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How to earn foreigners' money but still leave an good impression on their minds? [Copy link] 中文

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It seems Chairman would prefer to keep everything the way it is and have China perceived as uncouth and inefficient when the rest of the world decends on Beijing in four years.  

That is certainly preferable to enduring the suggestions of  those would like  to have China present a first-rate image during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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double Sigh....!

The troll is back!

chairman continues to regurgitate the swill he feeds to unsuspecting forum members. He steals whole stories from newpapers and is totally incapable of rational or original thought.

Is there a way to lodge complaints about the activities of particular "contributors" (and I use that word very loosely applying it to the troll)?
Certainly no normal bulletin board or user group with any pretension to quality would allow these continuing antics.

There are rules governing the conduct of this forum and there are also other 'rules' dictated by common politeness and decency, and it seems to me that the one member in particular has been breaking the whole lot with impunity

Come-on ChinaDaily -- let's get rid of a bit of trash and clean this place up!

If you allow the rubbish to accumulate, the decent people will move elsewhere because they can't stand the stink..

Everyone knows that rubbish attracts vermin and that attracts other vermin and pretty soon the plague will spread.

Perhaps if enough clear-thinking members use the "feedback" button below and lodge a complaint, maybe the troll will get his just deserts.

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Oh, by the way, thanks for the factory explanation've helped me to understand the issue much more clearly.  I now realize I have been naive and simplistic in my approach to a very difficult problem.  

I hope that a solution can be found for the sake of the Chinese people!

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chairman has been deleted
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Enough............Yes I agree with you chairman

Enough! -- of the puerile hot air.
Enough! -- of the multi-repeated posts
Enough! -- of the hate-mongering.
Enough! -- of the headline only posts.
Enough! -- of publishing copyrighted material.
Enough! -- off-topic posts.
Enough! -- falsifying message counts by multiple and irrelevant posts.

Yes -- I agree with you,
You should say "Enough, I will come to my senses"

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chairman has been deleted
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Beijing China compared to Sydney and or any other world city.....

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Do we want a good impression or a bad impression?

Thank you, Chairman, for your comments

I think you made some valid points.  I agree with you that every country has its problems, and everybody will always find something to complain about.  

However, the topic of this posting is "how to leave a good impression on the minds of visiting foriegners." I think we all want the visitors to China to go home with a good impression.  It makes for good public relations, and will enhance future tourism in China.

By pointing out a few things, my objective is not to criticize China, but  to point out some areas that might leave a negative impression on the minds of the visitors from around the world.  I shared one of my own "negative" experiences in Xi'an as an illustration of this.  I mentioned that it left a "bad taste" in my mouth.  (And in fact, many of my Chinese friends have moaned and groaned about the same thing).  Now, in my case, I went on to live in China for four more years (and will most likely  continue to live here for quite some time), so the one bad experience was equalized by many, many very GOOD experiences in China.  So the bad taste left.  In fact, I had forgotten about it until Tony mentioned something that reminded me.

But what about the foreign tourist who is only here for a week or so?  If he has the same sort of bad experience, he may go back to his home country complaining about the problems he encountered, and that may be all that his family and friends hear about China.  Now, of course, none of us wants that!

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