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Chinese students told to work hard or face degree downgrade [Copy link] 中文

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( A new undergraduate management regulation at one of China’s top universities has sparked a nationwide debate on the future of the country’s higher education system.

Huazhong University of Science and Technology in central Hubei Province says undergraduate students who perform poorly will not be able to continue their bachelor courses, but will instead only be able to achieve an associate degree.

Many Internet users think it is unacceptable not to be given a bachelor’s degree after fierce competition in the earlier college entrance examination.

However, the university responded that the new measures respect students with different levels of potential.

"The system offers a certain degree of flexibility in the current education model. Students who don’t get enough credits will be given another opportunity to continue their studies, rather than simply drop out of school," the university said in an online statement.

And Huazhong’s justification has gained a lot of support on social media platform, Weibo.

User @Haishijiaowohuizhangdarenba said, "For those who face dropout, it is a good choice."

"The new measures will not affect those who study hard at all. For the slackers, it is better for them to learn the lesson at school than after graduation. It should be encouraged in other universities as well," posted @Chitushaonvyaolianle.

While @Liangleibadao said, "The regulation was adopted at Tsinghua University more than a decade ago. It is nothing new. The requirement is not that harsh at the end of day."

This is a wake-up call for many Chinese undergraduates, as universities usually have a higher threshold to get in, with only 40 percent of enrollment rate nationwide, but almost the lowest dropout rate in the world.

Reports say that 160,000 students dropped out of universities and colleges in China in 2011.

That was only 0.75 percent of the country’s millions of students, compared with 15.6 percent in public universities in Australia and an average of 20 to 25 percent in the US.

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Huazhong University of Science and Technology was raised to top university after it brough Tongji Medical University under its wing. Majority of its students are good in examinations because they simply cheated openly but their invigilators did not mind.

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Some of the engineering students could not even formulate simple equations to solve problems!

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This post was edited by markwu at 2017-8-3 12:47

I think it is important to maintain even raise standards of graduating examinations and find new methods of how to teach courses from middle school through to university.

University is different from college so that university course exams are different from university entrance exams even if the latter are more severe in the case of the said institution. Getting into a university by passing its entrance exam does not earn anyone the privilege of passing to get a full degree if the student does not perform well in all the exams of the university. It is an endurance race to perform consistently well in all papers and coursework throughout every year of the course.

And this will become critically important into the future because you have already noted how every new generation loses an extra ounce of endurance whether in brain work or muscle work; material progress comes at a price and people tend to get lazier when their lifestyle gets easier.

But you are pitting against the whole world and the university is only the first of three stages by which the foundation of REAL progress is made for the whole nation so that if good, become better and if better, become the best.

Any consolation? An exam result is not a full measure of life success which is how you will actually perform in the real world, many of whose features are not taught inside any classroom or lecture hall or laboratory, even on any hospital bed or surgical theatre.

The know-how gained in class is just the basic track to start thinking critically about the problem with view to creatively find its solution and that part of the process of productive mental flowering requires attitude and altitude which in turn go back to character building and a deeper understanding of one's role to society, nation and world.

Just trying to get something although not putting enough work into the effort is not good enough. You know that just from knowing it takes five times more special effort to top-score a degree than its next lower grade.

All - understand self-weakness, close gaps, raise bar. You're not in this for the short haul. In the future as it has been in the past, the major war in the world has always been the war for REAL TALENT.

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China does educate top brains but majority of university students do not know what is outside their textbooks. Worse is they underperform at work but get promoted because they are well related. In the fields of science and technology,G they help to bring the standards down further.
Good for China because US could squash China easily!

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Graduating normally doesn't mean a good job .. why you guys don't understand that ..

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