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Acting as a judge is absolutely unacceptable [Copy link] 中文

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I think this is an important issue:

In a recent debate, coolmax told me that "acting as a judge is absolutely unacceptable" in regards to discussion of culture.

In many ways, I agree with this; we are here to discuss cultural differences, and to focus on greater understanding of those differences.  Not to force one side to believe what the other side says.

In that light, I would like to examine coolmax's own comments regarding culture.  One of my favorite gems, from a discussion he started about why he thinks western women cannot remain faithful to their husbands, is this:

"95% of you claim yourselves as "devout Christian". what God told you to do? what are you doing now?

Does God ever tell you to exchange sex partners? Does God allow you to abuse your freedom in sex? Does God ever tell you to enjoy promiscuity? Does God ever tell you to swap your wives or husbands? Does god ever tell you to enjoy sex with animals (some of you claim its their freedom if they like it)?

You're virtually come-outers.

Stop your pray for good if you're not sincere.

You have utterly discarded your christian tenet. you're traitors of your own belief."

Now please note several items from the above post:

1) He doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.  He makes up a completely imaginary figure that 95% of westerners claim to be devout Christians (a figure that I demonstrated is completely wrong, and a figure for which he can provide no support or proof whatsoever).  

In other words, he is determined to make westerners look bad, and will make up information or lie in order to support such arguments

2) He COMPLETELY judges and condemns all westerners.  He calls them traitors and accuses them of being insincere.  And this is far from being the only example of such behavior.

I think that this IS an important issue, particularly in a forum like this where people from very different cultural backgrounds are trying to communicate with each other, and understand each other.

Putting coolmax to the side for the moment -- as everyone can plainly see the hypocrisy of his complaints -- how can we discuss cultural differences without appearing to condemn other cultures?

Is the purpose of this forum to prove that one culture is better than another?  Or is the purpose to simply understand each other better, without condemnation?

If a culture does something that we consider is REALLY wrong, such as sacrificing babies to their gods, should we condemn that?  Or just accept it?

When is it proper to CONDEMN something in another culture, and when is it proper to simply say, "it is different from what I believe, but it is their right to believe it"?

I am interested to hear people's comments and ideas on this.

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I guess coolmax is somewhat radical in his views. But in light of the overall anti-American ( or anti-Western for that matter) sentiments spreading in China, it's understandable that some people will take such extreme views.

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Extremes are inevitable

But, since that is the case, is it not important to discuss what DOES constitute "unfair judgement" or "unfair condemnation"?

An example: one of the results of Chinese culture is the practice in some rural areas of killing/abandoning female babies.  MOST Chinese consider this wrong; but it still happens.

So, if a non-Chinese person is talking about this, should they condemn the entire Chinese culture because such things take place?  Should they condemn only the people who do it?  Or should they simply say, "Oh well, that's their culture, we have no right to say anything"?

What about if we are talking about different means of communication?  A lot of Chinese don't like to say things directly -- especially unpleasant information -- while a lot of westerners tend to prefer a more direct, confrontational style of communication.

Should we argue that one way IS better than the other, and condemn those who use the "wrong" method?  Or should we argue that both are equally valid, in certain circumstances?  Or should we argue that our way is 'right', but that we have no right to tell others what to do?

Given some of the more extreme views (from both foreigners AND Chinese) of some of this forum's membership, I think that such a discussion can be quite useful and beneficial, in helping guide our discussion of such issues.

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95% of Caucasians claim themselves as "devout Christian" , this is not true.

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...that's obvious to anyone with more than two active brain cells.

But I was really only using him as an example; would like more general conversation/discussion about how we can all discuss these different opinions and beliefs?

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to the self-given cultural "expert" canadianguy

It's a totally different ball game. how can you confuse them as one thing!

Facing the invasion of western junk culture, as a Chinese, I have to stand up and say NO to the junks. It's resistance, do you understand? Facing invasion, every Chinese has the right to fight. So I have to stand firmly and say no. I have to compare the two cultures together, the conclusion of which is if i have to point out one is better, then it's our culture, and if i have to point out which one is worse, then it's your western culture.

I never said Chinese tradition is perfect. your culture is very sick now, and it would be a laughing stock to have your culture as our model. We have to learn more postive things, but your junk culutre is excluded!

Since you always call yourself so and so expert and try to get some profit from your false credibility. if you're given some tests on Chinese culture, I bet you'll know how ignorance you are!

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Mind you I'm an advocator and practitioner of monogamy.

I never said our tradtion is perfect. obviously you don't know what you talking about when you make a false accusation.

when asked about my viewpoint towards "One Night Stand", my answer was made in such a way:

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I'll deny
I don't want my wife feel sorry for herself about my advanture. and I don't want her do the same.

besides, STD and Aids are unpredictable.

I'd like to preserve my moral integrity.

2004-09-10 09:44

And when talking about one man with 4 wives, my answer was made as follows:

I think one wife is enough for me. Men are greedy, and men want to take as many girls as they can, this is human nature. but he better stops before his greed exploes.

One husband with one wife is the most stable family structure.

2004-09-01 12:19

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monogamous relationship is the most stable family structure
long live the monogamy!

2004-09-11 10:22


if you have to choose to be fined or to be put into prison, i bet you'll chose the former, but this does NOT mean you love to lose money. following this analogy, if I have to choose between chinese culture and westerner culture, i'll aslo choose the former.

We can make a progress, but we should never go to extremes as evidenced by tons of deserted kids and unmarried mothers in the western world!

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