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Why are terrorists always targeting civilians?   [Copy link] 中文

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There are many reasons why civilians are attacked by alleged terrorist organisations.  Bearing in mind that one group that are labelled as terrorists may well be seen by a significant number of people as freedom fighters and so on, while others are just religious or politically motivated murderers.

With that said here's my list of the main reasons why civilians are targeted.

Publicity.  All terrorists need to get their message out to the wider public around the globe. A solid messy (preferably lots of bodies) attack can gain weeks of media coverage. Sure a lot of the press will be highly critical and negative but it may and often does help recruit converts to the cause regardless of how crackpot it may be.  Also in some cases it highlights via the media underlying causes of the attack, for example oppression or racist behavior against an ethnic minority as happened with the Kurds.

Revenge.  This hoary old chestnut has always caused much bloodshed, especially if there's religious differences or tribal scores to be settled.  Why kill a single person when you can blow up a few dozen at a time?

Religion.  This has been a massive contender for centuries in the "lets see how many we can kill in the name of our Gawd" stakes.  Religion and politics plus explosives or other weapons is a sure fire recipe for bloodshed around the world.

Politics.  Almost as good as religion when it comes to terrorist acts and often used in conjunction with a brand of Gawd.  Can cause catastrophic results when smart weapons or large scale bombing or invasion comes into play. Practised by many nations around the world including the USA, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Japan and various Arab states.

Cynical mode disengaged.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

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It's a good question with perhaps the answer being they need publicity to spread the terror. A meaningful solution is to not give media coverage of terror events in the future.
I too wonder why ISIS never attacks Israel?
I wonder about the reports of ISIS wounded being treated in Israel?
I read a gun from Obama's Fast and Furious ended up at a terror event in France?
Why are all the terrorists lone nuts with psychological problems?
Am I to be a coincidence theorist when Mr. Gutjahr has a cat bird's seat to video the terror in Nice and then appears in Munich to video the terror there, only a few days later?
Can you imagine my shock when I discovered who his wife was?
Do you think we are all being played by the Khazarian mafia?

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Civilian casualties make better news.

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But what do they hope to accomplish with it?

Like any movement that is looking to gain control over a particular patch of territory - there is a matter of convincing the territory's population that they should be in control.   These acts, which will be called by different names depending on the actors or observers involved, are all meant to show that the current powers to be in that territory are unable to maintain stability and that the only way for that territory's people to have any sort of peace is to submit to the will of that movement.

Make no mistake, this is how Imperial China became the Republic of China, and then the People's Republic of China.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Soft targets are easer to inflict maximinum damage and casulities with minimal effort and training  

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