also shows in the post-partum practises. Not too long ago one mother was cooked alive under piles of blankets in the summer heat, no?

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