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gork Post time: 2017-5-9 02:49
Full of it!

Prior to my presentation, I received a detailed tour highlighting the admirable work, s ...


Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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Quackonomist Guttersnipes About China's OBOR

There is no English equivalent for "bonhomie". Anglo bonhomie results in them writing that they want to see China and India "at each other's throats" in the margins of a report by auztralian ambassador to China, Dr. Gregory Clarke. It results in war criminals, Nixon and Henry "useless eaters" Kissinger, asking China to nuke India.

Here's the Quackonomist trying to sully China's Belt & Road project with the usual anglo sad little bastardry guttersniping: So they came up with the anodyne-sounding belt-and-road translation (despite the unfortunate acronym it produces for the forum: BARF).
- China faces resistance to a cherished theme of its foreign policy

Well, that pegs their mental age!

A second problem is finding enough profitable projects to match the vaulting ambition of the scheme, which aims to create a Eurasian trading bloc rivalling the American-dominated transatlantic area.

LOL! China is already the World's largest trading nation not counting the EU as a bloc. The Great Satan is in third place!

Belt-and-road projects are failing already. In Kara-Balta in Kyrgyzstan, Zhongda China Petrol, a state-owned company, built a big oil refinery—then found it could not buy enough crude oil to run it at more than 6% of capacity.

That's the same BS is pointing to China's cities which have yet to be populated and calling them ghost cities.

According to Tom Miller of Gavekal, a consultancy, the Chinese think they will lose 80% of their money in Pakistan, 50% in Myanmar and 30% in Central Asia.

Could be worse! China could be undergoing a HUGE doggie death spiral, be bankrupt, insolvent and desperate and be dependent "on the kindness of strangers" as Mark Carney has put it, for infrastructure or as Jan Philipp Albrecht has put it, "f***ed".

Third, locals in some countries are angry about what they view as China’s heavy-handedness.

Perhaps there are one or two people who don't remember the atrocities committed by the poodle empire. Perhaps they don't exist and have been invented by the Quackonomist.

In parts of Asia, democratic politics have been challenging China’s commonly used approach to deal-making—cosying up to unsavoury regimes.
. . .
In 2011 Myanmar suspended work on a vast Chinese-financed dam at Myitsone, to popular acclaim.

The most unsavoury being the Great Satan, its poodle and its doxy in Palestine. And Myanmar only suspended it after engaging with the Great Satan.

Even in Pakistan, one of China’s closest friends in Asia, Mr Xi has been forced to abandon his usual mantra of “non-interference” in others’ internal affairs. Late last year China openly appealed to Pakistan’s opposition politicians not to resist construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a part of the belt that links Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province, with Gwadar on the Indian Ocean.

Assuming the above is true (which with the Quackonomist is asking a lot) talking to politicians in another country is not "interference in the internal affairs" of another country. Only a BS-rag like the Quackonomist would talk such total krap!

Illegally infesting nations such as Palestine, Occupied Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan, to name but a few, and forcing elections IS illegal interference.
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More BS

Mr Juncker might better have said that while Britain, unfortunately, is exiting the EU, Europe will always remember the linguistic gift it is leaving behind.
- Mr Juncker might better have said that while Britain, unfortunately, is exiting the EU, Europe will always remember the linguistic gift it is leaving behind.

Considering English is based on latin, greek and arabic, the above BS is on a par with Senile's claim that the Anglo left railways in India. That, in turn, is like a bank robber claiming they left behind a car which they abandoned during their getaway.
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Ridiculous China Bashing

Nancy Pelosi has just led a delegation to see the Ocean Guru in violation of recognising China's sovereignty over Tibet. But then the Great Satan regularly violates international law as it did when the CIA fomented an uprising in Tibet in the 1950s, which it now admits. This is the constant, malignant attitude of hostility from the Anglo/zionist gangsters as the global village's criminal element.

Since 2005, the Chinese government has been funding Confucius Institutes (CI) in the United States—a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. For example, it gave $4 million to Stanford University as a onetime gift. What is behind the largesse? Does the China regime just want to promote Chinese culture or is there something more insidious about its intentions?
. . .
To address this question, the National Association of Scholars (NAS) commissioned a report released in April, “Outsourced to China: Confucius Institutes and Soft Power in American Higher Education.”

- Controversy Surrounds Confucius Institutes at American Universities

So, rather than ask why the Great Satan is funding a report on China, they point out that China is spending $4m on Stanford!

The accusations are weak: The faculty at the University of Chicago objected to an external party hiring and training teachers.

And the demands are absurd: Peterson found that Chinese teachers felt pressured to avoid certain topics that are censored in China, such as the Tiananmen Square massacre, Tibet, Taiwan, Falun Gong, and criticism of Communist Party legitimacy.

When was the last time you saw a MuckDonald advert telling you they use trans-fats which are carcinogenic, or that the chicken is ammonia drenched and mechanically reclaimed or that the beef is also ammonia drenched "pink slime", or that the soda is sweetened with HFCS?

And here's the extent of China's "atrocities":
Wang, who was born in China, initially identified the display on placards as costumes and supplies for “Peking Opera,” which is the original historical term and remains the preferred terminology. She notes that the National Performing Peking Opera still uses “Peking Opera.”

But the Confucius Institute insisted on “Beijing Opera,” the term preferred by the Hanban. A compromise was worked out to use “Beijing (Peking) Opera.”

Whereas the Great Satan has a torture chamber at Hormon Square, where victims aren't even charged with crimes, so it's every bit as bad as Guantanamo Bay and Amerikan sheeple can now be droned to death using "death warrants" with no trial whatsoever.

There's not even the suggestion that these institutes, for example, fund opposition groups as war criminal George Soros and the Great Satan State Department has been doing.

Freakin' lame!
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Krappy News Network Tries and Fails to Smear OBOR
- another "neo-colonialism" accusation from the illegal immigrants

Most analysts agree that, for all its rhetoric about trade and development, OBOR is primarily a political project.
It has been compared to the Marshall Plan -- the huge redevelopment initiative undertaken by the US to rebuild Western Europe in the wake of World War II, after which it emerged as a global superpower -- though Chinese state media has vociferously rejected this analogy.
According to Tom Miller, author of "China's Asian Dream: Empire Building Along the New Silk Road," OBOR is part of a plan by China focused on "restoring its historical status as Asia's dominant power."
"China's new 'empire' will be an informal and largely economic one, posited on cash and held together by hard infrastructure," Miller writes. Balding said the project is "more like a diplomatic effort for China to win friends and influence people," rather than a strictly economic program.

- Just what is this One Belt, One Road thing anyway?

In response to their own question, they claim China is somehow seeking to dominate. Yet, the Marshall Plan was imposed on the World after two World wars both of which the Anglo/zionist gangsters started, in order to spread usage and dependence on the "worthless paper" USD. Following the lend-lease scam of selling armaments via an extortionate loan and the Marshall Plan for reconstructing from the war that the anglo/zionist gansters started, they imposed dollar hegemony. Unlike WW1, they didn't even wait for the end of the war as they did at the Genoa Conference in 1922, agreeing the new monetary regime at Bretton Woods in 1944, just as anglo/zionist gangster backed libyan rebels created a central bank as soon as the Anglo fomented war started. The Anglos have long fomented wars and then, when both warring nations were bankrupt, sold arms to both sides, funded by loans where interest rates are typically 50% (not a typo).

Despite their accusation they have nothing to support it and one propagandist even contradicts the other! What does "posited on cash" and "hard infrastructure" mean? Where is the coercion? Where is the illegal invasion?

And when China WAS the World's dominant power, she sent Zheng He on a voyage of trade, not war. No nations were illegally infested. No natural resources were plundered. No people were enslaved. No economies were devastated.

And is THIS the best they can do?: "The most notorious allegations have been levied against Chinese investment in Africa, which often sees large, state-owned companies set up shop, bring in workers from China -- as opposed to hiring locally -- and then re-export mined raw materials back home," he said.

Note it doesn't claim they ONLY hire chinese workers. And where else would China export raw materials? China is not a charity in much the same way the Anglos are not given to pay for things they thieve and the people they enslave or the reparations they owe for the genocides they commit. Thanks to Anglo infestation, China is still in about 100th place on the per capita wealth league tables.
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Yet More Chinese Head Taxes

The Anglo illegal immigrants imposed head taxes on Chinese in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Auztralia during the gold rush there.

Having flooded the World with their "worthless paper" USD, they're now refusing to accept their gangster funny-money back.

The measures include a levy of A$5,000 (US$3,700) for foreign investors who fail to either occupy or lease property for at least six months each year – a so-called “ghost house tax” that will raise A$16 million over the four-year budget cycle.

“Changes that will see temporary and foreign residents denied access to the capital gains tax exemption for their main residence, among other changes to capital gains tax rules for foreigners, may have more of an impact on foreign investors’ appetite for Australian property,” Coates said in an email.

- Did Australia budget put out unwelcome mat to overseas investors?

This infestation continues to violate the Geneva Convention on Refugees and separate the rightful owners of Australia from their kids in order to "ethnically cleanse".

These vermin have forced Zimbabwe to adopt the "worthless paper" USD by imposing a medieval siege. Venezuela is also subject to a similar siege blocking goods. So without this avenue to dump "worthless paper" USD, other nations will be suffer a loss when the Great Satan massively devalues the gangster funny-money.

Of all the lands thieved by the Anglos, only New Zealand has apologised and paid compensation. Except of course, the compensation has been paid using the money derived from the land that the Anglos thieved, so the Maori are being paid only a portion of their own wealth back.
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Tarring China With THEIR Brush and YET AGAIN

It was only when Poodleville's Gangster Snakeoil Korporation was caught bribing hospitals to buy its krapware that the anglo/zionist propaganda rags started reporting it. Except that one admitted GSK had already been caught doing the same and fined in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. Others reported that GSK had also been bribing in France and Iraq. BAe was notoriously being investigated for bribing the Saudis by Poodleville's Serious Fraud Office, only for convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, who cynically coined the term, "rip-off Britain", to block the investigation on "national security" grounds.

Similarly, fat bar steward, John Prescott, in the same administration, devised a fraudulent voting scheme, whereby the electoral judge said it would, "shame a banana republic" (a banana republic is a nation oppressed by the Great Satan's Chiquita banana corporation) and that the purple envelopes "may as well have had 'Steal me' written on them". But after the elections four MPs were investigated; all four were Asian.

Here they are again blaming Chinese for their own corruption: So the British Virgin Islands has a solution: a bank to service offshore companies, many of them from China, locked out of the global banking system by HSBC Holdings Plc, Standard Chartered Plc and others.
- This Caribbean Bank Wants Chinese Money No One Else Will Touch

Yes, like most of the tax havens in the World, including Hong Kong, the BVI is land thieved by the Anglos and which is then used as a low tax bolthole for illicit cash. But they use it here to smear Chinese!

The Panama Papers propaganda stunt was used to smear Panama too, with no one complaining that hacking a law firm was illegal.

And even if Chinese ARE avoiding tax by using such venues, as Ivana Trump correctly said, "taxes are for suckers".
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