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Gas attack in US [Copy link] 中文

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965. Poison(liquid) gas attack on 6/9 (6/12/2017)

May and June is dry season in San Jose. But recently, there were a few light rain at night. I have some container in yard to collect rain water. I noticed there was a little water inside the container otherwise I even was not aware there had been a rain at night. I was alarmed because I fear the Feds would attribute the death to West Niles disease spread by mosquitoes.

The weather report of 6/8 said there would be a light rain at late night. Next morning, I look outside, found it was dry. At half after eight, my wife went to work. She left with the door open so I close the door for her. To my surprise, she came back home and left the door opened again. I later think it was the direct from her handler. Of course I closed the door.

After breakfast I went to back yard. Then it started rain. It was light rain. I could feel humid little water drop floating in the air, like heavy foggy days in winter. When the water drop became bigger I went inside.

In noon I had a severe stomach ache. It happened three times that day. All happened about four hours late after the meal. Since the Feds continuously poisoning my food, I keep alarm on food. Lucky enough this time, all the food I had eaten that day were verified safe before so I could exclude the food factor. Then what is it?

That unusual June light rain reminded me of Kim Jongnan's murder case. He died of a liquid poison VX by skin contact or gas breathing. I allege the Feds used the same material to poison me recently.
They spread the poison with rain drop at night on the purpose to let victim breathe in the evaporated poisonous gas next morning. When the the result couldn't satisfy their desire, they created a light rain to increase the dose.

VX is very slow to evaporate and is therefore usually found as a viscous liquid, similar in texture to motor oil or honey.

In this state, it's highly toxic when it comes into contact with skin.

"You need a microscopic amount to kill one person, which is what happened to Kim Jong Nam," said Bretton-Gordon, the chemical weapons expert.

It's likely that Kim at experienced pinpointed pupils, a runny nose, and nausea, before finding it hard to breathe and feeling his heart racing.

He probably then had loss of bladder and bowel control, convulsions, seizures, and finally death while on the way to the hospital just minutes later.

I didn't suffer the described symptoms of the news. I think they used diluted liquid to make it hard to be discovered. What happened to me is my digestive system was hurt. It caused swollen digestive organ that caused severe pain when the food passes through. The pain is so severe that it causes sweating. The pain caused by solid food or long fiber food. Liquefied food can ease the pain.

In my experience the rain water drop is identical to description "a colorless, odorless, tasteless(I didn't taste) liquid that's deadly in microscopic amounts." So microscopic that a fog amount cause a suffering.

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Alright, before you come to any conclusion, go to the hospital and have a check.
I forgot how to forget.

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966. Acoustic weapon attack after gas attack (6/19/2017)

I wrote "965, Gas attack" on 6/12. Next day, 6/13, the overcast sky became a bright day full of sunshine. For that gas attack, the Feds maintained week long cloudy weather so they could spread chemical by rain. When I revealed it, they quickly changed the weather style by moving in warm air mass. The high temperature quickly jumped to 90s from 70s within days.

Dangerous heat to scorch southwestern US through midweek
June 18, 2017, 6:47:27 AM EDT

The dangerous heat baking the southwestern United States will not relent its grip on the region through much of the week.


Sizzling heat wave creates health hazard in Southwestern U.S.
        Yahoo News Digest       June 19, 2017

The Southwest is about to feel the wrath of a punishing heat wave that includes a forecast of 120 degrees in Phoenix

On same day of 6/13, the strong ground vibration came back too with the sunshine. I think the Feds quickly planed a new plot with acoustic weapon to murder- introduce natural heat to cover up the heat created by resonance.

On 6/14, I also suffered a poison attack. It might be a cover up action. But to my experience, It's not gas chemical attack, though the result were similar - severe stomach-ache. In gas attack, the pain took place four hours and thirty minutes later after meal. In food poison case, the pain took place one hour later after meal. The difference is evident. I have to sleep in hall in case some one to enter house to poison the food.

910. Acoustic weapon killing (6/27/2016)

In the midnight of 6/26/2016, I woke up to an unusual warm feeling. The heat was from inside body, seemed from blood. Since the Feds using acoustic weapon, I encountered such situation several times. Of course, it also came with strong ground vibration feeling. I had to leave my bedroom and slept in the sofa of the sitting room. A few minutes later the heat inside the body disappeared. I had thought a lot about that phenomenon, now I realize it was the killing resonance. The body of human being has its own resonance frequency. Once the Feds apply that frequency on people, it will cause vibration that produces heat or other damages in their blood, organ or parts of the body.

I had been intimidated by the Feds through the TV commercial. At that time I thought the heat killing was microwave radiation. Now I realize it is the acoustic weapon. I had posted my allegation in #815. That TV station disappeared several months later after my revelation. Watch that commercial I posted below. It well proves the heat killing weapon.

quote, 815. TV commercial intimidation (2/8/2014)

ICN is a TV channel that broadcast Chinese news and movies. I think it is run by Chinese capital. My wife used to tune on that channel to watch its TV series. When the series is interesting, I join in.

I noticed there is a strange commercial in recent broadcast. I think it is an intimidation from the Feds.

The first one: A lady sits in a sauna room. A pig is approaching her, sniffing. The lady drops some water on heater and create a steam. A thermo-charter shows the temperature goes up followed with a word “COOK? Then lady disappeared and the pig leaves.

Followed by second one: Most of commercial shows how a fish without water is struggling for air. At last a word appears: NO ATTACK.

If the motive of the commercial is “cook”right and “no attack? then they were very bad products. People can hardly link sauna room and fish out of water to it. It is good death  intimidation if you know the killing method of the Feds. They used to kill people with microwave radiation. They also kill victims in prison by suffocation with plastic bag on head, then claim it was a suicide.

I think this is particularly on me. Chinese traditionally symbolize year with twelve animals. I was born in the year of pig. That’s why they put a pig in that commercial.

That unusual advertisement was broadcast at 11pm (Monday to Friday) at Channel 26.4 ICN(San Francisco Bay Area) in a two hours long (each week day)Chinese series. See how cruel they treat that fish in that commercial.

Watch how did they torture that fish to produce this commercial.

967. Question about gas attack of 965 (6/26/2017)

Are you suggesting that your wife is in on a government plot to poison you?

If any of what you said were true, hundreds of people around would be getting sick as well. You cannot target a single individual with an airborne gas without affecting other people in the area.

Chill out and take some pepto. ... r/gas_attack_in_us/

Yes, I think so. One tactic the Feds uses is to provoke married couple(or other family members) so they can benefit from the family conflict. Though my wife doesn't necessarily involve in direct poison, she may passively join in. e.g. in this gas poison attempt, she left the door opened in the name of "to fresh the air inside the house". I think that's the order from her handler. My wife maybe even not know what is it for.

1. Drone now is a popular flying tool. There should be no problem for them to spread liquid precisely in victim's yard. Those drones Amazon even used to deliver small packages.

2. VX is very slow to evaporate and is therefore usually found as a viscous liquid, similar in texture to motor oil or honey. It's not a material easy to be diffused.

3. The Feds (FBI and DEA) have moved residents in my area away already. What left in my neighborhood are agents and informants. They should have been noticed to leave if there is a danger.

*Neighboring People I knew were dead or moved.
#10. The death of old people

My daughter had three playmates at that time. They knew each other in the park next to us. They lived in same street. After the drug case, (about in 1992)the girls' parents moved away with them, Leaving three old people in their houses. The three old people are: grandma Lin, grandma Huang and grandpa Huang. It's unusual because in Asian' tradition, working parents used to let grandparents foster children. The girls age were 3-5 years old then.

Then on March 1999, I left for South-east Asia because I could not bear the torture of EM wave. (Although I don't know exactly what kind of wave they are using, electric-magnet wave is the best word for it. Microwave is one kind of it.) Within months after my leaving, all three old people died. It seems that they will eliminate those who know my story. I worry about those young people's lives if their death could not been explained as old. I'm afraid law enforcement agent will frame them in some case,(drug case is the easiest one) and then kill them in custody by the hands of gang members in jail.

*community several blocks away from my house are emptied already.
#733. Swimming pool speaks (8/20/2012)

In 1990s, when I abandoned driving, I used to walk to the super markets. I was impressed by the large noise of cheering children in a swimming pool along Amberwood Ln which is cross High Way 680 from my house. The pool belongs to a Condo community. Probably started from 2000, the children disappeared. I was too, impressed by the dead silence when I passed that swimming pool. The Feds must have moved all families away. (at least the families with children) I realized how large scale the case was that the Feds applied on me.

This year, I learned the skill to post the picture to the internet. On August 5, Sunday, between 4 pm to 5:30 pm, I took pictures of the two swimming pools near my residence. Summer will end. New school year will soon start. The swimming pool is as dead as it was in recent decade. ... q9BAyA7Ig=s196-p-no

8/5/2012 Sunday 4pm Amberwood Ln. ... c1145eedad9b41b4cd0

8/5/2012 5:30pm Sunday Alves Circle, Croply Rd. ... 1lunwS1ZA=s196-p-no
1,2. Swimming pool
3. Public park
4. Small World Pre-school

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968. The Feds behaves like Mafia (7/2/2017)

There was a news on 2/22/2017. I think it is a poison threat from the Feds after their 2/19 case failed to go through. The case was signaled by Trump's fake "terrorist attack on Sweden" and "Oroville dam crisis". (See #947, 948. Frame a case on 2/19 (2/18/2017), 949,950.)

Texas to feral pigs: It's time for the 'hog apocalypse' to begin

Maria Gallucci            Mashable•Feb 22, 2017,

Sid Miller, the state's agriculture commissioner, just approved a pesticide — called "Kaput Feral Hog Lure" — for statewide use. ... 54103668736/photo/1

"This solution is long overdue," he added. "Wild hogs have caused extensive damage to Texas lands and loss of income for many, many years."

Texas's agriculture commission estimates that feral hogs cause $52 million in damage each year to agricultural businesses by tearing up crops and pastures, knocking down fences and ruining equipment.

The so-called hog lure is derived from warfarin, a blood-thinning agent that's also used to kill rats and mice in homes and buildings. Animals don't die immediately from eating the odorless, tasteless chemical. That would be too kind. Instead, they keep eating it until the anti-clotting properties cause them to bleed to death internally.

This week, Miller approved a rule change in the Texas Administrative Code that allows landowners and agricultural producers to use Kaput — essentially warfarin-laced pellets — to keep feral hogs off their property. ... g-%22feral-hog.html

It's the word "Animals don't die immediately from eating the odorless, tasteless chemical. That would be too kind." reminds me this is not an ordinary news but a torture death threat. The Feds used to symbolize me with pig. See (#967. Chinese traditionally symbolize year with twelve animals. I was born in the year of pig.)

The gas poison (VX?) I talked about in #965 is a torture poison. The pain lasted nearly about an hour and so painful that caused sweating.

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969. Poison information for sharing (7/9/2017)

The poison derived from warfaring talked in last message is not long overdue. They had used it on me long time ago. What they approved should be that gas poison - VX. it's new and hard to be discovered - To kill in the form of gas or rain. But they can't say it's a chemical gas, so use "derived from warfaring" instead.

Sometime ago, I frequently felt a bloody smell from stomach after eating something. I abandoned the food and think that probably was a kind of poison eroded the membrane of stomach that caused bleeding. Now this news said it is a blood thinning agent.

One kind of poison is a popularly used by Chinese secret police. The symptom is there is itching in joint after eating the food. I allege it would end with thyroid cancer. I used to find it in Chinese candy and biscuit, Especially in date (fruit) and chestnut. They used to be given us as gift from people who came back from a China tour.

Another poison causes dim vision. I think it is derived from a mouse poison. In a box of "Rat killing bait" I saw the instruction said the bait killing mice by blinding their eyes. The symptom is it came with a lot of tears after eating the food. It used to be mixed in Chocolate as candy. It also can be found in vegetables. I also find it frequently in muffin and cake of a large food wholesale club. Last year my wife had a European tour. She brought back many chocolate, cookie gift box. I found they were all contaminated with that vision poison. I asked why she bought so many she said the "tax free store" was just on sale when she went there. That's the way how the Feds deliver the poison food to their target.

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186. Slow poison (12/6/03) (continue to message 181 and 182)

When I thought over what happened to the sandwich and beef soup. I recalled an article in Readers' digest. It was a story about a defect Russian pilot.

Lt. Viktor Belenko drove a Mig-25 to Nakodate, Japan on 9/6/1976. The Mig-25 was the most advanced fighter in Russia at that time. US experts flied to Japan, dismantled the plane and had a thorough examination. They returned the dismantled Mig fighter to Soviet Union about ten days later. The defect pilot, was under "witness protection" and lived in somewhere US.

I noticed the article talked about that once authority had suspected this was a fake defection because the expert found some most important part of technique were missing in the plane. The article also talked about that Belenko refused a huge rewards. (millions of dollars) He said he wanted to make a living by his own hands. That his defection was not for money but for opinion. It's real incredible for money oriented intelligence, I think.

The thing impressed me most was the pilot was poisoned when he was hidden in witness shelter. Belenko was still young but he was bald. The medical examination concluded that it was caused by slow poison of a kind of rare metal. (I forgot the name of that metal) The article, of course, alleged it to the work of KGB. I don't believe it. Few people would know where the pilot was if he was under "witness protection". And it was easy to identify the person who had access to pilot's food. (Slow poison took a long time work.) Most likely he became a Quinea pig for intelligence in test of slow poison. When he was of no use but a burden for them.

There are many such examples. The most known one were former Phillipine President Marcos, and former Iranian Tsar Barlivie. When they were rulers they were loyal ally of US. Once they lost power and had to drift abroad they became a political burden of US. Because they were ousted by their own people. Barlivie even couldn't find a shelter in US.. They both died in a short time. ( in about three years or less?) Marcos died of kidney failure and Barlivie died of cancer(?)

There are many advantages of slow poison murder. 1. Work covertly. All death are like a natural one. (like diabetes, kidney failure, cancer...) 2. Control the death on will. They can make target getting sick by slow poison, once the death is neccesary for Feds, what they have to do is just increase the dose, the target died to intelligence' demand without causing a suspicion. 3. Deniable. If the lethal dose is 100 gram, they can dilute the actual poison dose at 1 gram each. So it's safe for them even if they were caught. Because it' s not lethal. 4. It's hard to track because the dose each time used is a tiny one.

This explains what happened in sandwich and beef soup story. The people involved behaved strangely. They thought there was something in food. Nobody knew it was a slow poison, and anybody could eat it and nothing would have happened unless they were fed for a long time. Later, I still noticed they slowly poisoned me. I omit the story here because there is more urge information to tell. I'll post them if there is chance.

Though I couldn't feel the poison before. The situation changed this year. Since this July, they aggressively intensified the persecution. Include poison which I think led to the cancer outbroke on my father in law. I feel unwell after eating poisoned food. This is one reason I said they are going crazy. Feds increased poison dose. They are in a hurry

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181. Soup (11/21)

Poisoning is a traditional method to murder. There is no exception for Feds. But they do it in different way. They made it more like a natural disease or sometimes, directly plant virus or germ to the victims.

Sometime about 92 (? If I can't remember the exact time, I put a "?") my wife started to suggest me to go to the restaurant which Mr. X owned. Mr. X was a seller in Flea market. I thought he was an informant of Feds so I refused. My wife kept suggesting to go to Mr. X's restaurant although she knew I didn't like him and that restaurant was far away from our house. Her repeating suggestion caused my suspicion. What was it for?

One day when I was having meal with my wife, she took out two cups of soup. She gave me one "This beef soup is for you. I have that WonTon soup. I bought them from Mr. X's restaurant."

The long accumulated suspicion broke out. I was angry. "You know my opinion about Mr.X. Why are you keeping request me to eat his food? Is there something in the soup? You drink it." I pushed the beef soup cup to her.

My wife didn't say a word. She sat there, lowered her head, dare not to watch me. When I urged her " drink it, why you dare not drink it?" She had a strange reaction. She held a piece of chopstick, soaked it into the beef soup, then slowly put the chopstick into her mouth. She might drink a drop of soup or even less. Obviously she was forced to do so. So she herself suspected the soup might have been poisoned. That's the only way she could do then - pretended tasting a little soup.

After my anger fading away, I realized my wife was forced to do so. I hurried to finish the meal. Left her behind to take care of that full cup of beef soap. Later when I got familiar with Feds tactic, I know that even she drank the whole cup of soup. Nothing would happen. They murder with low dose poisoned food to make it look like a natural death.

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