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US bluffs and bullies and China must tread carefully [Copy link] 中文

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US hypes as if it is helpless against China.

First and foremost while China has the largest population, it doesn't have the world's largest brutal war machinery. Statistics don't lie:

                            China                             US (100%)     US(60%)
Fighter aircrafts      1,200                           2,400              1,440
Aircraft carriers             1                               19                   11
Attack helicopters     200                            1,000                600
Destroyers                 32                                62                   37
Submarines                68                                75                  45
Nuclear warheads      300                           1,900              1,140
Military spending    USD155 billion             USD 580 billion

These don't take into account the drones in air and in sea US has.

But Americans do pretend that tomorrow China is going to eat up the entire Asia. Even at 60% US overwhelms without having to lift a finger. And with the sort of military budget can one of sound mind imagine how US will cede its military supremacy to China?

David China versus Goliath US - that's the real story where the 1.3 vulnerable Chinese human will fall like flies in front of the deadly Goliath US techno war machinery. So Clown Ca***r goes about East Asia hopping as if tomorrow won't come for the US. In reality even if Japan doesn't arm itself, it has nothing to worry about given US' patronage. Somehow one cannot imagine how the Americans can come out with a fib that projects a helpless American, one that is not able to trespass into another nation's territory at will even with 1,900 nuclear warheads? If that's the case better not put a dime to the Pentagon this year. Wasting taxpayers' money! This is one joke that China should spread throughout the world.

Asians who drew in America, are they dumb? Why don't they invite Greece as a military partner? Don't see Japan repeating war exercises with Greece. The obvious, its because Japan thinks Greece probably can't even win a war with Vietnam! So why waste time? If US is darn vulnerable, why on earth did the Asians drew US in? Another great lie on US helplessness.

Second, not only China is David in numbers in war machinery, it is also David China in war technology while US is the Goliath in war technology. Jet engines, submarine technology, aircraft carrier prowess, everything in Goliath US' favor.

Third, today its obvious an American individual earning USD55,000 per annum is going about bullying a Chinese individual who earns USD8,000 for the same period. That's totally a one sided fight.

Very clearly China will only lift about 500 million Chinese out of poverty from the past 10 years into the following 5 years from now. With such huge poorly educated and under nourished fellows how to even put up a decent fight against the big bulky well fed and learned  Americans?

Fourth, Goliath US' trade is far more outstretched than China's even though China's economy is growing. Even if the world doesn't take sides in a one-to-one, David China versus Goliath US fight, China's economy will lose more than US'. Meaning it will become something like a USD50,000 American thumping and bashing up a USD2,000 Chinese at will maybe. China will become impoverished with no recovery possible. Just look at the 40 million Iraqis with black gold. After more than 10 years Iraq is still very much a destabled nation.  What will then a 10 times more chaotic China with no black gold look like post war?

Fifth the WWII Japan Pearl Harbor lesson that US is hoping the Chinese somehow failed to learn. A war with China is good for US! But not if US fires the first shot. So a repeat of Japan shooting at the Americans first will go down well to start a war story against China.

The American build up is not a preparation for war. US is more than ready to shoot, if the Chinese are. Its is to tense the Chinese into losing their cool so that the Chinese will accidently fire the first shot. The vulnerable 1.3 billion David Chinese will be downed in minutes against the massive Goliath US techno war machinery.

Sixth, even when US lies the world still believes it, in contrast even if China said true things the world may not believe. So how to fight a war with global trust deficit?

This situation probably is closer to reality.

The world, in particular US and EU understand better the term "David versus Goliath". David China versus Goliath US with not much chances for the David role.

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Its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog
I am me and that is something you will never be, no matter how hard you try!!

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Cdogg Post time: 2016-5-19 15:37
Its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog

Can't imagine how one live can out-gun deadliest ammo in abundance.

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leiztorc Post time: 2016-5-20 08:20
Can't imagine how one live can out-gun deadliest ammo in abundance.

Think of Vietnam!!
I am me and that is something you will never be, no matter how hard you try!!

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What a funny thread

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