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Why China and India should be Friends   [Copy link] 中文

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manoj10 Post time: 2017-8-12 00:04

The USA Empire needs new victims to satiate the blood lust and money greed of its Capitalist Oligarchy. Modi has inadvertently set up India to be the next victim of the rapidly declining USA Empire.

What's worse than a milking cow? A sacrificial lamb.

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sfphoto Post time: 2017-8-13 13:19
The USA Empire needs new victims to satiate the blood lust and money greed of its Capitalist Oliga ...

You can free to believe in your spider web illusion

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manoj10 Post time: 2017-8-13 17:29
You can free to believe in your spider web illusion

Not me but Modi. Just look at the way he glorified the fallen Sepoys who served as cannon fodder during WWII:

I began my visit by going to the Arlington National Cemetery -the final resting place of many brave soldiers of this great land.
I honoured their courage and sacrifice for the ideals of freedom and democracy.
It was also the seventy-second Anniversary of the D-Day.
On that day, thousands from this great country fought to protect the torch of liberty on the remote shores of a land that they did not know.
They sacrificed their lives so that the world lives in freedom.
I applaud …India applauds, the great sacrifices of the men and women from ‘The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ in service of mankind.
India knows what this means because our soldiers too have fallen in distant battlefields for the same ideals.

Modi suffers from some kind of myopia due to his own spider web of delusions. In the above extract of his speech before the US Congress, he equates the brown Sepoys to be on the same level as white US soldiers who served in WWII. Didn't anybody tell him that those same brown Sepoys do not qualify as "white" and would not have been allowed into the USA back then?

Gandhi’s non-violence inspired the heroism of Martin Luther King.
Today, a mere distance of 3 miles separates the Martin Luther King memorial at Tidal Basin from the statue of Gandhi at Massachusetts Avenue.
This proximity of their memorials in Washington mirrors the closeness of ideals and values they believed in.
And that's why Martin Luther King campaigned for the civil rights of black US soldiers who also served in WWII.

Lastly, Gandhi opposed India's war effort and launched the "Quit India" campaign because he didn't want to see brown Indian Sepoys fighting and dying as cannon fodder while India remained under white British rule.

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