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More Pro-Zionist/Jewish Witch Hunts

They attacked Jeremy Corbin because he was the leader fo the Stop the War Co-alition using a witch-hunt accusing the Labour party of "anti-semitism", including attacking Ken Livingstone for stating what is accepted history.

They've also been complaining about "anti-semiticism" at yooniversities. But even the jewish stewdents have denied they're suffering any such prejudice: Ali Milani, who is currently a member of the union’s National Executive and is running to be its Vice President for Union Development, was accused of “deeply anti-Semitic” remarks after tweets emerged from 2012 and 2013 in which he said Israel has “no right to exist” and is “a land built on ethnic cleansing and colonialism”.
- National Union of Students in new anti-Semitism row after series of offensive tweets

Both statements are accurate. The illegitimate state of New Izrael was created by the UN which has no such powers, so has "no right to exist". The ethnic cleansing is also readily apparent.

The above propaganda article also refers to Hamas as a "terrorist group", despite Hamas being the democratically elected government of Palestine in elections which war criminal, Jimmy Carter deemed to be free and fair, though under international law, election results whilst under occupation are invalid and it was the Great Satan which forced Palestine to hold the elections.

Although other comments made were depicting Jews in generalised stereotype, how is this different from movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark from mainly jewish controlled Hollywood depicting Germans as arrogant thugs, with another movie in the series having Harrison Ford claim, "I hate these guys.", meaning Nazis? Even worse, is John "I hate those Gooks" McCain (aka John "low-life scum" McCain).

Just as bad is jewish websites pronouncing their right to lie to, cheat, thieve from and murder "gentiles".
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petera Post time: 2017-4-24 18:29
Credible Reference

Do you have credible references that prove that a fragile aircraft wing can cu ...


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Just Another Bigot

Lendlease, the Australian property developers of the massive 24-acre Elephant Park, also love the word community. It is plastered all over their marketing material.
. . .
But the charity Transparency International has been digging around in the Land Registry records and discovered that 100% of the flats that have been sold in the latest South Gardens parcel of the Elephant Park development have been bought by overseas investors. That’s right, all of them.

- Community is an empty word if my parishioners increasingly live in China

Transparency International is NOT a charity. It is a propaganda group.

And what about the international community? Why does this ranter care whether the buyers are from abroad or not?

But not only are these flats being sold as piggy banks for east Asian capital looking for a safe place to park itself, many of them are not even occupied.

There's that lie again! That capital starts from the Great Satan's FED printing its paper funny money out of thin air and foisting it on the World at the point of a gun, since Nixon defaulted on gold payment in 1971. Asia is the one who should complain about foreign capital.

The ranter is really moaning about having no one in his church to pass his begging box around.

He complains of his community, in the land he thieved being "eviscerated" and "emptying out". But how can that be if it's because some people aren't even there. Despite complaining about a new building plot, he complains that some are being "pushed further out of town". If anything, a new build should even mean lower prices than otherwise would have been.

And who would want "spiritual" guidance from someone who clearly can't think straight?
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More Transparently Obvious Gangsterism

Whether it was “a great and just war resisting aggression” and whether China and the DPRK won the war remains debatable.
- Does China now regret having defended, nourished North Korea?

But how can resisting infestation NOT be just?

As for the financial cost, the 2003 study estimated that China spent 6.2 billion yuan in the war — about 3.1% of the total national income (200 billion yuan) of the then newly established PRC’s first three years.

So, just as the poodle state thieved Las Malvinas a decade after Argentina declared independence from Spain, in other words, the Anglos spied a defenceless nation, the UN gang members spied a weak China.

The DPRK, a so-called “winning” side of the Korean War, has become a failed, impoverished, isolated state ruled by a brutal dictatorship and with a devastated economy.

In contrast, South Korea, a “losing” side, is now a thriving democracy and an economic powerhouse.

This is the fraud of the "worthless paper" USD, which thieves off oil exporting nations. Like the success of Hong Kong and other nations infested by the anglo/zionist gangsters, it is their own hard work which has brought prosperity. All that the "worthless paper" USD provides is a parasite of last resort.

And there are other downsides. One farmer in Occupied Korea stabbed himself in the heart, protesting the FTA with the Great Satan signed in 2012. Occupied Korea's parliament also descended into physical violence in protest at this oppression of the Great Satan.

The whole idea of empire is to oppress. Free Korea has been ostracised by the Great Satan which imposes sanctions, just as it does to Zimbabwe and Venezuela and has also done to Argentina when western banksters simply seized deposits. The likes of Zero Hedge now bray about how they've crippled the economies of Zimbabwe and Venezuela. They've relaxed a bit over Zimbabwe because she has been forced to adopt the "worthless paper" USD as well as violate her own laws with a joint administration with the opposition which failed to win elections.

Any further provocative and aggressive behavior by the Kim Jong-un regime, which is very likely, will intensify America’s military presence in the region.

Whereas giving up nuclear weapons, as Saddam and Gadaffi did, will result in illegal infestation.

As the Palestinians point out, being illegally infested is, in of itself, provocation. Never mind the weekly live fire exercises and now sending a gangster-boat to the South China Sea.

The Great Satan reneged on agreements with Free Korea with the hope that she would adopt nuclear weapons. Now it uses it as the excuse to deploy THAAD to contain China, just as it reneged on agreements with Iran and then deployed anti-missile batteries in eastern Europe to contain Russia.

The Great Satan also unilaterally reneged on the ABM Treaty under the convicted war criminal, Shrub, administration.

THAAD means China and Russia have to deploy counter-strike nuclear weapons on bombers, submarines and as far away from the THAAD radar as possible, as well as using radar jamming and developing the high powered microwave guns to shoot down anti-missile missiles.
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Amerikan Dumbass Propagandising for Big Oil

. . . and making a huge mess of it.

An electric auto will convert 5-10% of the energy in natural gas into motion. A normal vehicle will convert 20-30% of the energy in gasoline into motion.
- The Inconvenient Truth About Electric Vehicles

More like the inconvenient half-truth that's been carefully edited. The fact that this clown actually specifies electricity from natural gas, shows he's cherry picked.

Hydrogen powered cars are almost 100% efficient.

Electricity is a specialty product. It's not appropriate for transportation. It looks cheap at this time, but that's because it was designed for toasters, not transportation.

Actually, no one designed electricity and if anything, electric motors provide the perfect engine, having 100% torque all the time, being maintenance free (except for Tesla krudmobiles it seems), having no gear changes necessary except for reverse and being silent.

With an internal combustion engine, the only transformation step is the conversion of chemical energy to kinetic energy in the combustion chamber.

The difference matters, because there is a lot of energy lost every time it is transformed or used.

That's obviously not true. Burning petrol produces heat and expansion, this is inefficiently transformed to motion and is FAR more inefficient than the losses in most cases of transforming one form of energy to another.

The use of electrical energy requires it to move into and out of the space medium (aether) through induction.

This guy is a freakin' retard!

A short transmission line will have 20% loss built in, and a long line will have 50% loss built in.
. . .
Wires have to be optimized for diameter and strength, which means doubling the metal would be doubling the number of transmission lines.
. . .
High voltage transformers can get 90% efficiency with expensive designs, but household level voltages get 50% efficiency.
. . .
Electrons have to be surrounded by large amounts of metal. It means electric motors get heavy and large.

Complete and utter BS! You only have to measure the current going in and the current going out of a household transformer to see it is far more efficient than the above crock o' s***! This clown then does some basic maths equations with his BS. Hilarious! THIS is the standard of amerikan edukashun??!!??

The ACTUAL problem with battery cars is the battery. The above clown is talking TOTAL krap!

Then he provides references!!!! LOL!

The only way he's not a complete f***wit is if he's been told to lie and is making a protest.
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More Attempts To Censor
- whilst the goons & thug want all your data

Poodleville's pothead war criminal, staged a photo-shoot of him placing flowers on a war memorial.

There were plenty of other fake activities such as anti-tax avoidance astro-turf group UK Uncut and Hacked Off, an astro-turf protest on press hacking of mobile devices.

War criminal, Billary "we came; we saw; he died" Clinton complained that the Great Satan was in an "information war" and was losing it.

Now, just like Hacked Off, there's a new call for attacks on freedom of speech which is has been initiated by the goons & thugs rather than the sheeple: Social media firms are "shamefully far" from tackling illegal and dangerous content, says a parliamentary report.
- Social media giants 'shamefully far' from tackling illegal content

Already, the likes of the CIA sponsored Google and CIA sponsored Facebook have imposed censorship algorithms designed to hide the truth. Many amerikan internet corporations have expressed support for freedom of speech and web anonymity but, Mark Zuckerberg, for example, has secretly supported goon & thug access to web-browsing data. Microkrap has always imposed restrictions on encryption strength too.

The zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense has peddled stories of "anti-semitism" in poodle yooniversities even as it also posts an article by jewish stewdents denying they're suffering any such persecution.

In particular, Yvette Cooper, wants to attack freedom of speech. But she was part of the administration of convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, who is guilty of "high crimes against humanity" and should be put to death. Isn't THIS why Cooper wants free-speech to be censored?
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