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Single V.S. Married [Copy link] 中文

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you must love your girl very much

you must love your girl very much, however does your gf love you the same as you ? don't get angry at my words.i just want to ask it.

my bf love me very much and treat me very well , what's more he is a good fellow, but i always think him isn't the best  candidate for being my husband . we are happy when together and i am willing to care for him.but i have no ardour for him.for example, even when he kiss me or else i have no any sweet feeling ,i just want to live with him quietly . i also don't know why and should i keep staying with him.

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single, married

when you r tired of single, be married.
when you consider you need marriage, be married.  OR
choice single.
After married, last for some time, when it is broken, well, if you need marriage, be remarried.
All are ok. Everything is up to you, to your thoughts or cares.

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to be frank , i do not know much about it .now ,i am a single one., but in future , i am sure that i will get married with sb. maybe  i can have a try to express it in my own way. just from my point of view, of course.
after scaning this article , i have a strong feeling that "single" is much better than "married'., as if that makes me afraid of it. but i do not agree on it in my deep heart .i could not understand exactly why people will have those ideas . we can take some sentences for examples.
e.g--Single means you have the time to grow and be the person you want to be.
    --- Single means freedom~~
   ---Single means that there could be something wonderful around
the corner and you can take advantage of it.
    ^^ Marriage Certificate is just another name for a work permit.
    ^^Love is one long sweet dream, and marriage is the alarm clock.
i doubt if a person get married ,does it mean that he or she has no freedom or they will not be wonderful and perfect? why do the persons choose single lifes ?as it were that persons want to achieve more important goals ,want to make his or her career first , have no preparation. or it is for the simple reason that he or she is afraid of marriage .haha^^^^ i have never do some survey, so maybe there are more expected whys to be comprehended.
As for marriage, there are also some beautiful descriptions like these “compared with amativeness , marriage is more practical”. ”if one get married , one need not pretend himself, as if relieved of heavy load.”
There is a ad reading that ”if u can not find the person to get married with , it show that u have no ability to do the thing  (why the company engage u ) and if u do not want to marry sb , it means that u are not a responsible person(how can u do the assignments that the company distribute)”
I read the Plato’s theory of ear. it is said that if u can spend your whole life to wait the person , u can surely find right one someday ; but can u ?now that u can not , value the ear at hand!
Anyway , it depends in some extent. what a person can do is value his/her own life. u should make your life to be better, maybe loving your work , keeping in touch with your good friends , and leaving some spare time to do your own thing are the best choices.
I completely agree on that happiness is the most important thing in our daily life. Well , i hope everybody can live a happy life.

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I am a single now.
I feel it is very well in my life, I don't want to be in love.
So , i don't know that what are married life .

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my experience so far

i've been married for about a year-and-a-half (i graduated 4 years ago).  it is a dramatic change, and i don't think i could have understood what it means to be married before.  it is something that you experience only after the fact.  

honestly, i had a lot of anxiety after we got married, because i knew i could not do things that i used to do, such as take long vacations by myself or flirt with girls.  

and we fought a lot in our first year, too.  

i disagree with the original post when it says you stop learning when you are married.  actually, i think there are some things you cannot understand unless you are married.  i've learned A LOT about myself and my wife since we got married.  

i truly value my marriage more and more as the days go by.  i remember my parents also used to fight a lot when i was young, but they never spoke the word "divorce."  i promised my wife i would never think of that word as well.  that rule actually helps us, i think.  another thing that helps is remembering we are a team, not enemies.  some married couples keep separate bank accounts, but i think this is a bad idea.  married couples should be like employees in the same company, not like employees in different companies.  

i love taking care of my wife and doing things for her.  i love to make her happy.  she is the woman i commit my life to, willingly.  

definitely, i'm still learning, but i would advise those who are thinking about marriage to wait.  there is no harm in waiting.  you want to be very careful.  even though i am happy with my marriage, i know some friends who made bad choices because they got married to someone too quick.  

thanks for this discussion,


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what's the true nature of love?

love is not about becoming somebody eles's perfect person,
it's about finging someone who can help you become the best you can be .

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someone  are single for he or she didn't meet  the right one  .

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